CA Liberals Kill Yet Another Cop


Yesterday, August 30, 2017, Deputy Bob French, a 21 year veteran cop with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, was murdered in cold blood by a worthless piece of crap career criminal who should have been behind bars, but instead was loose on the streets thanks to policies put in place by California liberals.

Normally, I refuse to name the criminal in cases like this, but in this instance I must in order to allow doubters to verify what I am going to say.  Thomas Daniel Littlecloud (32 yrs), who from this point on I shall only refer to as “Scumbag,” should have been in prison yesterday, but thanks to AB-109, the California Prison Realignment Act, which was dreamt up, written, passed by CA democrat politicians and signed into law by CA democrat governor Jerry Brown, Scumbag was loose.

Scumbag has felony convictions going back to at least 2004 in Alameda County.

2800.2 VC [F] ; 29800 PC [F] – 9/10/2013

10851 VC [F]; 2800.2 VC [F]; 29800 PC [F]; 11377 HS [F]; 496 PC [F] – 5/15/2013

245 PC [F] x6, 12021 PC x3 [F] – 12/6/2005

10851 VC [F]; 11378 HS [F]; 11370 HS [F]; 12021 PC [F] – 9/3/2005

10851 VC [F], 69 PC [F], 243(c)(1) PC [F]; 11377 HS [F] – 12/31/2004

12020 PC [M] – 9/1/2004

Then, in December of 2015, Scumbag was arrested again, on new charges which included possession of stolen property, possession of loaded guns by a prohibited person, possession of narcotics, resisting arrest, and a number of other felonies.  At the time of that arrest, for all of those fresh felonies, Scumbag was on active “PRCS” parole.  He was still on “PRCS” parole yesterday when he killed Deputy French.  Hell, even the cop hating, uber-liberal Sacramento Bee freely admits he has a lengthy criminal history.

You might be wondering what the hell “PRCS” parole is.  PRCS was created by AB-109, and what they (CA democrats) did was take “non-violent offenders” out of prison, put them on the streets, and instead of assigning them to a parole officer, they mandated the counties provide supervision of these state prisoners.  The counties were allocated funding to do this new task, however the state all but took their ability to violate these parolee’s parole unless they committed a fresh felony, and even then the maximum amount of time they can get is a joke*.  What it boiled down to was the state, at the direction of the liberals who created these laws, saved a bunch of money by just releasing inmates onto the streets.

So, back to Scumbag here, when he was arrested for all of those fresh felonies back in December of 2015, he had his PRCS parole violated.  But here we are, less than 2 years later, and Scumbag is back on the street with loaded stolen guns, dope, stolen cars, and now instead of just fighting and running from the cops, he shot three cops, killing one.

If you are a California voter, and you voted for the democrat politicians who passed these bills, if you voted for Jerry Brown who signed AB-109 into law, if you voted for other bills decriminalizing crimes (Props 47 & 57) and coddling criminals, you bear some responsibility not only in the death of Deputy Bob French, but in the deaths of all the other cops and regular citizens who have been killed by the people you put back on the streets.

Actions have consequences!  Your vote has consequences!

Today, thousands of cops are mourning the loss of a fellow officer and a family is mourning the loss of a father and grandfather, whose death is one of the direct consequences of your votes.

Please, stop killing us!


Now, based on past experience, I know I will be receiving messages and comments from offended California liberals telling me that they “adamantly support law enforcement” and would not do anything to endanger the cops or to lessen public safety. 

To that I call BULLSHIT!!! 

If you voted for the people who passed these laws, or if you voted for Prop 47 or Prop 57, you did in fact do something that not only endangers yourself and all of California, but has directly lead to the deaths of numerous people, including several cops, the most recent being Deputy Bob French.  You may not have intentionally done so.  You may not have realized that is what you were doing, but sadly, that is exactly what you did.


* This sentence has been edited after an actual PRCS case worker pointed out my error where I said the counties did not get funding.


Copyright (c) 2017 Deputy Matt and Others Who Serve, all rights reserved.

F–king Tired Of Burying Coworkers



The following was sent to me just a short while ago by a Sacramento County deputy who wants to remain anonymous.

