Anti-gunners and 5 Year Olds


Someone sent me a link to a ridiculous anti-gun, anti-NRA article a couple days ago.  It appeared on “Freakout Nation” and it was attempting to say that the NRA did not care about the thousands of people killed on 9/11 because they were happy that a gun had survived.  The entire “article” was childish at best, and while I shared it on my FB page with a few comments, it was not even worthy of blog post response.  The following is what I said when I shared it on FB:

If you have the burning desire to read some really stupid anti-gun drivel, this might do it for you.

Just to give you an idea of where this is going, when the writer opens their piece with a sentence that is 100% factually incorrect, it gives you an idea of what to expect.

For example: “The National Rifle Association is using the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks to honor a gun that survived the bombings.”

Hey dipshit, it was not a bombing. The only people who think it was a bombing are the nutjobs who think “9-11 was an inside job.”

It gets even better once you get to the comments. The article is being shredded by commenters and the page moderators are spewing some of the most asinine crap you have ever seen.

You might note my final statement there.  That comment about the moderators brings me here to the blog today.  As I read through the comments, one of their moderators in particular, “tiredoftea” kept spouting off ridiculous nonsense.  I took it upon myself to reply to one of their comments.  The following screen shots capture the “conversation” as it happened.

This is the beginning of the comment thread that I replied to.
This is the beginning of the comment thread that I replied to.




You may notice that I referred to this person discounting as being run by the NRA.  Another person posted a comment linking to an article there, and “tiredoftea” had replied with that comment.


So, to sum up the argument presented by this website admin;

“La la la la la la, I can’t hear you.  You’re stupid, I’m smart.  I’m rubber, you’re glue…”   

Update:  Because I needed another comment by this person to prove my point, they delivered this perfect example.


This conversation (I use that term loosely) reminds me of a certain meme, but I’m not sure if I can put my finger on it…  Ah yes, this one.



I Remember.  Do You?  Will You?

911-september-11th-attacksI vividly remember exactly what I was doing when I first heard what was happening in New York City on that horrible day, September 11, 2001.  I had gotten up early after working swingshift the night before.  I had to go to a parole hearing, so with little sleep, and after a quick shower, a cup of coffee in hand, I jumped in the car, a 1970 Datsun Roadster, and headed off to work.  I was driving through town heading to the station and had only gotten a few miles from my house when I turned on the radio and heard that a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers.

It was so surreal.  I honestly thought it was some sort of “War of the Worlds” kind of stunt, so I picked up my cell phone and called my wife at home.  She was still sound asleep and I woke her up.  I asked her to turn on the TV and tell me if there was anything on the news.  She turned the TV on, and from the scream she let out, I knew it was true.

M-9-11I got to the station, threw on my uniform and geared up.  I loaded my patrol car and headed to the parole hearing.  There were no smart phones at the time, and my department’s patrol cars at that time did not have AM/FM radios in them, so I was completely in the dark as to what else was going on.  I got to the parole hearing and sat in the waiting room with a bunch of other cops.  We all sat there, fixated on the tiny TV in the room, watching the footage, rolled over and over, of the plane hitting the tower.  As we watched, the second plane hit.  After about 30 minutes, we were told the hearings were all cancelled.

I got back into my patrol car, and even though it was a full 7 hours before my shift was supposed to start, I got a hold of one of the sergeants and asked if he would like me to hit the field, which was met with a very quick, “yes please.”

Firefighters Todd Heaney and Frankie DiLeo, of Engine 209, cCalls for service, early in the day, were quite routine, and it was eerily quiet (low call volume).  As the day progressed, and as the news began coming out about terrorist involvement, all the paranoid crazy people started coming out of the woodwork.  The sheer volume of calls about Middle Eastern men wearing a turban or some other sort of headwear, walking down sidewalks, driving taxis and ice cream trucks, or just being seen in a store, was staggering.

Every single person I contacted that day was in shock.  Store owners, pedestrians, drivers, sandwich artists, hell, even the dirtbags were in shock and were acting like normal human beings, if only for a few days.

On that day, 9-11-01, I had been a cop for a few days short of five years.  But that day, that very day, was my first day as a solo, finalized patrol cop.  I had worked in the jail and an administrative job up to that point, and only recently come to patrol.  I had taken the final test the night before, and passed.  This was supposed to be a celebratory day for me.  Clearly, that was not going to happen.

I spent 17.5 hours in my patrol car that day.  I took a couple of reports.  I contacted dozens of people, most of whom I do not remember, all of whom were devastated, even the turban wearing Middle Eastern guys that everyone kept calling about.

