May 2015 26
Let the Cop Hate Flow
Posted By : Matt

Justifying Anti-Cop Sentiments with Blatant Lies and Half Truths Some things just make my head want to explode, and some people who shall remain unnamed (cough, Jason, cough) enjoy sending me links knowing they are

May 2015 20
Shocking News, Facebook Sucks
Posted By : Matt

This may come as a shock to you (if you follow conservative pages on Facebook, then probably not), but Facebook apparently has two different sets of rules.  The rules, or “community standards” that they display

May 2015 19
Social Media Extortion
Posted By : Matt

Well, it has been a while and no hint of the “damning video” that was taken, with an iPhone, of me telling a woman that I could not help her, and not a peep.  Her

May 2015 10
No Video For You!
Posted By : Matt

I just finished reading this U-T San Diego article titled “Police Use of Body Camera Video Debated” and I am at a total loss.  Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, D-San Diego (a democrat, there’s a shock) is pushing a