Unbridled Outspoken Ignorant Cop Hate


Back in March 2014, a police officer in Greensboro, NC was involved in an on-duty shooting.  The officer shot and killed a woman who was armed with a very large knife, a woman who he was responding to the area for because she had been involved in a fight.  Prior to this news story on the Miami Herald website, I was totally unaware of this incident.

I am not sharing this incident in order to discuss the actual shooting, but rather to discuss the plentiful, ignorant statements made by folks who do not have a freaking clue what they are talking about that have been made in response to the article.  It is not just the sheer volume of moronic comments that bothers me, but it is the fact that the plethora of comments based on anything but reality are the top ranked comments on the website and have garnered the most “likes.”

Here is the news story video that contains the rather short footage from the body cam.

So, what are the ignorant, uninformed comments that I am talking about?


Really Patrick, when?  I’ve been a cop a long time, I and I know people who have been cops since the 1960’s, and none of them were trained how to magically disarm a knife wielding offender.  In fact, we have been trained, since the 1970’s, that someone with a knife, who is within 21 feet (actually, new studies say it is even further) can be a lethal threat and to treat them as such.


We aren’t trained in “hand to hand combat,” but the military is.  Also, “hand to hand” indicates no weapon.  A big ass knife is most definitely a deadly weapon.  No self-defense instructor on the planet, law enforcement or civilian, is going to teach a student to fight an attacker who is armed with a knife, while unarmed unless that is their only option.


Joe Smith makes a rational comment.  Mark McClure on the other hand pulls a bunch of stuff out of thin air (makes wild guesses without basis), and is better received.


Ah ha!  The good old “shoot them in the leg” idiocy.  How many times does this moronic idea have to be dismantled?  Getting beyond that, the level of stupid displayed by Eric here is tough to fathom, yet 20 people agreed: “Lucky he didn’t miss her torso and accidentally shoot the person behind her, instead he should have aimed for a far smaller, faster moving, harder to hit target because that would increase the likelihood that he would not miss…”


No Pat, cops had “night sticks” (batons) to use on unarmed suspects.  Cops are trained to always use one level of force higher.  If bad guy is armed with a knife, go to gun.  This is not a schoolyard fight.  We are not trained to “fight fair,” we are trained to win.


And this dipshit, I’m not even going to bother address this cop block bullshit.

Anyway, she “only had a knife…”

On a side note, the officer who was involved in this incident was cleared of any wrong doing and has since resigned his position.  As with most folks in law enforcement, and despite what the idiots at Cop Block like to scream, we do not want to take someone’s life and some of those who are forced to do just that, it does not sit well.  Add on top of that lack of support from the community and you find a number of officers leave this profession after a shooting.  I’m not saying that is why this officer resigned, but I personally know someone, a former trainee of mine, who shortly after he finalized training was involved in a shooting, a totally justified shooting, and the emotional aftermath of that incident ended his career.

Please Help Us Combat the War on Cops


Law Enforcement in America has been under attack for several years now. This attack is being led by a number of groups who are organized and far better financed than we, the working cops taking the brunt of the assault. Those attacking our profession include a “news” media that loves stoking the flames of distrust because it is good for ratings as well as the pocketbook, racists and race baiters who make money sowing the seeds of discontent amongst groups that claim to be victims, and agenda driven politicians occupying positions in all levels of government. They can often be found publicly siding with the deceased criminals who were eventually proven, usually in a court of law or grand jury, to have been at fault during the encounter that caused their own deaths.

This attack has been non-stop for several years, and it is beginning to have very serious consequences on this country. Two of the primary results of this war being waged on us are 1) many officers are no longer working proactively for fear they will be the next victim of the media assault, which has become known as the “Ferguson Effect” and 2) the number violent assaults on officers, up to and including shootings, has skyrocketed. The first two months of 2016 saw an 1100% (yes, you read that correctly) increase in the number of officers killed by gunfire over the same time frame last year.

When the media, some celebrities, politicians to include those at the highest levels are constantly telling you that the cops are stupid, or racists who “kill unarmed black men far too often”, even if there is absolutely no evidence to back those claims, when they praise groups who demonize us and call for our death, bring them into the houses of the people and parade them around as heroes and martyrs, then it only makes sense that attacks on cops will increase.

Just a few short months ago, Officer Ashley Guindon, a former US Marine, was murdered on her very first day as a sworn Police Officer.

And we are not the only ones taking the abuse. The narrative of our armed forces being brutes and war criminals harms them and their families. Firemen and medics are not able to answer calls due to civil unrest and lawlessness. All manner of service to our country and our people is now under assault by those who have no courage to serve on their own accord.


To any celebrities or public figures who are willing to help, we, the police officers and families of those public servants, are asking for your help. We request that you stand beside us and help fight this propaganda battle. We are undertaking this effort on our own time, at our own expense. We will make no money from this, and as such, we can also offer you no monetary compensation for your assistance. But we feel it is incumbent on anyone who loves this country and respects the concept of law and order, to make a stand and fight to get our country back on track, to fight this malignant narrative. We respectfully ask that you help us make that stand.