Police officer Mike Brennan helps a distraught woman known oI got home from work that night, well, technically very early the next day, and crawled into bed at about 1:30am to my wife who was still awake.  She was still in shock, and had been crying a lot that day, which for her was not normal as I don’t recall seeing her cry before, ever.

We hugged, and talked about what had happened, about all the lives lost, and about the need I felt to set my career aside and enlist in the military, so I could go help hunt and eliminate the chicken shit bastards who just killed thousands of my fellow Americans in a most cowardly way.    My wife, who had just found out she was pregnant with my oldest son, convinced me to stay here and to continue my career keeping our community safe.   It is a decision I made, and 364 days of the year, a decision I am happy with, but there is that one day of the year, today, 9-11, where I regret not signing up to go hunt the animals who attacked us.

The following day, I woke up and turned on the news.   I was greeted by vivid reminders of what I LOVE about this country.  People from all walks of life, from every color and creed, all came together for a single purpose.  That day, 9-11, was for my generation what December 7th was for my grandparent’s generation.  They were both days that brought this country together, gave us focus, gave us purpose.  It is sad that it takes horrible events like those to bring us together.

article-2032893-0DA8715100000578-585_634x487That day, and some of the days that have followed, especially recently, remind me of a great quote from Ronald Reagan:  “Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong”

Sadly, we as a nation continually prove that we do not learn from our past.  As the threat we were and still are fighting has diminished, the country has once again gotten soft.  People with very short memories, and even less intestinal fortitude, quickly grew weary of maintaining vigilance.  The sheep, who were briefly awakened to the cold reality of evil, by the wolf pounding on their door, have gone back to grazing is blissful ignorance.

If you need an example of that blissful ignorance, look no further than what college students are being taught about that horrible day from only 14 short years ago.  Is our memory really that short?

Apparently it is.

Americans have elected leaders with no experience, no plan and no spine who continually capitulate to our enemies.  They have chosen people without honor who refuse to respond when American’s call for help.  They chose men who side with criminals and terrorists instead of with soldiers or first responders.  They have chosen cowards who have weakened our country, and shrunken our military.  The soft headed people of this once great nation have chosen, once again, to put this country on a road which will once again lead to the inevitable; to an attack by yet another foreign power, whether it is terrorist group, a foreign country, or a country run by terrorists.

And we will once again awaken temporarily from our intentional blindness, but only for a fleeting moment, just as long as our collective short term memory lasts.

For our sake, and the sake of our children and grandchildren, I hope and pray that America will open her eyes and really wake up, before it is once again too late, and more lives are lost.


 Misplaced Anger


As the anti-cop rhetoric continues to spool up in the ongoing #WarOnCops, I have been doing my best, going on three years now, to defend my chosen profession of nearly 20 years.  During the course of those three years, I have had a great number of discussions with people from all over country via Facebook and Disqus in response to articles I have written.  Those conversations have me convinced that a great number of the people protesting “police brutality” and “militarized cops” really don’t have a damn clue what they are mad about.

They are angry at the cops because we are the visible, very real hand of government that is slapping them on the back of the hand and telling them they screwed up.  We are the unemotional middle man in the whole system who neither makes the rules nor deals the punishment.  We are just the one catching the screw ups and making them be held accountable for their errant behavior.

Recently, I wrote a blog post in which I examined and countered the “policy change suggestions” being put forth by the Black Lives Matter movement, or as Sheriff David Clarke more correctly calls them, Black Lies Matter.  Many of the “conversations” that resulted from that article evoked arguments based on some or all of the following categories of displaced blame directed at law enforcement.

Political Cognitive Dissonance

I find it disturbing how many soft headed people are yelling about laws, that are supposedly part of the “police brutality problem” in this country, and blaming the police for the laws.  People are angry about the enforcement of those laws that are in place.  Some of the laws are national, some state and even others are local laws.  Some people point to loitering or public drinking laws as the problem, others point to drug laws, others to traffic laws.  Depending on the person or group, they all have a different pet peeve law.

Despite all those differences on what they consider the problem to be, there is one thing that all of those laws have in common.  Exactly NONE of them were created by law enforcement.  Yep, that is right. We do not create laws, we are merely tasked with enforcing them.

Now I, as a conservative (as are the vast majority of cops) find this particular part of the whole dichotomy simultaneously both disturbing and humorous.   The overwhelming majority of the cities and states that are in an uproar over “police brutality” are politically speaking, deep blue areas.  Every single city that has had rioting or marching in the streets, is a Democrat run city, and most of them have been for decades.  Thusly, all of the laws and policies being complained about by the “activists,” are written and enacted by Democrat politicians.  Those that were not written by Democrats are at least being maintained by Democrats.

