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Where’s The Love?

This post was written by a Facebook acquaintance and with his permission, I am sharing it here.  We often complain about how some departments fail to back their employees, but this example here takes the cake.

Want to hear what a warrior sounds like?

India36 on this radio traffic is a man I went through the Academy with back in another life.

Listen to his composure on the radio. Keep in mind this man just took a round, fired by criminal gang member, through his leg which shattered his femur. Do you have any idea of the pure internal strength it takes to keep calm after suffering such an agonizing wound?

I am proud to call India36, Mike Spencer, a brother… and he needs a bit of assistance.

The New Hanover County Sheriffs Department has been systematically fucking him over and now they want another sit-down with him in September. The last time nobody from his department even showed up.

Take a couple minutes and give Sheriff McMahon’s office a call at 910-798-4200 and politely encourage the Department and the Sheriff to actually show up for meetings they arrange with Mike… I think he deserves that respect.

Granted, I only know one side of the story, but it seems to me that the department representatives are failing quite dramatically at their most basic duties, like showing up to meetings they requested…


  • Right there with you! Mike and his family deserve much more than what the Sheriff and the county are giving him. They have made the last 5 years pure hell for Mike. It would be interesting to know what they settled with the family of the shooter for?

  • JessicaLee SelenaMya Malinchak

    July 28, 2017 at 5:35 am

    Mike is a Good Man and a Great Friend.. He’s Always there to zhelp others, and he is a Hero for putting his Life on the Line to Protect the Public… He Deserves to be taken care of, he deserves the Utmost Respect for what he went thru…

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