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Posted By : Matt
Is This The New Look of Facebook Censorship?


Has Facebook figured out yet another way to censor pages with whom they disagree?  Conservative leaning pages and pro-LE pages have often found themselves on the receiving end of what appears to be censorship by the Facebook overlords, but in most previous cases, it was pretty obvious.  Facebook would artificially limit the reach of your posts, or they would deny you the ability to advertise by saying your content did not meet their criteria or that it violated some rule.  Hell, most folks I know who run pro-LE pages, and I know quite a few, all have multiple Facebook accounts so that when Facebook bans one of their accounts, they can use another to run their page.


All of that is stuff we have been dealing with for years, but just recently I began getting comments and messages sent to my page all telling me essentially the same thing, whenever they click on a link to an article I’ve shared, or they click on a long post in order to continue reading it, Facebook shuts down.  While some people say they only experience this when trying to visit my page (Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve) others have told me it happens to them on several conservative pages.

So, it appears to me that Facebook has found yet another way to secretly censor conservative and pro-LE pages.  I fail to see any explanation that would adequately explain how an accidental glitch would ONLY effect certain pages and not others.  Seems awfully intentional to me.


  • I have had that happen but never really thought about it. I also have multiple accounts so that when one gets shut down I have the other. So far I have been banned for a week for saying liberals are stupid and a month for saying liberals are violent monkeys.

    But when I report posts such as “I am going to get an ar-15 and shoot conservatives” this is deemed appropriate. I copied and pasted the complaints to a word document. I kept reporting them to facebook on their page and messenger and letting them know I was keeping track. Even though I reported each at least twice they were always deemed “appropriate”. But after I started reporting them to messenger and their page and letting them know I was keeping track they started disappearing. Not just the post but the whole discussion. I was able to screenshot some but I should have been doing that from the start.

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