August 19, 2022

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Whose Side Are They On?


The California State Assembly yesterday, June 2, 2016, voted on and passed Assembly Bill 2298, titled Criminal Gangs.  On the surface, the name of the bill would have you thinking it has something to do with cracking down of criminal gangs, but that is far from the truth.  Honestly, reading this bill, it makes me want to start investigating the author and sponsors for ties to criminal gangs.  And yes, I am being dead serious.

Why do I say that?  Here is an excerpt from the bill that summarizes the purpose of the bill:

“This bill would require the notice described above to be provided to an adult before designating a person as a suspected gang member, associate, or affiliate in the (criminal gang) database.”

That is the whole purpose of this bill, to notify adult criminal gang members that they have been identified as a gang member by law enforcement.  You know, because that could not possibly foul up any potential criminal investigations or anything…

Honestly, I cannot for the life of me come up with a single, logical reason that you would intentionally make the cops notify a gang member that that have been identified as a gang member.

So, that is the bill.  Let us take a look at who supported the bill and voted YES to pass it:

Ayes: Atkins (D), Bloom (D), Bonilla (D), Bonta (D), Brown (D), Burke (D), Calderon (D), Campos (D), Chau (D), Chu (D), Cooley (D), Dababneh (D), Daly (D), Eggman (D), Cristina Garcia (D), Eduardo Garcia (D), Gatto (D), Gipson (D), Gomez (D), Gonzalez (D), Gordon (D), Gray (D), Roger Hernández (D), Holden (D), Irwin (D), Jones-Sawyer (D), Levine (D), Lopez (D), Low (D), McCarty (D), Medina (D), Mullin (D), Nazarian (D), Quirk (D), Ridley-Thomas (D), Santiago (D), Mark Stone (D), Thurmond (D), Ting (D), Weber (D), Wood (D), Rendon (D)

Well, now there’s a shock!  It was passed by the criminal coddling Democrats…  Can you see my shocked face?

You will notice, not a single Republican voted for this bill.  In fact, several Democrats actually voted against it along with ALL of the Republicans.  Take a look at the NO votes for yourself:

Noes: Achadjian (R), Travis Allen (R), Arambula (D), Baker (R), Bigelow (R), Brough (R), Chang (R), Chávez (R), Cooper (D), Dahle (R), Dodd (D), Frazier (D), Beth Gaines (R), Gallagher (R), Grove (R), Harper (R), Jones (R), Kim (R), Lackey (R), Linder (R), Maienschein (R), Mathis (R), Mayes (R), Melendez (R), O’Donnell (D), Obernolte (R), Olsen (R), Patterson (R), Salas (D), Steinorth (R), Wagner (R), Waldron (R), Wilk (R), Williams (D)

Now, you have to stop and ask yourself, “what public good could come from notifying adult criminal gang members that they have been identified as criminal gang members by law enforcement?”  Me, I’ve got nothing.  What I do see is yet one more attempt by the leftist idiots running California to coddle the criminal element thus putting the public at greater risk, just like they did with AB 109, and just like they did with Prop 47.

If you have an ounce of brain power, this should at least make you stop and wonder “Whose side are they on?”