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Have a Good Climate Cry

Man, I miss the days when men were, well, manly.  What has become of the modern male in America does not even resemble the same species, let alone gender.  In that respect, I present to you Eric Holthaus.


You might wonder why I singled out Eric.  Well, I’ll let Eric tell you in his own words.


At this point, I could not help myself.


Look, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t understand stress, and the negative effects that stress can have on the human body.  The problem I have here is not that he is feeling stressed.  My problems are 1) he felt it acceptable to cry about his stress publicly and 2) he is stressed over a naturally occurring event that has existed for millions of years.

Well, call me a “climate denier troll” if you must, but disregarding me as a troll does not change the fact that over the last 100 years, the average temperature of the planet Earth has only risen 1.33°F.


In fact, over the last 10,000 years, the temperature of the planet has risen to levels FAR exceeding the current temperatures, and then cooled back down again.  And guess what was not around to influence those temperature changes: humans (at least not in the manner that the climate change pushers claim we are now).


It must really suck to have devoted 11 years to a non-existent thing, but what sucks even more is that it only took some dumb cop about 15 minutes and Google to show it is non-existent.  What sucks the most is that Eric is too emotionally invested in the whole climate change religion to ever see it, and he will just continue to have his mental meltdowns and then tweet about them to the entire world.

I miss the days when men did not whine about their shortcomings in public.  Not only has it become socially acceptable (in certain circles anyway) to cry about your feelings in public, but if you look at the replies to Eric’s series of tweets, there are hundreds of people applauding him.

We all have issues, even me, the rude guy writing this blog post, but crying about them publicly doesn’t make you right, or stronger, or a hero, or any sort of positive accolade you can think of.  It makes you look like a total crybaby wuss.  Even my youngest son (8) is embarrassed to cry in public.  Maybe Eric here can take a few lessons from him.

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