July 3, 2022

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Boogey Man Laws

silly-manWhile perusing the internet today I stumbled across a piece offered up by the Editorial Board of the Sacramento Bee (A major metropolitan newspaper). This opinion piece was offered up by the “Editorial Board” which either means they were all agreement or none of them had the spine to stand behind this piece alone.

I found the piece to be a pandering pile of crap put together by a bunch of self- aggrandizing unicorn worshiping pansies. This “Editorial Board” plays on the most recent tragedy of two reporters juxtaposed against the back drop a courtroom sentencing in Colorado. The stage is set, 3 hours after the Virginia murders a judge in Colorado sentences another murderer:

“’Get the defendant out of my courtroom,’ Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr. said in disgust as he instructed a deputy to banish the schizophrenic man from a society grown weary of gun crime.”  http://www.sacbee.com/opinion/editorials/article32589570.html

Did Judge Samour JR. really say society is weary of gun crime? NO, he ordered a murderer out of his courtroom but a little liberty is taken since it is an opinion piece. Rapidly the topic turns to “meaningful gun control” because as we know you never let a tragedy go to waste when you have an agenda to move. “Weary of one sided dishonest coverage about gun violence” may be a more apt statement.

The Editorial Board (E.B.) goes back to current events and describes the new celebrity as “a man who had been fired for his rage issues and urged to seek treatment, yet was able to buy a firearm legally in Virginia”—well, I might add, and in nearly every other state as well because he was not yet a criminal. Being a guy with a temper does not make you a homicidal maniac. There is not a direct correlation there, although the liberals would like you to believe there is. You cannot know if the dude blowing off steam is just losing his temper or dreaming of mass murder. Unless you are Tom Cruise and you have a pre-cog in your bathtub, then maybe. These disturbed individuals do not pop off at the drop of a hat. They plan these incidents, they obsess and detail, they write and publish…..and sometimes follow through.

For example, I had some rage issues just this morning while going to the store, and some more after reading the morning news. I have no intent to go gun anyone down, I may have a beer later. This is the same old tired argument of the chicken or the egg. Look around the world, gun control does not equate to the end of homicidal maniacs. Ask Sweden, ask Russia, and just this week ask France. People with severe mental health issues will find a way, a tool or a mechanism to do what they are going to do. China recently had a large scale knife attack, source? Someone with severe mental health issues.

The E.B. throw out numbers, “More than 8,500 people have died from gun violence this year.”…..sounds pretty scary. The current (2015) population in the United States is estimated at 320 Million people. That means that .0026% of the population has been killed by a gun. 312 of these as a result of “mass shootings” according to Shooting Tracker (http://shootingtracker.com/wiki/Mass_Shootings_in_2015) That is .000097% of the population. These 312 people were killed by 249 different shooters. In country of 320 million people, 249 people have killed 312 in mass shootings. The statistics used by shooting tracker appear a little loose by definition, many are shootings by “unknown” suspects and some are other sensationalized suspects. Included in these numbers are the killings related to domestic violence which have totaled 2 or more victims. Where do the other 8,188 people fall in this I guess they didn’t warrant a web site, not sensational enough.

In contrast weather related deaths in 2014 (according to National weather service numbers) were approximately 326, so far in 2015 more than 20 have died from lightening alone. Meanwhile on the highways and byways of America between January 2015 and June 2015 nearly 19,000 people have died due to accidents (newsweek.com) .0059% and yet cars are safer and more regulated that ever.

FI-stormy-weatherHow about this tidbit…..nearly all of this gun crime (short of the legal guns used by some of the more famous shooters) has been committed by illegally purchased firearms, stolen firearms, banned firearms and by people who are already prohibited from owning firearms. Therefore the only “logical” solution must be more laws to penalize those who can legally own firearms, because this is the only way (short of pre-cogs) to prevent someone from slipping through the cracks like Mr. Colorado or our more recent example. Does this make the deaths of any of these people insignificant? Of course not, but statistically speaking, it is not the boogey man the media or the White House wants us to believe.

In the name of all that is rational how do these people believe they are going to prevent these types of incidents by passing more “feel good” laws? How do they suggest they know what someone has in their heart months or years from now? Do they really believe they can protect us from ourselves? Protect us from the few monsters that lurk in the shadows? History, logic and sanity prove to us that the animals committing these high profile killings are not inspired by guns, they are not deterred by laws and they are not impressed by “gun free zones”. Their motivation comes from those before them, from the fame thrust upon them by the media.

In their own article the BEE E.B. writes “It’s said that the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome”— so every time a crime is committed with a gun, they want a new gun law and they are shocked when another crime is committed with a gun.

More gun laws WILL NOT SOLVE THIS PROBLEM- EVERYTHING THESE PEOPLE ARE DOING IS ALREADY AGAINST THE LAW. So how about you stop the murder porn, do not give scumbags the satisfaction of going out in a “blaze of glory”. Don’t broadcast an endless loop of their crime, don’t give them a face or a name, end the motivation and the sensationalism associated with these atrocities.bad-gun
Perhaps a better focus would be to expel this energy figuring why we have 35.4% of the population receiving some sort of government assistance. According to the US Census Bureau there are over 109 Million people on welfare in the United States, maybe some of this violence boils over from a lack of productivity. Instead of making up scary gun statistics lets figure out what is wrong with our economy that more than a third of our population is on welfare. Idle hands……..

Will this end these crimes? Of course not, but it will have an impact. The scumbags who have not taken the cowards way out have all said they were motivated by those before them, they were emboldened by pictures and deeds, they sought out the published manifestos and videos of other crazy scumbags. No matter what these people are trying to tell you it is still okay to go to the mall or the movies. You may need to be afraid of car wrecks and lightning but I think you will be just fine.