August 19, 2022

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Facebook Censoring Conservatives


Even though they say they don’t…

So, this morning I posted a direct link to a YouTube video, and I commented quite a bit when I shared it. After 42 minutes, it had only been seen by 61 people. That is some serious BULLSHIT post metering there! Notice the commentary I included, and how much of what I said is counter the liberal, leftist crap that Zuckerberg and Facebook administrators like to push.


Then, as an experiment, I shared an article in which the same video is featured, and I included very minimal commentary, in fact almost none. In that same time frame, it was seen by more than 10X the number of people than the other post. In 47 mins, it had been viewed by 741 people.


Tell me again how Facebook is not censoring what is shared… Tell my how their algorithms are not limiting the exposure of conservative speech…

Screw Facebook!!!!!!

To that end, we here at Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve recently set up a group Twitter account.  If you are tired of missing things we post due to FB post metering (censorship) then please join us over on Twitter where you will happily receive anything we send out.

UPDATE:  Even now, more than 3 hours since the original video was posted, and only 2 hours since the second experimental post was made, the number of people who have seen the first post is barely into triple digits, while the other post with minimal (ie: generic) intro is still continuing well beyond 10x the number of views.

First post:

Second post: