Yet Another Prejudiced Ignorant Fool

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I have never understood the ability of cop hating clueless morons to make the statements they do.  The ‘logic’ involved in making these statements is no different than that which allows one to dislike all people of a certain skin color, or a sexual orientation.  It is, in all actuality, completely illogical, yet these douche bags persist.

For instance, take a gander at filth spewed by Crystal Lynn Parker of Siloam Springs, Arkansas.


I wonder what could have caused this sudden outburst, this sudden hatred for the cops.  Could it have been the fact that she was recently arrested?  Oh, I think that could be it…


And just in case you think that is not her, there is this:


and this (please note the last names…):


and this:


and this:


and this:


I’m sure it was all the cops fault that she got arrested.  I’m sure she did nothing at all, and the cops just picked her at random and for no reason whatsoever, decided to trump up charges and book her.

OR could it be that she is yet another coddled, idiotic millennial who is unable to take responsibility for her own actions and is instead lashing out at the people responsible for keeping her dumb ass in line?

Just in case you were curious what she got arrested for, here you go.


Funny how she is currently wishing death on all cops, and their families.  Seems like just a day or two prior to her arrest, she actually called the cops for help and filed a police report.  Odd how the cops were good guys then, but now that she screwed up, they are evil scum…


You wanted attention moron, well here you go.  When you insist on sharing your stupidity on the internet, remember that your actions have consequences.

Some people, namely intelligent folks, when faced with their own ignorant actions, stop to reflect upon their behavior.  Most at that point usually do what they can to retract their previous stupidity, while those with even more integrity publicly admit their mistake.

On the other hand, the true ignoramus takes that opportunity to double down on their idiotic actions.  In this case, Crystal Lynn went the latter route, and let the grammar go all to hell while she was at it.

Way to stick to your guns!  Stay classy Ms. Parker!


The nature of The Deputy

Courtroom oath

As a patrol Deputy I always insisted on the public doing ride a longs with a law enforcement officer whenever possible. This practice was heavily advocated because of the difficulties I had in explaining the multifaceted angles of the profession.  Today a friend of mine was speaking with me about a tragic ordeal she both endured and participated in and I remarked about the horrific and wonderful strangeness of the profession. It is true that molecularly each human individual awakes as a physically “different” person each day. I propose The Deputy awakes conceptually or even spiritually different as a person each day.

As a blanket rule, Deputies do not believe in blanket rules so this multifaceted and angular description can only poke small holes into the container which preserves the entire essence of the topic, yet this is endeavored upon in multiple parts here. While certain examples are used, this is not meant to be a collection of cop stories or law enforcement accomplishments nor is it meant to be used as a political tool in any way. My intent is to simply educate and deduce.

Part 1:  The Bonding Pear
Having taught from time to time at the Sheriff’s Academy I see new recruits entering in to the profession from a perspective of naivety as to what kind of career they are embarking upon. As if looking through a foggy (and perhaps somewhat cracked) mirror I have delighted in realizing once again the varied backgrounds of each individual who believe they desire the job of “Protecting and Serving.”

From all walks of life, we get pilots, ex-military, bartenders, hairstylists, stay at home mothers, college students, college professors, doctors,  scientists and youthful wide eyed teenagers to name a few. They all desire to do something more with their life. The first few days of an Academy class are always awkward as each participant attempts to find a way to bond with others who are so different from themselves. As the Academy progresses individuals learn to function as more efficient groups and begin to motivate each other through various intensive training and testing procedures.

As the recruits learn laws, ground combat, defensive driving, report writing, firearms proficiency and physical education they begin to develop the muscle memory which ultimately kicks in when the body produces excess adrenaline. One might become top of the class in a certain area of instruction yet it does little to prepare the recruit for the actual work. If these skill sets can be learned at a fundamental level, the recruit moves into much more intensive training in the field. It is the field where many people, after witnessing the realities and cruelties of life choose to pursue other work.

In the beginning, it is ensured that Deputies plant the bonds of partnership deep within fertile soil. It was put to me years ago in the Academy that if one did not possess a certain “fire” in the belly, succeeding as a Law Enforcement Professional would be difficult. Within the same speech I was also told if I thought I could get through the academy or field training without the help of others then I was stupid. Deputies do almost nothing alone. We have each other read arrest reports, we bounce ideas off one another during complex investigations, we show up for each other when the potential for trouble exists and we offer a brotherly nod when a good job has been done.

Entire novels, psychological studies, endless theorems and both good and terrible television series and movies have attempted to capture the essence of what Law enforcement is. In an effort to demonstrate the temperament of such circumstances and shed light upon the greater existence, certain “stories” must be told. Those beginning bonds which took root within the elementary training environments ultimately yield the fruit of emotional and physical survival in various ways.  If those seeds have not taken root however, The Deputy is, for the lack of a better term, in a bad way. I thank God for those more experienced officers who came so quick to help me before I understood the overall predicament placed upon me.

