October 26, 2021

Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve

The individual voices and opinions of some first responders

Death of the White Knight Cop

I grew up in an era, and maybe the place, where the neighborhood police officer was revered by many, and feared by the rest. To me, as a prankster of a young man who teetered on lawless, the lawman commanded respect.

Nothing I had ever done was really bad, especially by today’s standards, but I had soaked up my share of beer while in high school, and even TP’ed a few houses. Okay, more than a few.

It really wasn’t a big leap for me to go from my military service, which began because I was simply a rebellious post high school kid who wanted an easy way to get out from Mom and Dad’s house, to someone who learned discipline during a 4 year stint in an elite military unit, and then joined civilian law enforcement after.

Fast forward nearly 30 years and so much has changed. The revered or feared local cop has been replaced by a person who is less prepared but more challenged than ever, fighting for the very soul of your neighborhood, your community, your nation.

You made him this way. You made him who he is now as opposed to who he was before. The revolving door justice system, where prisoners give up no comfort whatsoever and then are quickly released, creates no fear of consequence. The liberal education system creates the beta-cop who enters with diminished standards of performance simply because of his or her ethnic identity, who frequently cannot fight the hardened criminal element, cannot shoot, cannot test, but still is shuttled into positions out of society’s sense of fairness.

Still, in spite of this, there are battle-ready police who make it onto the force. The percentages are lower, but they still exist. The real question is, what is in their minds?

What would you think if your president, in the earliest days of his tenure, referred to police who were called to a scene, and simply tried to identify someone who was actually breaking into his own house, to insure he was the homeowner, as stupid? And has never let up with the anti-police rhetoric since?

What would you think if you worked at a Department where your local politicians routinely accused your entire profession of misconduct and systematic racism, even while statistics clearly showed you were being attacked far more frequently from those the politicians defend? Which you already knew, because you had been living those attacks? And then, when someone believe those politicians, shot and killed two of your friends, your coworkers, honorable men?

What would you think if appointed politicians – read: Police Chiefs, Commissioners – were placed in charge of you, and then formed “associations” that were routinely quoted by the media as indicative of your voice, in speaking blatant and dangerous falsehoods on behalf of their liberal political masters?

What would you think if your police captain, despite two officers being shot, clocked out and went home? What would you think if your police commanders who acted that disconnected were shuttled into their positions because of their ethnicity and someone’s idea of fairness?

These things aren’t so unusual in the police world. In fact, when these things hit the news, around the entire nation officers say “Yeah, that’s not surprising.”

So fast forward to Beyonce and her shenanigans in the Super Bowl, glorification of a movement that calls for the death of police nationwide, and her video that seems to perpetuate YET ANOTHER lie about police. Beyonce goes on tour and there seems to be at least some resistance to providing security for her concerts. I know *I* will not voluntarily do it. And many officers I know have said the same thing.

A few officers are breaking out the rhetoric, the King Arthur “I will do what I have to do to protect my citizens and uphold the law” White Knight slogans, and I’m sure those few actually do believe it. But they’re misguided about me, and why I am who I am.

Here’s the real truth.

I am not a puppet.

I have honor, but it’s not honor for me to suffer for the amusement of the criminal element, and it’s not honor for me to be sacrificed on the altar of politics. I am a person who serves people who wish me to serve them. I can’t be anything more than that, and neither can the few remaining White Knight cops; they just don’t know it yet.

I listen to Hillary and Bernie talk all manner of trash about us still, perpetuating lies and acting like tiny percentages of our profession are indicative of vast corruption, and simply isn’t the truth of what is happening in our communities. I’m afraid things won’t get better.

Whether the cop serves you, or not, is up to you.

– Copzilla