Logic Disconnect of Epic Proportions

The complete and utter logical disconnect by the liberal left has never been on full display better than in this article shared by Gavin Newsom only a few hours ago.

“How many laws making it harder to get an abortion will pass before the Supreme Court sees them for what they are — part of a tireless, coordinated nationwide assault on the right of women to control what happens with their own bodies without the interference of politicians?”

I am absolutely beside myself with incredulity after reading that.  They really can’t possibly be serious with this, can they?

Do they remotely see how ironic that paragraph is? This is the same publication that constantly screams for more gun control, most recently with a front page editorial article calling for the outright ban of certain types of firearms.  And who do we find pushing that article but the very same politician who is constantly trying to infringe on Californian’s right to bear arms, a man who is currently pushing multiple new gun control laws in the state in which he is the Lt. Governor.

Please pay special attention to the fact that the right they are both trying to curtail is a right that is very specifically spelled out in the constitution.  In fact, it is so specifically spelled out that it has it’s very own amendment.

Meanwhile, those very same people are arguing that abortion (which they conveniently call a “woman’s reproductive rights” because that is easier to sell than “ending a human life”), something that is found absolutely nowhere in the constitution, is under attack and they are begging the Supreme Court to protect it.

The logical disconnect of those on the left is absolutely mind boggling!

One Bad Cop Inflicts Tremendous Damage to LE


Disclaimer:  Please do not take my sharing of the following story to be some sort of endorsement of “Raw Story” or “Free Thought Project.”  Both of those sources are essentially “Cop Block light”, and 99% of what they produce is trash, but in the case of this story, they got it right.  Even a broken clock is right twice a day…

In many instances in the past, where cops have shot a dog, I have defended the cop. It is not a requirement that we first get bit before we can shoot a dog, just like it is not a requirement that we first get shot or stabbed.

No one I know, cop or otherwise, wants to shoot someone’s pet, but when it comes down to shooting a dog or receiving a possibly career ending injury, I’m sorry, but the dog loses.  Be a good owner, secure and control your dog.

With that in mind, take a look at this current event.  The following is from the article that appears on “Raw Story.”  Please disregard the emotionally fueled language in this quotation.

Police Chief Andrew Spencer resigned this week after it was revealed that he shot and killed an innocent dog that was in a cage and meant no one any harm. To make matters even worse, he took the puppy to a firing range and killed it there because he did not want to deal with finding its home.

Spencer found the dog and managed to get it into a cage using a catcher pole. He then wrote in his report that he had planned to take the dog to a shelter where it would be “destroyed,” but then he got another call about a car accident so he decided to do it himself.

In most of the cases I have pointed to in the past, the dog owner is either partly or completely to blame for what happened by not securing their animal. Dog’s are great pets, and they will often defend their owners, which is one of the reasons why we like dogs. The problem is, when the owner is being detained or arrested, the dog goes after the cops, which cannot be allowed, BUT that is not remotely what happened here.  In this case, the dog was secured and in a cage.

I cannot remotely fathom how anyone could think this is acceptable, let alone the Chief of a police department. This is absolutely, totally unacceptable! This jackass should never wear a badge again, and should have to personally pay damages to the owner of the dog.

It is people like this man that do near irreparable damage to the law enforcement profession. It is people like this who give fuel to all the cop blockers and other anti-law enforcement movements.

Thanks asshole, you just made this that much harder for the rest of us!

Put Up or Shut Up!

** Language Warning – explicative filled rant to follow **

The comments below are based on the following news story video regarding an officer involved shooting that happened December 12, 2015 involving the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

The full news story can be found here.

FFS, I am getting so sick of all this bullshit! Take your hurt feelings and your uneducated opinions and shove them up your ass!

An armed man was firing his weapon which lead to the cops being called. Cops get there and confront said armed man, who some witnesses say fired at the cops at some point. Cops shoot armed man after he continues walking toward crowded gas station with his handgun, while ignoring all commands by the cops. Armed man gets hit, goes to ground, but continues moving toward gas station, so cops shoot him until he stops.

The people in this news video are screaming injustice and all kinds of other bullshit. But holy fuck, can you imagine what they would be yelling if the cops had let that armed man walk into that gas station and start shooting people? Is there some set number of times we are allowed to shoot an armed subject?

The cops shot an armed fucking criminal who was just firing his weapon! What the fuck are you complaining about you ignorant morons!?!?!

The solution is really fucking simple, don’t commit crime and you don’t have to worry about being intentionally shot by the cops. If you choose to ignore that piece of advice, then when the cops do show up, drop any weapon you may have and do what you are told. If you fail to follow that advice, you best expect to get your ass shot!

