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Posted By : Matt
Thin Blue Line Hawaiian Shirts?

So, I have a thing for Hawaiian shirts because they are cool on hot days, and conveniently, due to their loose fit, they easily conceal my firearm.  However, I also like wearing pro-law enforcement attire. Sadly, no such single shirt currently exists, or at least I have been unable to find any despite my best efforts.

So, I put together this poll to try and gauge interest.  I figure if enough people show interest, perhaps I/we can convince one of the pro-LE shirt companies out there to produce them.

This is just a poll and by answering the question, you are in no way obligating yourself to a future purchase.  Thank you in advance for participating.

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Matt Silvey was a full time Deputy Sheriff for 22 years and recently retired. During his time as a LEO he attended countless training classes and is a court recognized firearms expert. Matt brings a unique perspective to discussion regarding the second amendment given his LEO experience and life time appreciation of firearms and our 2nd Amendment rights. You can read more about Matt here: http://www.those-who-serve.com/2018/11/28/deputy-matts-coming-story/