July 2015 26
Transference and Broad Leaps
Posted By : Matt

This morning, more than one person sent us a link to this horrible opinion piece in the Washington Post, and even though I am not really in the mindset to deal with this right now,

July 2015 21
My America vs. Obama’s
Posted By : Matt

I’ve said it before, Barack Obama is absolutely the most divisive, un-American president the United States of America has ever had.  This morning, a photo (included below) of normal Americans sitting outside a Marine recruiting center,

July 2015 16
Learning From Bad Tactics
Posted By : Matt

Let me start by saying that in examining this stop, I am not trying to talk badly about the officer here. I know nothing about him.  That said, we’ve all done things over the years

July 2015 15
LVMPD Setting The Example
Posted By : Matt

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, at least in my experience, usually does an excellent job of informing the public and the media about high notoriety incidents.  They had an officer involved shooting on July 10,