If you are willing to help us with this goal, we ask that you contact us via any of our Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. We pledge that we will do all we can to uphold our professional dignity, and insure that your assistance is rewarded with a campaign that you can be proud to be associated with.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Matt – Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve (or on Twitter)
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Can Cops Ever Be Justified?

20160511__ois_aurora2-p1Aurora, CO Police Department had a third officer involved shooting in a short period of time which has apparently caused the news media to make stupid news media assumptions like “the cops are shooting too many people” instead of wondering the more logical “why are so many people doing stupid stuff causing the cops to shoot them?”

The most recent shooting, the one which has caused the media to wonder their stupid questions involved a carjacking by an armed subject who led the police on a 17 mile pursuit at the end of which he rammed a cop car and then pointed a gun at the cops, who promptly shot him. The passenger in the suspect vehicle even said the suspect told her he was going to shoot it out with the cops. So the media is questioning this? Really?


I’m happy to say the Chief of the Aurora Police gave them the appropriate response.

“If you point a gun at one of my officers, expect that there will be an aggressive and a very overwhelming response. Because my expectation is that my officers go home at the end of shift.” – Chief Nick Metz

Here is the short news story put out by the local CBS Denver station. Notice their inclusion of a statement made by some nitwit from the ACLU, you know, because the cops are bad and stuff. I will address that nitwit’s comments after the video.

“If the numbers, um, are, are too high, and I think they are, then there needs to be, um, measures taken to see how can we reduce the numbers and the frequency of these shootings” – Mark Silverstein, Legal Director, ACLU Colorado

Well Mark, instead of worrying about how many times the cops are shooting bad guys, how about you worry about preventing the bad guys from doing stupid stuff causing the cops to shoot them. This is an absolutely 100% justified shooting, and the idiots at the ACLU are worried about finding a way to reduce 100% justified shootings? Are you people developmentally disabled? Did your parents have any children that lived?


The cops actions are predicated by the actions of the suspect. If the suspect did not 1) carjack someone while armed with a gun, 2) lead the cops on a 17 mile pursuit, 3) ram a cop car (ie: assault with a deadly weapon), 4) state his intentions to shoot the cops and 5) point a gun at the cops, then the likelihood that the cops would have shot him would be ZERO.

Mark, you braindead moron, the people whose behavior you need to worry about correcting is the criminal’s, not the cop’s. I realize that doing so would go against the ACLU’s sole purpose in life, to hate the cops, and would instead hold the criminals accountable for their own actions, but seriously, buddy, your contention is so full of crap a kindergartener would be calling you out on it.

The “News Media” Just Cannot Help But Hate Cops


What should have been a news story about good cop work instead bears what should be the recipient of the award for the Most Misleading News Headline.

An officer leaving a mall has the door held open for him and the officer thinks he recognized the man.  The officer went to his car, pulled the man up in the computer and found that he had three (3) active warrants for his arrest.  The warrants were for heroin possession, shoplifting and driving on a suspended license.  The officer returned to the building and arrested the man for his outstanding warrants.  Good cop work, nicely done!

BUT to the cop-hating leftist media, that was not the case.  Somehow they tried to twist this into some sort of mean, evil cop story which they gave the headline of “Being polite to officer leads to Massachusetts man’s arrest.”

Seriously?  You jackasses really hate the cops so much that you have to try and turn a nothing event into something?  You are pathetic!

Now, just for full disclosure on my part, I do not know if that title was given to the story by the San Jose Mercury News or by the Associated Press who appears to be the source of the story, but either way, it is clearly anti-cop propaganda.

If you agree with my assessment I encourage you to leave a comment in the comment section on their website.  We need to stand up to the leftist media that continues to denigrate law enforcement, even when they have to make up stuff to do it.

NCIS, I’m Done With You!



I don’t watch much adult TV, maybe 5-6 shows a week.  With three kids in the house, and a wife, the TV is usually occupied with kids shows or wife shows, but we do record a few shows which the wife and I watch together regularly.  Up until last night, one of those shows was NCIS.  My wife and I have been watching this show consistently for about 10 years now.  I liked the characters, I enjoyed the stories, even though the cop work done in the show has always been a ridiculous stretch, but it is a TV show and I know to expect that from TV.

However, as of late, they have been pissing me off on a fairly regular basis.  Seems every episode lately features one or more of the following:  1) inept local law enforcement, 2) guns being evil and easily available or 3) dirty local law enforcement.  It is so blatant that it is not just me picking up on it, but my wife has even groaned several times when the subject came up in the show.

The most recent episode, S13.E22 Homefront, the one we watched last night, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Not only was the episode’s main bad guy another local uniformed cop, but the episode featured a cameo appearance by none other than the cop hater in chief’s wife, Michelle Obama.

Look, I get it, you’ve been on the air for 13 seasons.  It gets hard coming up with new stories for every episode.  Honestly, I don’t know how the writers do it.  I even get jumping on the gun control bandwagon.  Hell, you are Hollywood.  Pushing lefty causes is what you do.  BUT when you consistently bash local law enforcement, and then bring the most divisive, cop hating president’s wife on the show, you’ve gone to far.

NCIS, I’m done with you!  I will never watch another episode, and I encourage everyone who supports law enforcement to do the same.