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CA Liberals Kill Yet Another Cop


Yesterday, August 30, 2017, Deputy Bob French, a 21 year veteran cop with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, was murdered in cold blood by a worthless piece of crap career criminal who should have been behind bars, but instead was loose on the streets thanks to policies put in place by California liberals.

Normally, I refuse to name the criminal in cases like this, but in this instance I must in order to allow doubters to verify what I am going to say.  Thomas Daniel Littlecloud (32 yrs), who from this point on I shall only refer to as “Scumbag,” should have been in prison yesterday, but thanks to AB-109, the California Prison Realignment Act, which was dreamt up, written, passed by CA democrat politicians and signed into law by CA democrat governor Jerry Brown, Scumbag was loose.

Scumbag has felony convictions going back to at least 2004 in Alameda County.

2800.2 VC [F] ; 29800 PC [F] – 9/10/2013

10851 VC [F]; 2800.2 VC [F]; 29800 PC [F]; 11377 HS [F]; 496 PC [F] – 5/15/2013

245 PC [F] x6, 12021 PC x3 [F] – 12/6/2005

10851 VC [F]; 11378 HS [F]; 11370 HS [F]; 12021 PC [F] – 9/3/2005

10851 VC [F], 69 PC [F], 243(c)(1) PC [F]; 11377 HS [F] – 12/31/2004

12020 PC [M] – 9/1/2004

Then, in December of 2015, Scumbag was arrested again, on new charges which included possession of stolen property, possession of loaded guns by a prohibited person, possession of narcotics, resisting arrest, and a number of other felonies.  At the time of that arrest, for all of those fresh felonies, Scumbag was on active “PRCS” parole.  He was still on “PRCS” parole yesterday when he killed Deputy French.  Hell, even the cop hating, uber-liberal Sacramento Bee freely admits he has a lengthy criminal history.

You might be wondering what the hell “PRCS” parole is.  PRCS was created by AB-109, and what they (CA democrats) did was take “non-violent offenders” out of prison, put them on the streets, and instead of assigning them to a parole officer, they mandated the counties provide supervision of these state prisoners.  The counties were allocated funding to do this new task, however the state all but took their ability to violate these parolee’s parole unless they committed a fresh felony, and even then the maximum amount of time they can get is a joke*.  What it boiled down to was the state, at the direction of the liberals who created these laws, saved a bunch of money by just releasing inmates onto the streets.

So, back to Scumbag here, when he was arrested for all of those fresh felonies back in December of 2015, he had his PRCS parole violated.  But here we are, less than 2 years later, and Scumbag is back on the street with loaded stolen guns, dope, stolen cars, and now instead of just fighting and running from the cops, he shot three cops, killing one.

If you are a California voter, and you voted for the democrat politicians who passed these bills, if you voted for Jerry Brown who signed AB-109 into law, if you voted for other bills decriminalizing crimes (Props 47 & 57) and coddling criminals, you bear some responsibility not only in the death of Deputy Bob French, but in the deaths of all the other cops and regular citizens who have been killed by the people you put back on the streets.

Actions have consequences!  Your vote has consequences!

Today, thousands of cops are mourning the loss of a fellow officer and a family is mourning the loss of a father and grandfather, whose death is one of the direct consequences of your votes.

Please, stop killing us!


Now, based on past experience, I know I will be receiving messages and comments from offended California liberals telling me that they “adamantly support law enforcement” and would not do anything to endanger the cops or to lessen public safety. 

To that I call BULLSHIT!!! 

If you voted for the people who passed these laws, or if you voted for Prop 47 or Prop 57, you did in fact do something that not only endangers yourself and all of California, but has directly lead to the deaths of numerous people, including several cops, the most recent being Deputy Bob French.  You may not have intentionally done so.  You may not have realized that is what you were doing, but sadly, that is exactly what you did.


* This sentence has been edited after an actual PRCS case worker pointed out my error where I said the counties did not get funding.


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  • Spot on, Matt.

    Liberals love to throw around excuses and lip service, and disavow themselves of any responsibility when bad things happen. And they love to say they support the police. Funny, police aren’t feeling that support.

