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Very Un-Pretty Police Interaction

I normally find  myself defending police actions, but in this case, I find myself unable to do that.  I hate to share stuff like this, but sometimes we have to.  Facts are facts and the truth is the truth, and unlike the left, I refuse to ignore facts that I dislike in hopes that they will just go away.

Please disregard the juvenile title of the video, the video itself seems to have been taken by someone who was just capturing the incident and not injecting their self into it, and that I can appreciate.

I don’t know what happened before the camera started rolling (we never do) but from what I am catching, it appears that when the cops arrived to this pool party, a number of kids took of running (like kids sometimes do). Cops had to chase them, which I can personally attest that doing so in hot weather in a black uniform and a vest sucks. I get being pissed, but that is where I stop defending this guy.

Now, based only on what I see in this video, this guy (the Corporal or FTO – the guy with the stripes) is way the hell out of line in how he is behaving. In my opinion, one of his coworkers should have stepped in and tapped him out. He was too hot (angry) and needed to go chill in his car.

As for the part where he pulls his gun, in the comments on YouTube, I see some people freaking out about that. At that point, he is trying to detain a female (no idea why) and she is not cooperating, so he dumps her. Two guys come up behind him and look to be trying to stop him from detaining her, which is why he pulled his gun. The best thing anyone could have done in that situation would have been to tell her to cooperate so it could be sorted out later. Trying to pull a cop off someone (whether it is a legal detention or not) is never going to end well for anyone involved. Cooperate and sort it out in court.

Sadly, I have a very sinking feeling we will be seeing much more of this video as some will try and use it as an example of some sign of institutional problems instead of what it is, one single cop who likely is a good guy who lost it on one call.

If anyone reading this has any firsthand knowledge of this incident, I would love to hear it. If you don’t want to post publicly on our Facebook page, please message it to us so we can share it anonymously.



  • “Cooperate and sort it out in court.” That my friend is where the problem lies. COP’s win these cases virtually every time.

  • “one single cop who likely is a good guy who lost it on one call.” As a law abiding citizen if i as a good guy who loses it one time and violates the law should I get a “freebie” I was just not my normal self… I am sorry I hold Trained Law Enforcement to a higher standard… If a police officer violates someone’s rights how about voluntarily relinquishing immunity? How about carrying liability insurance like the rest of us.( so it is not the tax payers who pay when they screw up) Matt, I have a ton of respect for you and what you do to serve and protect… But I have to say this feels like justifying behaviour that if a civilian did it we would be arrested and charged. I know i will probably be banned from your pages for saying this but I feel fearful when I interact with police.. and I am a law abiding person… I know the actions of a few can hurt the many… but I should not have to fear those who should be keeping us as citizens safe. I truly believe you @ those-who-serve.com have a servant’s heart and really want to be able to provide what we need which is protection, understanding, and service (yes even the occasional Ticket 🙂 ) I hope you are well and thank you for your service GOD BLESS and be Safe out there.

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