So, what does that mean?  It means that the people complaining about the police enforcing the laws are the same people electing the very officials creating those laws.

Don’t like the cops citing and/or towing cars with expired registration out of your driveways?  Yell at your politicians.  Don’t like strict enforcement of seatbelt laws, or that “money generating speed trap” that you got cited for violating?  Yell at your politicians.  As cops, we did not write the laws, we just enforce them.   Don’t like the fines for a particular violation?  We don’t set them, yell at the courts and the politicians.

To use a very old saying, don’t shoot the messenger.

Unabashed Hypocriticism

When I point out to the folks complaining that the laws we are enforcing are not created by us, and that rather than being mad at us for doing our jobs, they would be better served by directing the angry words to the people making the laws, a good number of those people then suggest the following:

“As a cop, you can choose not to enforce those laws”

While I happen to work for an agency that gives it’s deputies a great deal of latitude in using officer discretion, my agency is a rarity in today’s America.  Additionally, agencies run by an appointed Police Chief are actually under the thumb of the elected politicians, not necessarily the head cop, and as such, officer discretion is often overrided when officers are directed to enact strict enforcement policies.

Now, ignoring that, and let us just assume that cops all across the country were given huge leeway with their officer discretion, and we were in fact allowed to determine which laws we were going to completely ignore, these same “protesters” would be the first to file a lawsuit when one person was cut a break and another was cited or arrested.

So, who gets to choose what laws we enforce and which we ignore, the person being arrested?  I mean really, looking at the list of crimes that the Black Lives Matter group suggested we ignore in their “policy suggestion” list is crazy.

This whole argument is just more deflecting fault.  They do not like the laws, do not follow them, and bitch about it when they get caught.  It is just one more attempt to decriminalize crimes, which if you want to see how well that works, take a look at the results of Prop47 in California.

Willful Ignorance

The final part in this cacophony of logic lacking arguments is the fact that the people screaming about “police brutality” have based the overwhelming majority of their arguments on stories where allegations of “police brutality” have been Thoroughly Disproven!

The cases that they constantly point to while they scream for “justice” (ie: revenge) include Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray.

  • Trayvon Martin – despite all the times they throw his name around, he was NOT killed by a cop. He was shot in self-defense, which was confirmed by the courts.
  • Michael Brown – absolutely none of their claims in this case were based on fact, other than a black criminal was shot by a white cop. This whole incident was nothing but a lie.  Multiple investigations, including eyewitness testimony, have proven that.
  • Eric Garner – no matter how many times they try and scream it, Garner was absolutely NOT “choked to death” by a cop. Garner died from coronary failure, which was brought on in part by him struggling with the cops as they tried to arrest him and in part by his horrible health and morbid obesity.  The officer involved did use an unapproved hold in trying to subdue him, but he was not choked which was confirmed by the autopsy.
  • Freddie Gray – the witch hunt, err, I mean “prosecution” is still ongoing. What we know so far is that Freddie Gray was not beaten or abused by the cops before he was escorted to the transportation van.  There are numerous versions of what happened once he was inside, but none of them point to any specific intent by the cops to injure him, and at best contain allegations that he received injuries that occurred during a rough ride while not seat belted.  The results of this case are yet to be determined, but based on how quickly it is unraveling, I suspect all 6 of the officers charged will be acquitted.

The very few instances where there appears to have been actual cases of police abuse (illegal use of force), such as South Carolina Police Officer shooting of Michael Scott or more recently, the Arlington Deputy shot Christian Taylor, the cops have actually agreed and have taken the correct steps, including dismissal of the offender and in most cases, filing of criminal charges (some cases are still being investigated).

Now, what do EVERY SINGLE ONE of these cases have in common?  The person shot/killed/allegedly abused was in the act of committing a crime, AND in all of those cases, they were ALSO resisting arrest.

The “protesters” however are completely ignoring that, and are putting every ounce of the blame on the cops, and not on the person who took the encounter to that level.

How To Fix This

The solution is really, really simple.  Just about anyone should be able to follow along here.  I mean if my 7 year old can figure it out, any adult should be able to, right?

  1. If you dislike the laws, don’t blame the cops. Stop voting for people who pass the very laws you dislike (Democrats).
  2. Don’t break the law, even the laws you dislike
  3. If you break the law and get caught, don’t blame the cops. They did not make you do anything.
  4. If you get caught breaking the law, don’t resist arrest and you will not get injured.