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Supporters of Vehemently Anti-Gun Hillary Caught Stealing Guns

In an event so ironic it has to be tied to a anti-gun politician, the suspects of two different gun store burglaries are apprehended. Both burglaries, one in Rocklin, CA and the other in Folsom, CA, occurred within approximately 40 minutes of each other. The suspects used a vehicle to smash through the front of the business and then they flooded in stealing both ammunition and guns.


The vehicle and several suspects were located and apprehended in Oakland less than 10 hours later, and much of the stolen merchandise has been recovered. Awesome cop work on everyone’s part!

That part in and of itself is not the ironic part, it is the suspect vehicle, which was NOT reported stolen, that sticks out, and in particular, a bumper sticker on that car.

From the local news story:

Ford’s video shows the black Honda CRV, crashing through the front door of the business, and as many as five men were seen getting out of the car and climbing over the metal gate that was blocking the windows and doors.

The vehicle also had a blue bumper sticker that read “I’m ready for Hillary.”

The California Highway Patrol has confirmed that the vehicle’s license plate No. 6VCB742 is registered out of Oakland. It has not been reported as stolen.


You know, they should really pass laws against this sort of thing, that way bad guys wouldn’t break in and steal stuff…

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