August 2015 29
Stop Feeding the Enemy!
Posted By : Matt

** Calling On All Law Enforcement Agencies in the US ** As a 19 year career cop, I cannot remember a time when the mainstream news media has not misrepresented law enforcement interactions, especially when

August 2015 28
Boogey Man Laws
Posted By : Doc

While perusing the internet today I stumbled across a piece offered up by the Editorial Board of the Sacramento Bee (A major metropolitan newspaper). This opinion piece was offered up by the “Editorial Board” which

August 2015 20
Nope, No Media Bias…
Posted By : Matt

The media bias in this country has long leaned to the left (lean is an understatement), but they lean further left by the day.  Take for instance these headlines regarding a recent event in Iowa where

August 2015 13
The Helicopter FTO?
Posted By : Matt

Some of the reader comments, both here and on our Facebook page, regarding the recent officer involved shooting in Arlington, TX have tried to place an undue amount of blame on the Field Training Officer (FTO), Cpl.

August 2015 07
Not Knowing When To Let It Go
Posted By : Matt

We often get into discussions on the Facebook page with people who disagree, sometimes heated discussions.  However, tonight was a first.  I had someone trying to tell me what I meant when I posted something.