Look, unless you are 1) willing to don the uniform and show us how to do this, or 2) have actual experience doing the job, your uneducated, inexperienced opinion equates to exactly shit. Put up or shut up!

The comments above are what I originally posted on Facebook, but I would like to add a giant “fuck you!” to the news station themselves.  Take a look at the differences in the images they used in their news story.  The cops are standing there both pointing their guns, but the suspect is posing with a very young little girl (hint, he was a nice guy and was kind to children and the cops are armed murderers).  Was it possible for them to use a screen capture from the very same video that shows the dead criminal holding his gun?  Of course it was, but they did not do that.

Fuck You KTLA 5! Race baiting, cop hatred stirring media mother fuckers!

Until the media stops fanning the flames of cop hate and racial discrimination, we are screwed!

Ignore The Idiot Celebrities, Please

Oh yay!  More uneducated (on the topic) Hollywood yokels opening their pie holes and spewing spoon fed drivel about a topic on which they have ABSOLUTELY ZERO expertise!  Sounds a lot like the panderer in chief whom they joined in this video…

Can you all please just STFU!  Looks like I can add a few more new folks to my “won’t give them another dollar of my hard earned money” list.

Folks, don’t buy the bullshit they are shoveling!  I feel horrible for the relatives of the victims that they have included in this video, but disarming me does not make you safer.

If the recent events, especially those in CA, have shown nothing else, they have perfectly demonstrated that no matter what “common sense gun control laws” you put in place, evil people with bad intentions will still get guns, legally or illegally.  As those very same situations proved, it takes good guys with guns to stop bad guys with guns.  And the last, most important thing those recent situations proved is that when seconds count, the cops are only minutes away.   Trust me, I’m a cop, I know.  We wish we could be there to prevent these acts, but the sad reality is, we can’t.

Absolutely nothing (besides the gun grabbing morons that is) says the good guy with a gun need to be a cop.  The most important thing is that they have the right training and the right mindset. Do not let these leftist control freaks disarm you!

Why The Evidence Is Vitally Important

A buddy just sent me the link to this video.  I had not heard about this incident prior to him sending me the link.  I have no idea if there are any issues (social media uproar or bad shoot complaints) arising from this, but it is an excellent video to look at.

Caution, it is a somewhat graphic video of an officer involved shooting.  It is not bloody or gory, but it does show the shooting.

Two important things we can take away from this, and a third somewhat less important:

  1.  Watching this on my phone vs the computer, it was impossible to see the an object in the guy’s right hand.  It looks like a large knife to me, but I’ve been told it was a hammer.  Even on the computer, it was not clearly visible until half way through the video as he had it concealed under the many layers of clothing/blankets he had draped over himself.
  2. Despite what uneducated anti-gunners and nearly all politicians seems to believe, thanks mainly to Hollywood, shooting someone does not necessarily stop them, especially when using a handgun, and especially not with one round.  This guy takes the first three rounds (unknown how many actually hit him) like a stud and shows no signs of slowing down.  The second volley of three rounds appears to hit his CNS and drops him, stopping him.
  3. For the love of God people, please learn how to hold your phone when recording video!!!  Horizontal, not vertical!  I’m sort of joking, but also also partly serious.  It makes a difference in how large the video plays, which is important when viewing the video for evidence.

This is an excellent video that demonstrates just how vitally important it is to wait and examine the evidence before anyone jumps to conclusions.  It would be very easy for a witness to this situation to say something along the lines of “the cops shot an unarmed guy 6 times for no reason” but when looking at the evidence, that is clearly not the case.  This was a clean shoot.  The suspect is armed with a large knife and he is clearly charging the officer with the gun when he is shot, both times.



Yesterday (12-7-15), in utter frustration, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel called President Obama a “total pussy.”  Liberals, in predictable fashion, were completely offended.

The Colonel was simply the first to say what the rest of the world has been thinking, for quite a while. The world looks at our President as….well, a total pussy. He spouts tough talk about “red lines”…yet does nothing. American citizens are murdered by terrorists…and he spends an entire speech talking about disarming Americans, and “islamophobia”. His foreign policy is one of capitulation and weakness. He believes that weak talk will solve the problems that require strength.

Why? Well, take a look at him. He is a physically weak man. An effeminate, manipulative beta male. He believes that giving in is better than standing tall. He believes that manipulative speeches, and weakness are the solutions to terrorists that want to murder Americans.

Quite simply…He is #PresidentPussy

It is time that Americans show the world that #PresidentPussy does not speak for us. That Americans know that strength and resolve will be the key to defeating terrorism, not weakness.

Use the hashtag. Make it go viral. Take a stand against weakness.
-Salty Dad