October 26, 2021

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BLM / Gun Control Supporter Attempts Battle Of Wits, While Completely Unarmed

Today, two (2) NYPD officers were shot in the line of duty.  I have since learned that one of them died.  Upon hearing about the incident, I both posted it on our Facebook page as well as sent out a tweet.  Some mental midget #BlackLivesMatter supporter and gun control advocate, “Jen Marden,” took that opportunity to show me and her 6,000+ followers what a vacuous nitwit she is.

The following is the “conversation” in chronological order, starting with my initial tweet.

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The YouTube video I linked to in the above tweet is this one:






And that is where she gave up and ran away, in other words, she blocked me.

Funny, for someone bitching about people pushing “false narratives,” the only person spewing them was the one accusing others of doing so.   Odd how that trait, accusing others of exactly what you do or how you think, is so common among liberals, especially anti-gun folks.

Her behavior is exactly why society is where we are, why politics are so divided.  People (many on both sides) are too afraid of information that they don’t want to hear.  The people buying into this BLM crap believe it even though they have no facts to support their belief, and then when you give them evidence that counters their beliefs, they put their fingers in their ears and scream so they can’t hear you (or in the case of Twitter, they just block you).

In the case of Jen Marden here, it just goes to show you that on Twitter, even though you have a prodigiously empty mind, if you are pretty and sort of snarky, you can amass thousands of other mindless followers.  When I think about my encounter with Jen here, a certain meme comes to mind…



And with Jen, public displays of stupidity is the gift that keeps on giving.  Before I could even publish this, I was verifying a couple things on her Twitter account (using one of my spare Twitter accounts) when she shared this gem.  Make sure you “here” what those celebrities have to say…