March 2016 26
Yet Another Prejudiced Ignorant Fool
Posted By : Matt

(** Updated below **) I have never understood the ability of cop hating clueless morons to make the statements they do.  The ‘logic’ involved in making these statements is no different than that which allows one

March 2016 24
The nature of The Deputy
Posted By : Arrow

As a patrol Deputy I always insisted on the public doing ride a longs with a law enforcement officer whenever possible. This practice was heavily advocated because of the difficulties I had in explaining the

March 2016 19
Some People Suck!
Posted By : Matt

Yesterday morning, in my 40 minutes of free time, I shared a post that Frank Somerville wrote about the death of a Florida deputy.  It is quite a moving story, much of it from the

March 2016 05
Another Anti-cop “Artist”
Posted By : Matt

Seriously? Read the “artist’s” description she wrote and included with this painting: “This piece takes a look at systemic violence, colonization and racism and the way class is used as an illusion to keep us

March 2016 04
You Be The Judge
Posted By : Matt

(Reposted from our FB page) Let me see if I have this straight… Which one of these scenarios passes the bullshit-o-meter, and which does not. 1) Mother of suspect, who was not present during the

March 2016 01
Media Accountability
Posted By : Matt

So, I have a few thoughts/musings on the the officer involved shooting (OIS) yesterday in Raleigh, NC.  First, some of the things I notice from this incident, things I find many of these incidents have