    I hear what you say. But I also see what you’re doing. And what you say and what you do are two different things.

  • Let’s also acknowledge the massive amount of money funneled to these liberal, anti-police politicians by government unions, including police unions.

    Police unions have made a deal with the devil.

    I hope the rank and file LEO’s and their families demand their unions stop funding politicians and political organizations that are trying to get them killed.

    • Uh, the Police Unions have been opposed to all of these measures and propositions; nice try, low-information voter.

      • Gentlemen, nothing in this tangent is black or white. It depends on the union. The unions representing LEOs are often small, local associations and they are *usually* awesome in terms of the utilization of member dues. However, those of us who are represented by the Teamsters or other such left-leaning political organizations are badly misrepresented in terms of political funding. This could go on to yet another tangent regarding right-to-work legislation (or lack thereof) but I’m not trying to hijack this thread any more than I already have. 🙂

  • Way to keep being a part of the problem, a part of the blame game that keeps this country divided. Way to take a tragedy and make it political and liberals vs. Conservatives. I worked dispatch in Sac County and have several people I care about hurting over what happened as well. I guess ever time a toddler is killed by a Sibling or parent, instead of being a part of the solution I should write a blog about how it’s all conservatives faults right? I happen to be a liberal who doesn’t care much for the structures of AB 109 and a few of the other enacted laws. While I know our prisons are overcrowded I believe there are better ways to solve the problem. This type of divisive thinking and blaming and turning into us against them is exactly what’s wrong with this country right now. The only way to change it is to come together and figure out real solutions. Blaming is not a solution.

    • We already had it figured out, but our system was changed by
      voters, politicians and Governor Jerry Brown.
      We should have kept felonious actions as felonies, we should have
      stopped releasing criminals early into the community to save a buck. Someone that is on probation or parole should
      not be self-supervising. We as a state
      reward bad or criminal behavior through recent anti law enforcement
      legislation. The author of this write up
      is correct and on point. If we have
      learned from OUR mistakes we should now undo these B.S. laws. Our legislators keep passing more anti-gun
      laws which only makes it more difficult to possess weapons for self-defense by
      legal law-abiding citizens. Criminals only care about law when it will benefit
      them. When our society convicts someone
      like scumbag, he or she should stay in prison for as long as possible to keep
      the citizens safe from the crimes for as long as possible.

      For that unaware, look at what Propositions 47, 57 and AB109
      have done, nothing but endangering the public needlessly to save a few
      dollars. Crime fighting and keeping the
      criminals that were caught and convicted incarcerated is an expensive fight,
      but to allow these criminals back into our society costs even more in the long
      run. Local/State Law Enforcement and our
      judicial system end up chasing, catching and prosecuting over and over the 1
      percent of the population that thrives on anarchy. Think of how many times the system has tried
      in court this scumbug only to have him be released early or released with
      conditions of his own supervision.
      Think of how many victims would not have been victimized if this ONE
      scum bag was in prison, instead he is out on the streets committing crime after
      crime until he shoots three peace officers, killing one. California and its anti-Law Enforcement
      legislation has made it more unsafe for the public than ever before and it is
      getting worse. Yes, there are those that
      are responsible for the criminal acts…the criminals who commit these crimes,
      and the citizens who think decriminalizing crimes is a victimless act, share in
      some of that responsibility.

      • We don’t have it figured out. Our prisons are overcrowded. We were ordered by the feds to reduce our prison population by a certain percentage (I think around 30). If we actually funded mental health we could get quite a few people out of the system who don’t belong instead of actual criminals. If we treated drug use as a health care problem instead of it being a crime we eliminate even more and make room to keep these felons in prison. If we stop privatized prisons where it’s more profitable to keep someone in jail instead of rehabilitating them, even more space. Yes there are solutions out there but because we stay divided we can’t come together and demand these solutions.

