October 26, 2021

Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve

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The State of Jefferson


The need for the State of Jefferson!
Its time to become number 51.

As a third generation native Northern Californian, I’m tired of the ultra liberal Los Angeles and SF Bay Areas ruling over me. I’m tired of them
-creating the ever growing taxes that I have to pay;
-creating social policies that further erode our society, sending us further down the drain;
-writing laws that coddle criminals, making them the victims;
-writing laws that interfere with and impede the daily lives of law abiding citizens;
-releasing criminals that I have to police;
-determining what constitutional rights I get to exercise, and where;
-determining how the natural resources of our area are to be used, and for whom;
-misspending billions or our tax dollars on public projects that benefit no one except the politicians who push them (Brown’s high speed train to nowhere);
-and so many other issues that diminish the daily quality of life for us all.

05b5bc440a7fea2a272e70802b610cf9Consider this, the 21 Northern CA counties that are included in the proposed State of Jefferson make up nearly half of the area of California (square mileage wise), yet Northern CA has only 3 out of 80 seats in the California Assembly, only 2 out of 40 seats in the California Senate, and only 2 out of 53 seats in the US House of Representatives. We are VASTLY underrepresented in our own government. We have NO say in our own government. Our voices are NOT heard.

Does the phrase “taxation without representation” sound familiar? Does the call to disarm the citizenry by that same government where the people are not represented ring any bells? That is exactly what we, the people of the 21 counties of Northern California are living under right now. We are overtaxed and unrepresented. It is time we declare our independence from the liberal elites ruling over us. We need to separate from Southern California. We need the State of Jefferson!

If you live in California, please consider signing the declaration found at the top of the website here. You should especially consider it if you live in one of the 21 potentially effected counties.