July 2016 26
Some Very Welcome Words
Posted By : Matt

A follower of our Facebook page sent in some photos that were taken inside the Barstow CHP office.  Officers who work there were surprised/greeted by a large number of handwritten thank you notes from some

July 2016 25
Summary of Day 1 at the DNC
Posted By : Matt

Let me see if I can sum up the Democrat National Convention, thus far. – They invited the mother of an attempted cop killer to speak. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS), national chairperson for the

July 2016 13
From the Mind of a Third Grader
Posted By : Arrow

While the Dallas Terrorist attack was being televised live my eight year old daughter became horrified and asked her mother over and over if Daddy was there. My wife tried to explain afterwards about racism,

July 2016 12
Law Enforcement Diplomats
Posted By : Arrow

Social media is an interesting armchair style warrior. Lots of opinions and sometimes zero experience or knowledge on a subject. The problem is we Cops don’t always know what someone else might have experienced or

July 2016 12
Run Away Wil Wheaton
Posted By : Matt

So, during my life I’ve done many different jobs prior to my becoming a cop.  In one of my previous jobs, I dealt with the owner of a local theater in which they performed live

July 2016 10
America’s Rosetta Stone
Posted By : Arrow

I read through the news today after a recent terrorist attack upon Police Officers in Dallas. Men and women serving their country and communities were attacked because of the clothes they wore and the color

July 2016 07
Stuck in the middle
Posted By : Doc

Clowns to the left of me…..           Jokers to the right…….         I have one side telling me I am a racist horrible person and the other telling