November 27, 2021

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Hey Democrats, Not Everything is Racist

CA Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, proponent of SB-620

CA Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, proponent of SB-620
CA Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, proponent of SB-620

BREAKING NEWS! CA State Assembly is not quite as idiotic as the CA State Senate!

The CA Assembly is deadlocked on SB-620, a bill which claims to want to allow judges to ignore mandated sentence enhancements “in the interest of justice.”  In a move demonstrating that they care more for felons who use guns than the law abiding gun owners in the state, the CA senate passed the bill few months ago.  Thankfully, it appears that a few democrat members of the CA assembly have not fully sold their souls to the devil as a few of them joined the republicans in blocking this bill, which thankfully has been shelved for the time being, due to the deadlock.

So, what exactly would SB-620 “Firearms: Crimes: enhancements” do you ask?  Let me quote the actual summary of the bill that was used for house floor deliberation:

“Allows a court, in the interest of justice, to strike or dismiss a firearm enhancement which otherwise adds a state prison term of three, four, or 10 years, or five, six, or 10 years, depending on the firearm (assault weapon or machine gun), or a state prison term of 10 years, 20 years, or 25-years-tolife depending on the underlying offense and manner of use (if they actually shot someone). “

So why am I upset?  What is the big deal?  So what if the law allows a judge discretion to drop sentencing enhancements?

First of all, these are the same lawmakers who are constantly passing more and more restrictive, not to mention unconstitutional laws that are aimed at law abiding gun owners, such as me.  People who have done nothing wrong but are being hounded by these liberal, anti-gun lawmakers as if we are running about shooting people willy-nilly.

Secondly, those very same lawmakers who are going after law abiding gun owners with a vengeance are now proposing eliminating sentence enhancements for violent felons who actually used a gun during the commission of their crimes.  That is what this bill is about.  The crimes for which those enhancements are applied include: murder, mayhem, kidnapping, carjacking, assault with intent to commit rape, assault on a peace officer or firefighter with a deadly weapon, rape, sodomy (forced), child molest, oral copulation (forced) and more.  The crimes that receive the gun enhancement are not non-violent crimes.  These are very bad crimes being committee at gunpoint, by very bad people.

Hell, these intelligence-challenged lawmakers, the people who are constantly screaming “assault rifle this” and “assault rifle that,” are even suggesting that the judge be allowed to ignore the sentence enhancements for someone who used an “assault rifle” or machinegun during the commission of their crime, even if they shot someone.  Are these people serious?  They’re clowning us, right?

But wait, it gets even better.  So then, to top it off, when the bill (THANKFULLY!!!!) failed to pass, CA Assemblywoman Shirley Weber dropped this steaming pile of race baiting horse hockey:

“ ’[Judges] are prohibited from considering the facts of the case and whether a penalty would serve the interests of justice,’ Weber said, adding that the law disproportionately hurts people of color.”

Excuse me?  What did she say?  The law disproportionately hurts people of color?  Is there some invisible print in the law that says those enhancements only apply to people of color?  No?  Then is there already an existing exemption that allows a judge to ignore those enhancements if the criminal is white?  No?  Then shut up already!  Drop the race baiting BS lady!  It is old, its tired, and its a blatant lie.

The reason more people of color are affected by this law is that more people of color are committing the enumerated crimes while armed with a gun.  Again, as I have noted many times, this is not a race issue, it is a socio-economic issue.  Statistically speaking, more people of color live in poverty than whites and areas of poverty is where more drugs, crime and violence occur thus more people of color live in areas plagued by drugs, crime and violence, thus more people of color are involved in drugs, crime and violence, and thus more people of color are arrested for violent crimes.  It is not rocket surgery.  To suggest that somehow the laws are at fault for this takes a special kind of stupid.

Democrats, can you please stop claiming that everything you don’t like is racist? Please?  I feel like Bobby Boucher in the Waterboy.  Not everything is the devil mama!  Not everything is racist!