Disaster at Sac PD; Digging Deeper

Since I wrote my original piece on the situation over at the Sacramento Police Department, more information has made its way to me.  The good part about being in my position (a working cop) is that most of the people in my line of work know they can trust me, so I get some info […]

Sacramento PD: How NOT to Run A Police Department

This article is cross posted here and at Full30. Sac PD Management Cements Their Role As A Horrible Example of How To Run a Police Department The Sacramento Police Department has been in the national news the last couple days.  In less than five (5) days, the management at the Sacramento Police Department has demonstrated, […]

Media Ignoring Facts They Reported To Make Cops Look Bad

On February 25, 2017, three police officers from the small city of Rocklin, CA shot and killed a man in an absolutely justified shooting.  The district attorney just officially confirmed the same when they announced that no charges will be filed on the officers because the shooting was justified.  And that is where the story […]

Militarization or Modernization?

NOTE:  This was originally published July 24, 2013 at The Bang Switch (no longer around).  I revived it due to the recent/ongoing clamoring about how law enforcement is “militarized.” Warrior Cops on the Rise? I read an opinion piece on the Wall Street Journal’s website yesterday where the author examined one instance of a raid […]

Scary Words, The New Fascism

Yesterday, a Facebook friend of mine, who also happens to be a cop,  incredulously shared a post.  His comment when sharing it was “I hate this world. This post has been flagged.”  My immediate assumption was that the post was going to be something anti-cop that Facebook had flagged, but refused to remove.  Facebook has […]

Ideology Above All Else!

The political left does many things that completely baffle me.  The seem to focus solely on ideology, and completely disregard everything else, including basic common sense. Today at work, our facilities person emailed us and needed to know how many single occupancy restrooms we had at the facility because apparently we have to change out the signage, […]

Recanting My Gripe with PoliceOne, Mostly

Let me start by saying three things, and those who know me personally can attest to all of them.  First, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants and say what I really am thinking, right when I am thinking it.  I lack that filter that most folks have, you know, the little […]

Some Straight Talk About Milo (pun intended)

Even if you had never heard of Milo Yiannopoulos before last week, you have likely heard his name in recent days.  In fact, today at work I asked my partner, a man who has zero social media exposure (not a single account) and whose cell phone is still of the flip variety, if he knew […]

Idiocracy in California Culminates in Cop’s Murders

The 2006 movie Idiocracy was just supposed to be a stupid comedy based on some social commentary.  It is quite an enjoyable movie, so long as you don’t mind a bunch of sexual innuendo and locker room humor.  Sadly though, it seems that the idiot politicians here in California, my home state, have used that […]

PoliceOne Just Destroyed Their Credibility

NOTE: I have written a follow-up post to this, one in which I take back some of the things I said here.  If you read this post, please read part 2 as well. PoliceOne.com used to be a valuable source of information for law enforcement personnel.  They wrote articles that contained valuable tips, offered ideas for training, they […]