Just Another Day

GoatsI had a rough day at work yesterday. Nothing big, just a couple little things that really bothered me, and both were involving kids.

Not Fun Call
The first incident was where I had to drive to a neighboring city to take a child abuse report. However, it was not the report of the abuse that bothered me, it was the attitude of the drunk uncle and his drunk idiot buddy. I was called to the location by the family, yet when I got there, these two ass holes are acting like I was there to arrest the 15 year old who was the victim in the whole thing.

The drunk buddy really reminded me of a sovereign citizen dipshit because he started telling the homeowner to tell me to leave his private property (we were standing in the driveway when I was talking to the victim) and all sorts of other misguided, drunken moron “good ideas”. I ended up calling to have one of the local city cops come over and hang out just in case I needed a hand arresting the two drunk morons. Luckily, a sober family member managed to herd them back inside and it never came to that.

Less Fun Call
Two calls later, I was called to a group home for emotionally disturbed kids where a client was “feeling suicidal”, which sad to say, seems to be a trend with these homes when one of the kids starts causing problems. It is such a common theme, and normally is nothing, that it has become a boy who cried wolf thing for us.

However, this time it was legit. The 13 year old girl was using a sharp fingernail to cut her wrists and then when that wasn’t working, she put a plastic bag over her head and barricaded herself in a closet. Thankfully, the staff removed the bag but that was the extent of their intervention. I ended up having to force open the closet door, drag this poor 13 year old girl out and she continued to fight while still cutting herself. I had to dump her on the ground and handcuff her. I had to drag her to my car, kicking, screaming and crying that all she wanted was to go to her family and not be in this house. She cried, screamed and kicked all the way to the hospital, begging me to take her to her family, and I could not help but picture my son, who is almost the same age.

I got her to the hospital and once we got through the check in procedure and I was walking her to the room they assigned her, as we passed the nurses station I heard a male voice say “Really, we have to handcuff a 13 year old?”

I walked her to her bed, left her in the company of a security guard there and returned to the nurses station where I not so quietly laid into the male nurse, her nurse, about why I had to handcuff her, for her safety since she would not stop trying to hurt herself.  I explained where I found her and what happened before I was able to get her in handcuffs.  I explained that I have 3 kids close to her age and I really wasn’t happy, in fact I already felt horrible about having to do everything I had done to get her to the hospital safely.  I told him I was very offended by his comment, and I walked off back to the girl’s bed.  As I did so, I could see that my attempt to use my inside voice must have failed because several nurses and security guards were all staring in my direction.  When I got back to the girl’s bed, I turned around and saw two nurses, one of whom was the charge nurse, talking to the male nurse I had just been speaking with.

A few moments later, he came over and apologized, very sincerely I might add.  We talked a bit, and it ended on a good note.  BUT that had really pissed me off!  In fact, I’m still pissed about it as I sit here typing this.

His comments hit me hard because that seems to be the attitude that the media is pushing about cops right now; that we are these big brutes who just run around being mean to people, exerting our authority just because we can, when some times, in fact most times, we are doing what we have to do because we have to, not because we want to.  I sure as hell did not want to dump a distraught 13 year old girl on the floor and handcuff her, but that is what I had to do to keep her safe.

So, you are probably asking yourself “What does the picture of the goats have to do with any of this?”  Absolutely nothing, but I needed a picture to go with the post.  Plus, my goats are characters.  They are playful and have very distinct personalities, and they make me smile!  I needed a smile after yesterday.

Mixed Signals or Blatant Lies?


To hear the Obama administration talk about the need to ban a very common ammunition in order to “save police lives”, would lead one to think that this administration actually cares about cops lives.  But, when looking at other actions regarding law enforcement by the Obama administration, this move to ban ammo to “protect law enforcement” seems very counter to their past acts.

The ammo that the administration is trying to ban, M855 “green tip”, or SS109 5.56mm rifle ammo has been available to the public for a very long time.  This ammo has a mild steel tip but is in fact not designed as “armor piercing” ammunition, nor does it qualify as “armor piercing” as laid out in the law that banned armor piercing ammo [18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(17)(B) and (C)]

This ammo, that the Obama administration has to ban for the sake of law enforcement, is so horribly evil that James Pasco, executive director of the Washington office of the Fraternal Order of Police, said this about it: “While this round will penetrate soft body armor, it has not historically posed a threat to law enforcement.”  And this: “Any ammunition is of concern to police in the wrong hands, but this specific round has historically not posed a law enforcement problem,”

Obama loves the cops so much, and is banning this ammo just to protect them.  Obama has repeatedly shown his love for law enforcement, since taking office, by:
– publicly commenting about how the cops “acted stupidly”
– accusing law enforcement nationwide of racial prejudices and corruption
– by sending representatives to the funerals of criminals who were killed in self-defense
– by sending representatives to the funerals of violent criminals killed by law enforcement
– by publicly stating that he stands with the mothers of said slain criminals
– by ginning up the anti-cop rhetoric so that an entire city suffers from riots, for weeks and months

Obama further shows his deep concern for cops by:
– NOT sending representatives to the funerals of slain cops, including a cop killed by an illegal immigrant who is allowed to stay here in the country thanks to Obama’s end run around the immigration laws
– NOT sending representatives to the unveiling of a memorial of a slain border patrol agent who was killed using guns smuggled by Obama’s very own “justice” department.

Yes, Obama clearly loves us cops, and is so concerned with our well being that it is necessary to ban this rifle ammunition.  Obama loves law enforcement like a wife beater loves their spouse…

OR, could it just be that Obama is once again lying to the public and all the useful idiots out there to try and ban some very popular ammo for AR based rifles, the rifle he loves to hate?  You tell me which is more likely the real reason.  In my book, actions speak louder than words, and Obama has spoken volumes.