Today, a man I have known for 22 years, a man with whom I attended the academy, a man who was a father, a grandfather, a slightly goofy, cowboy boot wearing, chew spitting, lifted truck driving, well intentioned country bumpkin was murdered while doing his job, because he was doing his job.  He was shot in the back by a worthless piece of shit who had just shot two other cops, because they too were doing their jobs.

Bob and I were not close.  He and I had different interests, worked different shifts, and had a different way of doing things.  We did not always see eye to eye, but we always got along at work.  Even if we did not agree on something, we were always polite to one another.  I’m going to miss him, more than I ever thought I would.

This is the eighth (8th) coworker from my department I have had to bury during my career.  I’ve come very close to burying several others, but by the grace of God, they are still with us, although some of them were forced to leave the job due to the extent of their injuries.  Countless others have left the job due to debilitating injuries, both physical and emotional.

This job is a destroyer.  It directly takes the lives of an average of 150 people every year, and those are just the people who die on the job.  That does not account for those who leave the job because they are broken, either physically or mentally.  That also does not include the 300 cops who take their own lives every single year.  A very close friend of mine was almost part of that last statistic, but thankfully he is not only still here with us, but he sought help and even though he has left the job, he does what he can to teach others about what can happen to us that leads us down that path.

Beyond the deaths and physical injuries, this job destroys marriages, family lives and social lives.  If you let it, it will take everything from you.

What thanks do we get for following this noble calling?  There are organizations dedicated specifically to hating us.  There are lawyers whose careers are spent suing us.  We are called racists, no matter what race we are.  We are called pigs, because we dare enforce laws enacted by the very people elected by those calling us pigs.  We are called murderers by the families of felons, who given the chance, would have killed us instead.  We are portrayed as evil humans by the media and politicians.  Every single split-second action of ours is second guessed, under a microscope, for months and years.

We endure this all for a salary that, even in the best of situations, puts one in the middle class, but in most places, leaves one looking for a second job just to make ends meet.

Today, I find myself really pondering why I am still doing this.  I know I am not alone.

In a few days, I will put on my dress uniform, join thousands of other officers at a church, and bury yet another coworker.

This society as a whole takes us cops for granted.  While a news story about a murdered cop gets headlines, to most who see that headline, the thought of the cop’s loss vaporizes as they turn the page or click the next link.  While my coworkers and I will never forget his name, most of the society he protected daily has already forgotten it.

This shit is beyond old.

I’m sick and fucking tired of burying coworkers.

We have the watch from here, bro.  Thank you for your service.  May you rest in peace.

This undated photo provided by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department shows Deputy Robert French. A gunman with an assault rifle shot and killed French, 52, and wounded two California Highway Patrol officers Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017 at a Sacramento, Calif., hotel that was later surrounded by officers searching for suspects. French, a 21-year veteran of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, died on the way to a hospital. (Sacramento County Sheriff's Department via AP)
This undated photo provided by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department shows Deputy Robert French. A gunman with an assault rifle shot and killed French, 52, and wounded two California Highway Patrol officers Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017 at a Sacramento, Calif., hotel that was later surrounded by officers searching for suspects. French, a 21-year veteran of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, died on the way to a hospital. (Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department via AP)

Copyright (c) 2017 Deputy Matt and Others Who Serve, all rights reserved.

Law Enforcement’s Blue Falcon Personified


The term Blue Falcon is one that is used in both the military and law enforcement.  If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is the same as saying “buddy f—ker,” except in a more socially acceptable manner.  It is the person who intentionally throws his coworkers under the bus to make himself look good.  Now that we all have an understanding of the terminology, let’s take a close look at a blue falcon extraordinaire.

Up until a few days ago, I was blissfully unaware of the existence of a man known as Lt. Tim McMillan.  When I was asked about him by an administrator of another law enforcement related Facebook page, I decided to look him up.  Boy oh boy, Lt. Tim’s page is the epitome of a completely narcissistic blue falcon!

Upon initial glance at his Facebook page, I was struck by all the memes present there.  Not that memes are a bad thing.  Hell, I share memes quite often myself, but when you make your own memes with photos of yourself and you include quotes from yourself, you just might have a problem.  In fact, the meme that was pinned to the top of his page (which has since been replaced after I called him out for it) is pictured below, with my response to it.  When I shared it, someone asked if Lt. Tim was wrong.  Yes, Lt. Tim is absolutely, unequivocally wrong.  A good leader (as a lieutenant, he is supposed to be a leader) does not tell an employee who is having some trouble on the job to pound sand (leave for those unfamiliar with that term).  A leader helps that employee find their path again.  Granted not all people can be saved, but you do not immediately dismiss someone.


