August 19, 2022

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SacBee Digs Deep to Find Bad Cop Story to Run

Yesterday, July 24, 2019, the Sacramento Bee published a “Breaking News” story about a dirty cop that was using his position to coerce women into having sex with him.  That behavior is not only reprehensible, it is criminal, but hold that thought for just a few moments.

The Bee initially tried to disguise their cop hate story as a “yay, this lawmaker is sooooo incredibly awesome (gush, gush) because he wrote a bill that will make sure sexual predator cops are held accountable.”  In fact, here is the exact quote:

“California Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham has proposed a bill that, along with an amendment to the SB 1421 police transparency law, would go a long way to better holding rogue law enforcement officers accountable for sexual misconduct.”

And from there, they delve into their “breaking news” story, about a Sutter County Deputy who, between 1996-2003,  used his position as a deputy to coerce four women into sleeping with him. Yes, you read that right, the incidents occurred between 16 and 23 years ago…

*cough*Breaking News *cough*

That sexual misconduct was reported to the Sutter County Sheriff, 15 years ago, and they completed both an internal investigation and a criminal one.  Not only was the deputy fired for his conduct, but he was criminally convicted on some lesser charges (because they were unable to prove the more serious ones) and he was placed on probation for five years.  Both the investigation and criminal case were completed in 2005, 14 YEARS AGO!

But somehow, to the cop haters at the SacBee, this is “Breaking News”????

Hell, the suspect completed his probation nearly a decade ago.

So, how is this case, which the Bee delves into at great length, evidence that this bill being proposed now is necessary?  Some 15 years before the bill was proposed, the “rogue sexual predator” cop was already held accountable, convicted and fired.

In fact, rather than show a need for new legislation, this case actually shows it is not needed because the system in place did what it was supposed to do – punish the dirty cop and get him removed from law enforcement.  Cops have long held that no one hates a dirty cop more than good cops, and this case is a perfect example of the right thing being done by the cops.

Instead, all this article was was yet another excuse for the cop hating, commie a-holes at the Sacramento Bee to drone on and on about how much they hate cops.  And sadly, the real victims of all this cop hate are the members of the general public because all that this media sanctioned cop hate does is compound the Ferguson Effect, and causes cops to become reluctant to do their jobs.

There is a reason that my first job at 13 years old was as a paper boy for the Sacramento Union… My dad refused to let me be a carrier for the “pinko commie, cop hating rag” that is the Sacramento Bee.