July 3, 2022

Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve

The individual voices and opinions of some first responders

A Piece of the Pie


Here is a great example of what America can still offer those who are willing to work for it.

While traveling along the northern coastal roads of California I encountered a positive piece of American accomplishment in a place where I least expected it. A simplistic desire revealed pure through old fashion pride and sweat. Something I had forgotten through all of the negativity towards this Country quickened my slumbering step and refilled a pint of hope missing from my glass.

God bless anyone who can find a measure of freedom in a society where the walls corner us all a bit to close.

Two men and two Shepard dogs free born in this blessed country were herding goats. Approximately four hundred of the delightful animals grazed beautiful grounds burgeoning with growth and all parties received payment for their troubles. To dismiss the event as simple or common would be to veil the truth of realized freedom.

My appreciation for what I witnessed doesn’t take into account any Shepard metaphors or a grand duality of meaning. It was merely wonderful to bear witness to something which might otherwise be taken for granted. Freedom and the American Spirit as it was intended occurred in real time right in front of me. What exactly does herding goats have to do with a free market, entrepreneurialism, capitalism or the Pursuit of Happiness?

Those four hundred goats were bred by the two men so that they could eventually sell them and make a profit. All animals need to feed though so why not get paid for that too? Goats are brought to various landmarks simply to graze. The action feeds the goats without the need for purchasing specific refined or purposed foods and helps to keep things “organic” if you will. The men are paid through various contracts to trim back overgrown government owned lands which saves the tax payers from having to spend inordinate amounts of money for other less natural remedies. Wait a minute, I can hear the screams of protest and so I am thrust into the seat of Devils Advocate.

Is it cruel to transport the goats on a large truck to various landmarks across Northern California? I don’t know, the goats did not make their protests clear to me although they seemed quite nourished when I spoke with them. Does this take away from possible high paying jobs that humans could do? Why are goat herders being paid to do a job when someone could be paid prevailing wage to handle the overgrowth with weed eaters, lawnmowers or some of those big scissor things? I don’t know, the Goats seemed quite good at the job and appeared to be enjoying themselves while getting fatter, so even they partook in a piece of the American Dream. Perhaps a competition could be held to determine who the more productive workers are and we could witness the results for ourselves. Goat Versus Man.

The beautiful thing is two men and two sheep dogs were crafty and hard working enough to find a natural, healthy and cheap solution to fire suppression in some of our protected parks. These men pursued what made them happy and got paid to do work they found fulfilling and enjoyable, like any good profession these men were proud. It is times like this when I am thankful for men and women who think outside of the box and somehow make all of the bureaucratic red tap work for them instead of against them.

Thank you gentlemen and dogs for this great reminder of freedom, I wish you success, wealth and happiness. Working men such as you shall ultimately restore this country to greatness. Do not let anyone diminish your work because it is the heart of an American independence that I still believe in. Perhaps this country is not doomed. Sometimes we do not look in the right places for our values where they might exist right in front of us.