Furthermore, examining his specific example, a dislike of and by the public, gee, I wonder why cops might find themselves disgruntled by the public…  Could it be from going to the same people’s homes for the same problems over and over; could it be from dealing with the dregs of society every day, all day; could it be from attempting to solve a problem faced by the community they serve only to have that very community attack them for being there; could it be from the effects of PTSD, a common problem in law enforcement; could it be from compassion fatigue? Also, where might a cop get the impression that the public dislikes cops?  Could it be from all the media stories, the protests, the groups calling for murders of cops, from politicians denigrating our profession, from groups calling for the elimination of all law enforcement, or from the unprovoked ambush attacks on cops which have left many of our coworkers dead?   Gee Lt. Tim, it seems to me that feeling a bit uneasy about those matters is actually a normal response to what law enforcement is facing today.  But hey, you go right ahead and completely dismiss those concerns and tell those cops to take their years of training and experience and beat feet.

Continuing down the rabbit hole that is his Facebook page, I am struck by how many posts I read that sounded like they should have been on Cop Block or the Free Thought Project.  It is almost as if this guy never spent a day doing actual cop work.  In one post, he is clamoring about how many illegal immigrants are being arrested and placed in “detention camps inside America,” then cries about why they are not being deported.  You see, Lt. Tim is a Trump hater, which is neither here nor there, but in this instance he is blaming Trump for a lack of deportations of those illegals, claiming he is holding them here in order to increase revenue for private prisons instead of realizing they are unable to deport them due to all the legal battles being fought with liberal politicians who are suing the administration preventing those deportations.

AlligatorFurther down, I find a post about a story I immediately recognized.  A short while ago, a brave Florida cop who had a snare pole and the proper training, removed an ornery alligator from a person’s front porch.  When I began reading his post, I immediately assumed he was going to be praising the work of that Florida cop.  Sadly, I assumed incorrectly.  Instead, Lt. Tim McDouchebag decided to use that incident as an apples to rocket engines comparison.  Good ole Tim here decided to say since this properly trained and more importantly, properly equipped cop was able to remove an alligator off a porch, then no cop should ever have to shoot someone’s dog.  Don’t believe me?  Here it is in his own words:

“Next time you here (sic) someone defending why an officer shot and killed someone’s family dog, remind them of the time you read about and watched the video of a Boynton Beach Police Officer wrestling an alligator with his bare hands.”

On a related side note, notice Lt. Tim also likes to lie (just like Cop Block) in order to make other cops look bad.  In this instance, while the officer was indeed brave, he was most notably NOT “wrestling an alligator with his bare hands.”

Continuing further down, I find a post from July 29th (15 days ago) in which Lt. Tim shared a HuffPo article titled “Police Officers Overwhelmingly Agree That Bad Cops Aren’t Held Accountable” and in sharing it, he made the same logical fallacy that the HuffPo author did by suggesting that because officers believe there are issues with the internal disciplinary processes at their department, and because we do not immediately denounce a cop’s actions when the latest incident hits the media, that means cops as a whole are defending bad cops’ actions.  As a police administrator, he should damn well know that the overwhelming vast majority of the incidents that have drawn substantial public ire over the last few years have all been perfectly legitimate uses of appropriate force, and the few instances that were not legit, have resulted in the cop being charged criminally.  Yet he is acting as if that does not happen.  Who is this guy kidding?  Yes, all good cops detest the bad cops.  Yes, most cops will admit that there are problems with the disciplinary process (in most cases, thanks to civil service laws and unions).  But neither of those mean that we should immediately jump on the public outrage bandwagon every time a new incident draws the attention of the cop hating groups and the mainstream media.


I could continue on and on about the stuff he has posted on his Facebook page, but I won’t because I would be here all day.  Instead, I am going to move on to his website, which is quite narcissistically found at  Wow!   Look at all those photos and meme-like graphics of Tim, put together by Tim, on Tim’s website named after Tim…  So, if you are at all like me, you are wondering who is Lt. Tim and what has shaped his lifelong desire to serve the public as a peace officer?

