July 3, 2022

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The Left Continues Push to Normalize Pedophilia

What the hell is wrong with the left? Its not enough that they make criminals out to be victims, the cops out to be bad guys, not enough that they release thousands of convicts from prisons putting everyone at greater risk, not enough that they want to take our guns, not enough that free speech is only allowed if it fits their agenda, but now they want to normalize pedophilia?

Seriously, there are a few crimes out there that I consider worse than murder, and child molestation is one of them. Once you kill someone, their suffering is over. Victims of child molestation are victims their entire lifetime, as are their families. Many never live a normal life, and some end up becoming just like the monsters that victimized them.

Child molestation (sexually abusing a child), in my opinion, should be a capital offense.

But instead, the left is attempting to normalize this destructive behavior by publishing articles written by pedophiles, and then later writing articles about the articles the pedophiles wrote, while again trying to make it seem normal.  Some completely idiotic university academics have also argued that pedophilia is normal, and there are even some psychiatrists trying to normalize the compulsion.

I’m glad that the self admitted pedophile who wrote the Salon article (picture above) claims he has never victimized a child, but this is absolutely not something people should feel comfortable admitting, especially not in public. Pedophilia is not a “sexual orientation,” it is something seriously wrong with your brain, and currently there is no known cure.

Normalizing dangerous, horrific, abnormal desires like pedophilia is just another step to eventually trying to make it legal.
I hate to draw the comparison, because the two things are not remotely comparable. One occurs between consenting adults, the other is an adult victimizing a child. But, while the actions, or behaviors, or lifestyles are not remotely comparable, the way they were viewed under the law is/was.

Homosexuality used to be illegal all over this country. It literally used to be a crime for two consenting adults of the same gender to have sexual relations. Because of all of the things done to normalize homosexuality in society, in movies, and TV, and magazines, and so on, homosexuality has gone from something that people were afraid to admit in public, and in some places feared incarceration (just like pedophilia is now) to a very acceptable behavior in all but some very small parts of the country.

Again, just to reiterate before someone gets all butthurt, I am not remotely comparing homosexuality to pedophilia, I’m comparing how they are/were viewed by society and under the law.

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To those of you who think I am crazy, and that the left would never ever want to legalize pedophilia, you aren’t paying much attention.  They have in fact already been pushing for that, and it does not take much effort to find proof of that.  Here, let me google that for you.

Pedophilia should NEVER be something that people feel comfortable feeling, let alone comfortable admitting in public. Admit it to your doctor, seek treatment. Pedophilia is not normal, it is not acceptable. Do NOT let the crazy ass left try to normalize that horrific, violent, disgusting behavior that haunts its young victims for their entire life.