May 21, 2022

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You Be The Judge

AkielDenkins(Reposted from our FB page)

Let me see if I have this straight… Which one of these scenarios passes the bullshit-o-meter, and which does not.

1) Mother of suspect, who was not present during the incident, says the suspect was not armed and was shot in the back while running away from the Senior Police Officer (rank indicating he has been around a while) for nothing more than running away.


2) The gang affiliated man with multiple felony convictions stemming back (at least) as far as when he was 18 years old, who had an active felony warrant for cocaine sales, had a gun (like the one found next to him) and was shot by a cop when he reached for, or was attempting to use, the gun.

Now I realize it might be a stretch of the imagination to think a gang banging coke dealer would have a gun, but, I think I know which of those two scenarios sounds more likely to me.

But, to hear some of these #BlackLivesMatter, ‪#‎AkielDenkins‬ defending, ‪#‎Raleigh‬ hashtagging fools talk, you’d be stupid to believe think the second version was accurate.

You be the judge…

UPDATE:  Several of the aforementioned #AkielDenkins defenders paid a visit to our Facebook page and began spamming the page with pictures of Denkins holding a baby and smiling.  They began trying to convince us that Denkins was a good guy, that everyone in that neighborhood (including the people posting the comments) run from the cops because it is “just not a good time for them to do their time” in jail, and that people in that neighborhood hide guns in their yards to “make the neighborhood safer.”


The “news media” likes to play the same game with photos.  They are always digging up innocent looking photos of the person killed.  You may recall some of the photos of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin that the “news media” aired in nearly every broadcast.

As if those photos are somehow supposed to be evidence that Denkins was a good guy, that he was a good father, that he was not a criminal, that he did not do something that justified a cop shooting him in self defense.  As for the rest of their comments, if you believe people are hiding guns in their yards to make their neighborhood safer, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

Here, here are a couple of photos of another guy pictured with a child.  He must also be a good guy who did nothing wrong, right?  I mean, that is the logic we are going with here, right?


No?  Hitler was not a good guy?

Well then, I guess a photo of a guy with a child is only evidence of one thing, that the guy was photographed with a child.  It is not evidence of him being a good guy, unless of course you are going to try and argue that Adolph Hitler was a good guy.  (Hint for the historically inept, he was not a good guy)

4fb65c50b61abbc833091fae32666979UPDATE:  Oddly enough, as the evidence begins to come out, it would appear that Officer Twiddy did NOT in fact just randomly shoot Akiel Denkins in the back, 7 times, for nothing more than running away.

I am shocked I tell you, SHOCKED!!!!  (<- that was sarcasm)

But seriously, I’m not shocked at all. To be honest, this is exactly what I expected to hear. Despite what the lying media, the lying racist race baiters, and people like President Barack Obama would have you believe, the cops are NOT going around randomly killing innocent black men for no reason.