May 21, 2022

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Yet Another Prejudiced Ignorant Fool

(** Updated below **)

I have never understood the ability of cop hating clueless morons to make the statements they do.  The ‘logic’ involved in making these statements is no different than that which allows one to dislike all people of a certain skin color, or a sexual orientation.  It is, in all actuality, completely illogical, yet these douche bags persist.

For instance, take a gander at filth spewed by Crystal Lynn Parker of Siloam Springs, Arkansas.


I wonder what could have caused this sudden outburst, this sudden hatred for the cops.  Could it have been the fact that she was recently arrested?  Oh, I think that could be it…


And just in case you think that is not her, there is this:


and this (please note the last names…):


and this:


and this:


and this:


I’m sure it was all the cops fault that she got arrested.  I’m sure she did nothing at all, and the cops just picked her at random and for no reason whatsoever, decided to trump up charges and book her.

OR could it be that she is yet another coddled, idiotic millennial who is unable to take responsibility for her own actions and is instead lashing out at the people responsible for keeping her dumb ass in line?

Just in case you were curious what she got arrested for, here you go.


Funny how she is currently wishing death on all cops, and their families.  Seems like just a day or two prior to her arrest, she actually called the cops for help and filed a police report.  Odd how the cops were good guys then, but now that she screwed up, they are evil scum…


You wanted attention moron, well here you go.  When you insist on sharing your stupidity on the internet, remember that your actions have consequences.

Some people, namely intelligent folks, when faced with their own ignorant actions, stop to reflect upon their behavior.  Most at that point usually do what they can to retract their previous stupidity, while those with even more integrity publicly admit their mistake.

On the other hand, the true ignoramus takes that opportunity to double down on their idiotic actions.  In this case, Crystal Lynn went the latter route, and let the grammar go all to hell while she was at it.

Way to stick to your guns!  Stay classy Ms. Parker!