“Lieutenant Tim McMillan never grew up wanting to be a police officer. In fact, as a child Lt. McMillan dreamed of being a research psychologist or an astronomer. However, in July of 2002, after two of his friends were murdered during a robbery, Lt. McMillan decided he wanted to do something to make a difference within his community.

At 21-years old, Lt. McMillan entered The Georgia Basic Law Enforcement Academy, and in 2003 he would become a sworn police officer with the Garden City Police Department in Georgia.”

Wait, it was not a lifelong desire but rather something he stumbled into?  Even 9/11, just a few months prior, did not prompt him to serve his community? It was not until the loss became very personal that he considered the career.  Okay…

Also, am I the only one who finds it odd that Lt. Tim has all sorts of photos of himself, in full uniform, clearly displaying his department badge and patches, on a website that he runs for his own financial gain?  I mean, after all, they guy is promoting himself as a public speaker and is even pushing his upcoming book.  This seems pretty damn unethical, especially coming from a guy screaming about police ethics.

“Can I interest you in a ticket to the police ball instead this traffic citation I am about to fill out…”

Speaking of his upcoming book, how does a guy with such horrific grammar score a book deal?  His website if riddled with grammatical errors, wrong words and other literary issues.  For instance, taken directly from the page about his forthcoming book; “In the darkness of tragic death, my desire to be a law enforcement officer was born.  One Day in October details the trails and tribulation of a skinny 21-year-old kid, who became a cop; and story a cop who never wanted to be a cop.”  The correct phrase is “trials and tribulations” and I am not sure what he was trying to say in that last sentence, but it is clearly not worded properly.


So, for the past 14 years, Lt. Tim has worked for a tiny police department in Garden City, Georgia.  I have absolutely nothing against small agencies, but the size is relevant in his case.  As of 2016, Garden City had a population of 8,900 people.  According to the Garden City PD’s website, they have 39 sworn officers and 6 support staff.  You know it is a small town when they actually advertise that their police department is open 24/7.  While I know nothing about his career as a cop, I do know that he has only been a cop for 14 years, and during that time he has received numerous degrees in subjects that have little to do with law enforcement, such as a BA in Mathematics.  He boasts of being the officer of the year, but when you consider the small size of the department, you realize the choices are limited.  He also says he is a 7 time Chief of Police Accommodation recipient, which again the size of the department is a significant factor, and to be honest, a written pat on the back from the chief does not mean a whole lot in the scheme of things, not nearly as much as the subject of that accommodation does (or doesn’t).  I’ve received written commendations, accompanied by a ribbon to wear on my uniform, for such ridiculously mundane tasks as driving people to a symposium in a department vehicle during normal duty hours.

Another reason the size of his agency is relevant is that many administrators like to promote educated people, because one would assume the more educated a person is, the smarter they are.  However, that is not necessarily true.  I know some very highly educated people with multiple degrees that are complete morons when it comes to surviving in the real world.  Even if it were true, being smart does not necessarily make one a good leader.  There is much more to leadership than intelligence.  I highly suspect (just a guess on my part) that ole Lt. Tim here rose through the ranks based on his education.

No grammar errors here...
No grammar errors here…

Reading Lt. Tim’s bio reminds me very much of a coworker of mine.  The guy is a very intelligent, very book-smart individual who was one of the worst beat partners I’ve ever had.  He constantly turned ridiculously nothing calls into all day events, did his own thing by himself while ignoring all the other calls for service that were occupying his beat partners, was continually patting himself on the back while undeservedly belittling his beat partners.  They guy had the unbelievable ability to arrive at a call late, while everything was calmed down, and turn it into a complete mess, and later blame the original officers for the shit show he created.  Thankfully, he is no longer a beat partner; sadly he was promoted, and is now the most hated supervisor that I can recall in my 22 years on my department.  Not only is he hated by those who work under him, but he is hated by his fellow supervisors, and even by people from other departments.  He is my local version of a Lt. Tim.

I’m sure most of us, at one time or another, have encountered our own version of Lt. Tim.  Sadly, not only for the employees of the Garden City PD, but for the entire profession, the real Lt. Tim not only appears to have the support of his chief, but he has amassed a large collection of followers on his social media pages where he continues to inflict damage on the profession, much to the delight of those who follow him.  And despite his cute little memes with his personal favorite sayings, nothing about this guy indicates that he is a proud public servant, but rather quite the opposite.  Everything about him, from his Facebook page to his website, screams “hey, look at me!”

