August 19, 2022

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Will the Media Ever Change?


In their never ending rush to get clicks, likes, follows, and more importantly, money, the media continues to run half-assed stories about “police brutality” when they damn well know they only have part of the story, yet they do it anyway.

A couple of days ago, State Troopers in Oklahoma were involved in a shooting in which a “pastor” was shot and killed.  The troopers said the man attacked them, but the all knowing media ran with the stories about how he was just a good guy and no one believes the police version.  What follows is a collection of headlines from a number of online stories.  What shocks me the most is that the Huffington Post headline is probably the most neutral of them all.



That is just a quick sampling that I gathered in 3 minutes on Google.  Would it surprise you (it should absolutely not) to find that there is more to the story?  Would it be shocking to learn that the cops were not lying? Is there any way that the “pastor” did indeed attack the cops?

Well, wouldn’t you know it, there was video of the incident and those horrible, evil, lying cops were not lying.

Over on LEO Affairs, there is an article that discusses the incident in a little more detail.  My issue here is the constant bombardment we are taking by the media, and their total lack of any accountability.  Something has to be done to change this.  Perhaps it is time for Law Enforcement as an entity to file a class action lawsuit against the major media outlets for slander and libel.