I can recall, once while I was relatively new to the job and enjoying some personal relief within the heavily graphitized resting area of a gas station, a clerk shrieked to me about someone being shot across the street. While zipping up I remember thinking to myself how important the situation must have been to have the female clerk run screaming into the men’s bathroom while an armed, stone faced Deputy Sheriff in a black uniform urinated in a supposed secure environment.

I walked outside to look across the street and indeed witnessed a mob of people doing…who knows what. I am still not certain to this day what the angry group of people were doing because most of them ran away when I arrived. It didn’t strike me until much later, but the weight and authority of driving by myself in emergency status to a shooting where an angry mob gathered was much more than I could bear psychologically at the time. The thoughts of what could have happened always come much later, sometimes years later.

I remember calling for my partners immediately. Some of them were guys I didn’t quite get along with and others had pulled me aside to specifically tell me they flat out did not like me. Each one still came, and when they arrived upon chariots of salvation they came bearing fruit from those trees long planted.  I had never tasted fear and relief at the same time yet this was the overwhelming flavor. The fruit nourishes and helps to grow, even at times when it has a rotten appearance or taste. Without it, no Deputy could survive during, after or even before a significantly stressful incident.

Situations like having to kill someone, watching someone die, attempting CPR on an infant, rescuing a half burned corpse from a burning car, or attempting to bring order to chaos after an intoxicated teenager has killed the driver of another vehicle. Events such as these provide nightmares to The Deputy either immediately or many years after the fact. The events cannot be erased and they become part of The Deputy; forever to be carried upon high shoulders along with the radio, shotgun, rifle, Taser, baton, gloves, keys, chemical spray and medical kits. Deputies become weary yet they are always sustained by the fruit.

Some People Suck!


Yesterday morning, in my 40 minutes of free time, I shared a post that Frank Somerville wrote about the death of a Florida deputy.  It is quite a moving story, much of it from the perspective of the young woman whose life the deputy saved when he swerved in front of her car and collided head on with a wrong way driver.

One of the earliest responses on my page took me by complete surprise.  A woman decided to call into question the deputy’s actions and made disparaging remarks about his possible mental state.  The following is how that conversation proceeded eventually culminating if her and one other person being banned.






More ‘Militarization’ Buzzword Usage


“We MUST stop this ‘Militarization’ of the police!”

Not really, but that is what I hear so many people on the left, including the two current Democrat presidential hopefuls, as well as a few people who share a more libertarian view, constantly screaming.  Honestly, it really makes me wonder if they have the slightest clue what they are talking about.


Guess what though, that tourniquet that was applied by the officer, the tourniquet that saved the motorist’s life, THAT is a piece of gear that was developed for the military, a piece of military gear that most cops carry every day.  I suppose we should not carry it because it is military gear?

This ‘militarization’ is not limited to law enforcement either.  Over the last 25 years, there have been HUGE advancements in emergency trauma medical care.  Those advancements were pioneered by the military, many coming out of combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. I suppose we should stop the militarization of our hospitals too?

The sooner people get over the appearance issues the better.  There are many things that started out as military gear or tactics that help law enforcement do our job better, safer, and more effectively, thus keeping the public safer, including many things that have been routinely used to save their lives.  This is not a new concept either.  Law enforcement has been doing this for hundreds of years.

Just because we adopt gear or tactics that were used or developed by the military does not in fact make us a military.

Another Anti-cop “Artist”


Seriously? Read the “artist’s” description she wrote and included with this painting:

“This piece takes a look at systemic violence, colonization and racism and the way class is used as an illusion to keep us all beaten down.”

Can someone please explain to me how this “artwork” addresses any of the things she said. Seriously, I can wait.

Anti-cop insults disguised as art
Anti-cop insults disguised as art

If you ask me, all she is doing is using keywords and buzz phrases to justify throwing insults at the cops.  As a side note, based on her profile picture, she certainly looks to be a victim of racism, class warfare and has been “beaten down.”

Also, as a final point of interest, she is complete moron. She quite literally is saying to cops to “Quit being a stereotype” and then follows that statement by telling them to do something stereotypical, “Eat more doughnuts.”

Summarized, what she said is “Don’t be a stereotype, be a stereotype.”  Absolutely Brilliant!

You Be The Judge

AkielDenkins(Reposted from our FB page)

Let me see if I have this straight… Which one of these scenarios passes the bullshit-o-meter, and which does not.

1) Mother of suspect, who was not present during the incident, says the suspect was not armed and was shot in the back while running away from the Senior Police Officer (rank indicating he has been around a while) for nothing more than running away.