        • I agree mental issues are a big issue, many of which are CAUSED by drug use, so what did California do, make Heroin, Meth, Cocaine misdemeanors, so there is very little intervention now because it is just a citation and a court date, if you can find the L.E. that can afford to take the time to book evidence on a citation. Many agencies do no allow booking into a jail a misdemeanor without permission because of the amount of higher level crimes. No time to dry out from the mental issue causing drugs. It is a revolving door with our realigned laws same people over and over committing crimes, little to no incarceration and then right back at victimizing the law abiding citizens. I retired from L.E. I have seen first hand what these anti law enforcement laws have done. Anyone in L.E. will tell you the same. Coddling criminals does not work. If you think drug use is a victimless crime, then you have not seen all the thefts, burglaries, assaults and murders associated with the drug usage and everything associated with it. There are many people out there that have legitimate mental issues, but I have seen the majority of criminal mental issued that were caused from Drug and Alcohol abuse. I have been to Singapore where their laws are extremely tough on crimes and criminals, it is one of the nicest, cleanest places anywhere on earth that I have visited, they tolerate nothing! Perhaps we don’t need to go to that extreme, but I am sick and tired of people not being responsible for their own actions. It will not get better until people are held accountable for their actions, instead of letting them continue to victimize others until they kill you or one of your loved ones. Why should we have to pay tax payers dollars to rehab someone’s choice to abuse drugs? Rick, it appears that you and I will not agree on this issue.

        • Well stated, Rick Bost.

        • The overcrowding percentage is a numbers game to collect additional funding. A cell has two bunks but it’s design capacity is one inmate. When the 2nd inmate is housed in the cell, bam, it’s 100% overcrowded. There are numerous thresholds that qualify for additional funding. 135% and 190% I believe but I may be wrong. Brown wants the funding below 30% overcrowded which means 70% of the bunks will be empty.

    • This is political. Politics let the guy out of prison and then didn’t enforce his parole. It left him, a known criminal, wander freely and left him to his own devices. This is entirely the fault of those who voted for the politicians who passed these laws. And they need to know it’s their fault so they can see what their vote has lead to. The good news is, there is a solution. Don’t vote for politicians who will pass laws like this. The next election vote for someone who will get rid of these laws. Even if your candidate loses you can say you are not a part of the problem. The first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging that there is one. If you refuse to acknowledge that you are part of the problem then you will be unable to correct it.

    • I fail to see how your comparison is remotely accurate. Do only conservatives hurt their kids or have children that injure their siblings? In this case, the laws I am talking about, those laws were written and backed 100% by liberals. They were opposed by not only every conservative, but also by some liberals who decided to do what was right instead of toeing the party line. It was the liberal CA AG that fraudulently named props 47 and 57 making it infinitely more likely for them to get voted into law.

      You are kidding yourself if you think this is not political.

      Rather than take this as a personal attack on you, since according to you it doesn’t apply to you, do something about it. If you are a liberal, take this to the people you vote for. Show them what they are doing. But don’t tell me that I am being divisive. It is the CA democrat politicians who have literally called me names and suggested I want murdered children in the state capital because I disagree with their proposed, ridiculous, ineffective gun laws. Those assholes are far more divisive than some dumb cop with a blog could ever be.

      BTW, our prisons are overcrowded for the same reason we have a drought almost every year. Despite the population explosion in CA over the last 60 years, not enough new facilities (water storage and prisons among other things) were constructed.

  • Mr. Bost: “Come together”, “Let’s find consensus”, etc are all just lib-tard speak for ‘do it my way’. Do something different. Take responsibility for your actions. If you voted for liberal politicians, if you voted for prop 47, 57, 109, YOU are the problem. You are the cop killers. You are the reason violent crime stats are going through the roof the past 3 years. “When you wish upon a star” ideology does not work on dictators or criminals. They laugh at your foolishness and continue to murder, rape, maim, and destroy while fools like you try to “find consensus.” Your stupidity is worse than disgusting. It is murderous.

  • I’m tired of hearing the excuse that the reason we went soft on crime is because our prisons are over crowded. Then our prisons are too small and our punishment is too soft. Build more prisons. And treat the mental illness problems the liberals are participating in. Stop whining that the blame game isn’t helping fix the problem. Then own it. And while you are at it stop criminalizing the law abiding citizens who need the 2A to protect themselves and their families from the scumbags you coddled.