Cause & Effect Deficient

Businessman Touching Domino Pieces Arranged in a Line

Lately, I have participated in a few discussions about the effects that the recently raised minimum wages are having on not only small businesses, but also on the people most in need of jobs that typically receive minimum wage payments.  Those jobs are drying up, and quite predictably so I might add.  In fact, what many of us said would happen is actually happening, yet it comes as a complete surprise to many, including the folks at BET.  This is not the first time this has happened, but it seems to catch them off guard every time they do it, which has me wondering which of the two possible explanations is true:

1) The people pushing these artificially higher wages know what the outcome is going to be and that is what they want, more people reliant on big government OR
2) The people voting for this are too unintelligent, or emotionally controlled, to understand the inevitable, often repeated outcome of their well-intentioned but very detrimental actions.

While option 1 may in fact be the case for some folks (Democrat lawmakers), I think option 2 is likely the reason most of the voters went for it.  They have no sense of history, they base their actions on their intent, not on the results.  They are feel-good voters.  They lack the ability to logically examine the cause and effect of their actions, or worse yet, they just ignore it.  This got me to thinking about a piece I wrote back in 2013 for a now defunct blog.  Below is the piece I wrote back then, and it is still just as true today as it was then.

A recent conversation with my mother got me to thinking and something that I’ve long realized; that liberals seem to live in their own sense of reality based on emotion, not logic.  I have often wondered what the reason for that is.  The conversation with my mother, a fiscal conservative, was actually about a conversation she had with one of her neighbors, a card carrying, Obama voting, big government loving California democrat.

They live in a nice small town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.  A traditionally conservative area suffering from a recent influx of aging former hippies who are now retired.  These former hippies are moving to this area from the democrat controlled larger cities in the valley below, the cities where they voted for the democrats in charge.

The conversation was started by my mother’s neighbor who mentioned that she was seriously considering moving out of California, to someplace like Idaho or possibly Texas.  My mother was taken aback, and asked why she would consider to moving to such conservative places.  The neighbor replied because the cost of living and the taxes are too high here in California.  At hearing this, my mother, being much more reserved than I, was speechless.

That woman’s inability to link the cause (voting for more taxes, more government spending, bigger government) to the effect (higher cost of living, higher taxes) convinced me that in order to be a liberal, one must have some sort of “Cause & Effect Deficiency”.  You (my mom’s neighbor) voted for tax increases, for bigger government, for everything that adds to a higher cost of living, and then wants to move because the cost of living is so high… What must go on in one’s brain to be unable to link those two so inextricably linked items?

The more I thought about that deficiency, the more I saw how it relates to so many other liberal themes.  Rather than push for safer sex practices, let’s push for more abortions, later term abortions, abortions for teenagers without parental consent, abortion pills distributed in school.  Rather than make policies (or call me crazy, reduce policies) that would allow businesses more room to grow thus driving up the need for employees, thus lowering the unemployment level, they vote for bigger government and more government control, which stifles private enterprise or just plain runs them out of business, increasing unemployment.  What kind of logic process does it take to vote for a man who utters things like “Unemployment insurance is one of the most effective means to boost the economy.  When people have more money to spend, it means more customers for their businesses, and ultimately more jobs.”??? (BTW, Barack Obama said that)

Let me say this, we ALL want lower unemployment.  No one wants people to be homeless, hungry, sick without healthcare, etc.  But wishing those things did not exist, and voting for expensive programs that do nothing but burn billions of tax dollars without any signs of positive results, is just ignorant.

To steal a line from Mike Rowe, the liberals are profoundly disconnected.  There really is no other way to explain their ability to ignore the cause and effect relationships between their votes and what that vote results in.  Perhaps I should try and get a government grant to study this phenomenon.  Clearly, doing so would slow global warming (sorry, “climate change”), help the economy, stop the jobless growth, bring peace to the middle east and end world hunger.

And just as an update to this piece, my mother’s neighbor whom I discussed in this has since relocated to Idaho, where she is likely voting for the same crap that destroyed California.  As a conservative seeking to relocate to a conservative state, I don’t blame residents of those states for not wanting refugees from this liberal cesspool.