Moore: A Delusional, Divisive, Bigoted, Rich Moron

mooreI could go on and on about what a delusional, divisive, bigoted asshole Michael Moore is, but instead I’ll let him do that himself.

Author: Matt

Matt Silvey was a full time Deputy Sheriff for 22 years and recently retired. During his time as a LEO he attended countless training classes and is a court recognized firearms expert. Matt brings a unique perspective to discussion regarding the second amendment given his LEO experience and life time appreciation of firearms and our 2nd Amendment rights. You can read more about Matt here:

One thought on “Moore: A Delusional, Divisive, Bigoted, Rich Moron”

  1. Wow the waddling heart attack has spoken! Why is he pandering toward the black community now? He’s the typical libtard, ” the rich need to pay their fair share”, “global warming, Errrrr climate change”, and “racism”! Take those talking points away and he’s another bag of skin nobody wants to listen to!

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