  • I work a PRCS caseload. Although you’re mostly correct and I agree with your sentiment, you’re missing one key element: Money.
    The counties did get funding for PRCS. Lots of it. This is why you don’t hear them complaining.
    From line staff point of view, we have been rendered ineffective due to our inability to recommend return to State Prison, or at least a long stint in jail. The maximum amount of custody time that can be imposed on PRCS violations is 180 days, but day for day credit is given. That means the most time the offender can actually serve on a new violation is 90 days. Unsurprisingly, this population is not particularly deterred by the imposition of a few months in custody.
    The big deception is that the PRCS population consists of lightweight drug offenders or petty thieves. True story: a guy who’s convicted of continuous sexual abuse of a child under 14, of pimping that child and doing all this after being diagnosed with HIV. He goes to parole after prison. While on parole, he attempts to run over his parole agent. Now he has a new felony, and although convicted of assault, assault is designated “non violent” in most cases. Guy is returned to prison for a short time and then is released to PRCS, because the new offense is eligible.
    Also deemed non-violent: Domestic Violence. One would think that with “violence” in the name, the state would consider it as such, but no.
    Obviously I have stories, and I don’t intend to drone on. Suffice to say this:. Your Governor balanced his budget and got out of trouble with the feds at the expense of public safety. Lock your doors, California, because it’s about to get even worse.

    • Thank you for the correction. I will edit my post.

    • Our county didn’t get enough funding and we didn’t get any until after they released these felons to is early and in much higher numbers than we were made aware of.

      • Counties received funding from the State based on several factors including population. That funding goes to local government to distribute to various stakeholders,generally including the local sheriff’s department, behavioral health services, and probation among others. I have heard a number of stories of those funds being mishandled by some of the counties. In other words, your county did receive funding, but it may have been applied haphazardly.

        • No the funds were not received until months after we ended up with those that needed to be supervised. We had to take money from elsewhere to use until The State sent the funds.

    • When I was in law school one of the jobs I worked was theft prevention in a large department store. You can never know who you are dealing with. On one occasion I chased down a male suspect attempting to steal a REMY leather jacket who was armed with a knife. Once he was hooked up his rap sheet was 4 pages long and included, several assaults and resisting arrest, assault on a police officer, ADW, attempted murder, theft, robbery, manslaughter and burglary to mention a few. Remember that the crimes that led to the shoot out in Los Angeles with the “Symbionese Liberation Army” thugs, began when they were spotted stealing socks at a military surplus store.

  • Asher B Garber sucksdick

    September 1, 2017 at 9:41 am


  • Just like all of the gun control laws liberals dream up to keep us all safe. Blood is on everyones hands who created and voted for reckless legislation. Now will you take responsibility for laws that get people killed and admit your misguided ideology?

  • I don’t understand how being caught with a gun is considered “non violent.” What in the hell do you think this criminal intends to do with said gun?

  • “—but, but, these people call themselves “progressives”! You won’t see them demonstrating at a “Blue Lives Matter” rally. Cops lives are expendable to many in the cadre of arrogant, self righteous fools we elect into statewide (and some federal) offices year after year. What next? Amnesty cities and a state law that minimizes the war on cops?

    • Most of my LEO friends are moving the hell out of Calif-unicorn-ia as soon as they can. I plan to join them and am counting down the next 7 years until retirement!

  • Sister in law was carjacked and beaten so badly it left her paralyzed. She ultimately died from complications from this. The two scum that did it were caught less than an hour later in her car and had used her phone to call their girlfriends less than a minute after the assault and carjacking.

    They plea bargained and only received 4 years in prison. This happened in San Bernardino. It seems to me that the state is on the side of extremely violent felons and will fight any LEO or victim that attempts to seek justice against their pet felons. My brother was informed of their pending release and threatened by the DA’s office that he would be the first person they come after should anything happen to these fine upstanding felons that need a chance to rehabilitate.

    There is no justice in California. LEO’s take out the trash and are spat on when they do if the trash happens to be from a protected minority class, even though they are now the ethnic majority.

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