July 3, 2022

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Nope, No Media Bias…

The media bias in this country has long leaned to the left (lean is an understatement), but they lean further left by the day.  Take for instance these headlines regarding a recent event in Iowa where Senator Marco Rubio was tossing footballs to some kids.  While technically accurate, these headlines are extremely misleading.

I think Scott Ott summed it up best when he said:

1) Sen. Marco Rubio throws a beautiful pass.
2) Boy fails to catch it.
3) Headline: “Rubio hits kid in face with football”

Broaden the concept a bit.
1) America provides opportunity to pursue happiness.
2) Man fails to grasp it, or intentionally avoids it.
3) Headline: “Poor Hardest-Hit by Culture of Greed”




If you want, you can watch the video where in “Rubio intentionally beaned a small child in the face with a football” here:

That is how the American media handles the reporting of such a trivial event when it involves a conservative presidential candidate.  For a contrasting view, I wonder how they would handle coverage of a minor event, such as the improper handling of top secret government emails and cover up of said handling, by a progressive liberal politician?

Well, wonder no more:



Notice, the “presser was testy” and Clinton is “fighting back” about the email server.  No mention of her totally cavalier dismissal of valid questions regarding the national security risks that were posed by her illegal actions.

If you missed how Clinton responded to questions about the intentional wiping of her personal email server, you can see that here:

Yep, no media bias here…  Nothing to see folks, keep moving, and trust your “news” sources for they are unbiased and totally reliable…