July 3, 2022

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Liberal Media Caught Lying, Again – Hillary Post Election Hike

Disclaimer: I cannot take credit for discovering this information, I saw it all on Twitter in various locations. I have just compiled it all into one location.


Yesterday, Friday November 11, 2016, CNN ran a story in which a random hiker randomly encountered Hillary Clinton on a random hike.  It was the first time Hillary was seen in public after her day late, post election concession speech.


Here is how the article starts:

(CNN)Margot Gerster, who ran into Hillary Clinton on a hike just a day after she conceded the race, encountered a presidential nominee seemingly at peace and at grace, Gerster said Thursday.

In an image posted to Facebook, Clinton, who lives in Chappaqua, New York, can be seen smiling with White Plains resident Gerster, who was hiking with her daughter, 13-month-old Phoebe, and their dog, Piper. The photo was snapped by former President Bill Clinton, who was there as well.

CNN was not the only liberal “news” outlet to cover the story.  Not to be outdone and left in the cold, CBS, NBC and even the BBC got in on the scam.

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Well, isn’t that neat. That poor, upset Hillary supporter just happened to bump into Hillary, while she and Bill were on a random hike, without a secret service detail and stuff…

Only problem with that is that the story is a heaping load of horse crap!

This was not the first time Margot Gerster has met Hillary, and the odds that it was some “random happenstance encounter” like both she and the liberal media made it out to be is greater than getting struck by lightning immediately after winning the lottery.

Here is a photo that Gerster shared on her Facebook page on election day, November 8th.


And here is what Elite Daily had to say when they shared that photo, except to them they still covered the story as if the hiking encounter was just random occurrence.


Folks, this stuff is all made up just so the liberal media can feed it to you.  If you are dumb enough to believe that a former president and his wife, who just lost the national election for the same office, take their dog and go on a random hike through the woods without a full secret service detail to keep them safe and prevent random people from coming up to them, then I have ocean front property in Ohio that you might be interested in.  For the right price, I’ll even throw in a bridge.