October 24, 2021

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Shocking News, Facebook Sucks


This may come as a shock to you (if you follow conservative pages on Facebook, then probably not), but Facebook apparently has two different sets of rules.  The rules, or “community standards” that they display on their website, are closely adhered to in some instances (conservative pages), and in other cases (liberal, progressive, lefty pages), flagrant violations are ignored, even when reported by many people.

Many admins from conservative pages will know exactly what I am talking about.  Many of us have received timeouts ranging from 24 hours to weeks at a time for violating those standards.  I was given one such timeout for the heinous crime of posting a screenshot of one person’s Facebook comment in which I had the sheer gall to show their name…  Gasp!  Yes, you read that right, I received a one week ban from Facebook for actually quoting someone with their own words.

Yet here we have an individual “praying” that more cops are murdered.


Seems to me that her statement just might be considered, uh, I don’t know, to violate one of these rules:


And if not one of those, then perhaps one of these:


But I would be mistaken, or so say the lefty liberals who work as moderators at Facebook.  You see, in the liberal progressive utopia that is Facebook, where liberals can say and do as they please, praying that more cops are killed “doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”