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Yet Another Prejudiced Ignorant Fool

(** Updated below **)

I have never understood the ability of cop hating clueless morons to make the statements they do.  The ‘logic’ involved in making these statements is no different than that which allows one to dislike all people of a certain skin color, or a sexual orientation.  It is, in all actuality, completely illogical, yet these douche bags persist.

For instance, take a gander at filth spewed by Crystal Lynn Parker of Siloam Springs, Arkansas.


I wonder what could have caused this sudden outburst, this sudden hatred for the cops.  Could it have been the fact that she was recently arrested?  Oh, I think that could be it…


And just in case you think that is not her, there is this:


and this (please note the last names…):


and this:


and this:


and this:


I’m sure it was all the cops fault that she got arrested.  I’m sure she did nothing at all, and the cops just picked her at random and for no reason whatsoever, decided to trump up charges and book her.

OR could it be that she is yet another coddled, idiotic millennial who is unable to take responsibility for her own actions and is instead lashing out at the people responsible for keeping her dumb ass in line?

Just in case you were curious what she got arrested for, here you go.


Funny how she is currently wishing death on all cops, and their families.  Seems like just a day or two prior to her arrest, she actually called the cops for help and filed a police report.  Odd how the cops were good guys then, but now that she screwed up, they are evil scum…


You wanted attention moron, well here you go.  When you insist on sharing your stupidity on the internet, remember that your actions have consequences.

Some people, namely intelligent folks, when faced with their own ignorant actions, stop to reflect upon their behavior.  Most at that point usually do what they can to retract their previous stupidity, while those with even more integrity publicly admit their mistake.

On the other hand, the true ignoramus takes that opportunity to double down on their idiotic actions.  In this case, Crystal Lynn went the latter route, and let the grammar go all to hell while she was at it.

Way to stick to your guns!  Stay classy Ms. Parker!



  • Oh god. My sister Crystal.. I’m so sorry you guys had to see all that lol. She’s not always been a bad person.. We didn’t have a good up bringing. Which does NOT excuse her attitude. But she is unstable and needs help. And she has two kids who I love more than anything in the world who believe it or not need her. Haha. I do apologize for her awful horrible bitchy behavior. We don’t even talk now due to it 🙁 sadly.. The only one person who was a constant in my life for 21 years. She really really needs help 🙁

    • If you truly are her sister, I appreciate your comments and concern. In life, we do not get to choose our upbringing, or our family members, but we do get to choose how we act as adults. I can totally relate to being ashamed of the actions of a family member, although in my case it was not an immediate family member.

      If you are trying to get her some help, it will likely take more than just you. In my experience, getting someone help who does not want it or think they need it is a very tough sell, and will likely take a great number of people whom she cares for and respects all telling her the same thing before she will even consider it. Even then, until she decides she needs help, you cannot force it on her.

      I wish you the best of luck.

  • Also– aren’t cops suppose to help people in need VS calling them names on the Internet? Aren’t you being just as bad? An immature child would post a page about someone and show their location full name and names of family members. What if because of you someone goes to her house and murders her, and her two kids?

    What if she killed herself?
    What’s the point of doing this to someone? To get a rise out of them? What a terrible name you’re giving police officers without crystals help.

    I’m pretty ashamed in you, and all the people supporting you being a total fucking bully just because you have a higher authority. Or so you think at least because you wear a blue suit and we don’t.

    What gives you the right to cyber bully and post personal information?

    If anyone gets hurt out of a situation like this it’s on your hands.

    I apologize for you also. For how you are. I forgive you. And I won’t post a whole page about what a dick moron idiot coddled classy imbcile you are.

    • Are you bipolar? Schizophrenic? Seriously? Or are you just a troll?

      You originally posted a comment in which you sounded sincere, and expressed concern about what your sister had said and for her mental health. I responded in a sincere manner, in which I wished you luck getting your sister the help you said she needs.

      Then you shotgun this page with 3 responses which are totally out of left field, that sound like they are from an entirely different conversation than your first comment, or my initial reply.

      I posted nothing that was personal that I did not immediately get by performing a simple google search, in other words information that was already out there. In fact, most of the screenshots you are complaining about were taken from her completely open Facebook account. Nothing posted here is information that she was not willingly sharing with the world via her own actions on her own FB page.

      I’ll ignore the whiny, cry-ey bullshit about “cyber-bullying.” Perhaps you are too young to understand the difference between defense and offense. Your sister is the one who started this, who wished death upon me, all of my coworkers and our families. Your sister is the one who has chosen to continue this. All I have done is post screenshots of your sister’s comments and some of the proof of her actions.

      Again, if your sister truly has mental health issues, I wish you luck getting her the help she needs. Based on your reactions/comments here on this page, perhaps you should join her in seeking help.

    • I agree with you, his actions are not very professional, but this is what cops are these days a refection of society and an ugly one at that.

  • While I do not condone hate speech or such acts from either police or civilians, I would like to remind our local law enforcement:

    “Doxing“ is a legal term that means revealing “documents” about a person. This can range from revealing the name of a person who uses an alias, but more commonly refers to revealing whatever the person doing it feels will harm, shame, humiliate, endanger, or put the person at some risk. Doxing is a form of stalking or threatening and is illegal under many different federal and state laws, depending on the exact facts and location.

    Revealing a “name” per se’ may, or may not be considered “Doxing” depending on the level of anticipated anonymity. However, in this law, the term “restricted personal information” means, “with respect to an individual, the Social Security number, the home address, home phone number, mobile phone number, personal email, or home fax number of, and identifiable to, that individual.” This is an important distinction to remember.

    Once you outline the address or location of a person, within which a person can be placed at risk, YOU have VIOLATED THE LAW. PERIOD.

    In all cases if you outline the physical location of any individual with the intent to harm, shame, stalk, humiliate, endanger, or otherwise compromise the safety and security of ANY individual you have placed that person in a position of risk and you are in violation of ALL State Stalking laws.

    I CAN FIND THOSE PIECES OF INFORMATION USING GOOGLE SEARCH. IS THAT STILL RESTRICTED? YES. It is illegal to announce or disseminate or post those listed pieces of information for the purposes listed in the law (18 USC § 119). Those are purposes such as threatening or intimidating or making it so others can harass or harm the person. This law is about acts that endanger the safety of or encourage attacks against a person or a person’s family. It is not about where you found the information.

  • I see you removed my post about Doxing and legality of it. Well done, I will repost it later.

  • Oooh, good ‘ol Crystal Lynn Parker haha! This chick takes crazy and self obsessed to a whole new level!

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