2) The gang affiliated man with multiple felony convictions stemming back (at least) as far as when he was 18 years old, who had an active felony warrant for cocaine sales, had a gun (like the one found next to him) and was shot by a cop when he reached for, or was attempting to use, the gun.

Now I realize it might be a stretch of the imagination to think a gang banging coke dealer would have a gun, but, I think I know which of those two scenarios sounds more likely to me.

But, to hear some of these #BlackLivesMatter, ‪#‎AkielDenkins‬ defending, ‪#‎Raleigh‬ hashtagging fools talk, you’d be stupid to believe think the second version was accurate.

You be the judge…

UPDATE:  Several of the aforementioned #AkielDenkins defenders paid a visit to our Facebook page and began spamming the page with pictures of Denkins holding a baby and smiling.  They began trying to convince us that Denkins was a good guy, that everyone in that neighborhood (including the people posting the comments) run from the cops because it is “just not a good time for them to do their time” in jail, and that people in that neighborhood hide guns in their yards to “make the neighborhood safer.”


The “news media” likes to play the same game with photos.  They are always digging up innocent looking photos of the person killed.  You may recall some of the photos of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin that the “news media” aired in nearly every broadcast.

As if those photos are somehow supposed to be evidence that Denkins was a good guy, that he was a good father, that he was not a criminal, that he did not do something that justified a cop shooting him in self defense.  As for the rest of their comments, if you believe people are hiding guns in their yards to make their neighborhood safer, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

Here, here are a couple of photos of another guy pictured with a child.  He must also be a good guy who did nothing wrong, right?  I mean, that is the logic we are going with here, right?


No?  Hitler was not a good guy?

Well then, I guess a photo of a guy with a child is only evidence of one thing, that the guy was photographed with a child.  It is not evidence of him being a good guy, unless of course you are going to try and argue that Adolph Hitler was a good guy.  (Hint for the historically inept, he was not a good guy)

4fb65c50b61abbc833091fae32666979UPDATE:  Oddly enough, as the evidence begins to come out, it would appear that Officer Twiddy did NOT in fact just randomly shoot Akiel Denkins in the back, 7 times, for nothing more than running away.

I am shocked I tell you, SHOCKED!!!!  (<- that was sarcasm)

But seriously, I’m not shocked at all. To be honest, this is exactly what I expected to hear. Despite what the lying media, the lying racist race baiters, and people like President Barack Obama would have you believe, the cops are NOT going around randomly killing innocent black men for no reason.


Media Accountability


So, I have a few thoughts/musings on the the officer involved shooting (OIS) yesterday in Raleigh, NC.  First, some of the things I notice from this incident, things I find many of these incidents have in common, things that are societal issues, not “evil racist cop” issues.

  • Suspect (identified by mom as Akeil Denkins) has a “long criminal history” according to the news
  • Suspect has a different last name than mom
  • Suspect is only 24 years old, yet he already has “fathered” 2 kids (biologically speaking)
  • “He was running away,” Byrd said. “They couldn’t catch him so they shot at him seven times.” “Everybody seen it,” said Byrd. “They ain’t going down with this one. They ain’t gonna get away with this one, there’s at least 40 eyewitnesses out here.”
  • Despite what mom is claiming, despite not seeing it herself, a gun was found at the scene near his dead body
  • Hundreds of people in the streets “protesting” the shooting
  • Cop was white, suspect was young black man

This whole situation is very familiar. Mom’s “good boy who didn’t do nothing” had an extensive criminal history, had an active warrant, was resisting arrest, and a gun was found near him after the shooting. “Witnesses” say the cops just shot him for no reason. Of course we instantly know the cop was white and the suspect was black, because that is the only scenario that the media gives a rat’s ass about the ethnicities of those involved. If either of their etnicities had been different, they would not have been mentioned.

CaptureI get it, the media needs to report on newsworthy events, and an OIS is indeed newsworthy, BUT when they knowingly manipulate the information they put out it becomes less news and more propaganda and storytelling. The media knows the cops cannot release information this early into the investigation, but every time they hint that the cops are keeping secrets. They know that the mother was not a witness, yet they give her a platform from which to scream and cry her bullshit story. They have no reason to assume any of the “witnesses” actually saw anything, yet they give them a mic and do not give any effort at all to vet them before they air their versions.

This incident all reeks of Furguson!

When Raleigh is burning over this, and the investigation reaches the conclusion which I suspect it will, the media needs to be held accountable for their role in what happens. It is time to stop giving them a free pass. Freedom of the press is one thing, but they are pouring figurative gas on the fire. It is absolutely no different from shouting “fire” in a crowded theater, and last I checked, the media and the anti-gun folks out there just love using that example when it suits them.

It is time that we hold the “news” accountable for their actions that have very real repercussions.  It is time to start charging them with inciting a riot, because that is exactly what they are doing.