July 3, 2022

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Sacramento Bee Hates Cops, Even The Good Ones

Sadly, four days ago there was another random school shooting.  This time it took place at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, CA.  The 16 year old suspect walked onto the campus, pulled a low capacity handgun out of his backpack, and in 16 seconds, shot six other people and then killed himself.  The Sacramento Bee has reported extensively on it, all of it except the part about three off-duty cops acting heroically that is.

Sadly, this incident once again proved that no matter how much gun control you enact, gun control cannot prevent mass shootings.

In the four days since the shooting, the Sacramento Bee has published a total of 13 news stories about the incident.  They have covered the victims, the suspect, the search for the suspect, the trauma suffered by other students on the campus, the need for more gun control, just about everything you can imagine related to the incident.

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What is noticeably absent from the Bee’s coverage however is a single story about the three off-duty cops who, without any of their cop gear or any regard for their own safety, ran into that school toward the gunfire and saved kid’s lives. The fact that those three cops, each from a different agency, ran in to help is not remotely unreported by other news agencies though.  In fact, their deeds have been the subject of a number of news stories.

The ABC7 story, titled “Saugus High School shooting: 3 off-duty officers were first on scene of deadly rampage” talks about the incident.  Right near the top of the article, they name the three cops.  “Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Detective Daniel Finn, Inglewood police Officer Sean Yanez and Los Angeles police Officer Gus Ramirez were dropping off their children Thursday morning at the Santa Clarita school when they saw scores of children rushing off campus.”

The KTLA story is titled “Off-Duty Officers Were 1st on Scene of Saugus School Shooting”

Your Central Valley ran the story “Off-duty officers were 1st on scene of Southern California school shooting”

Insider titled their piece “Off-duty officers were the first responders to the California high school shooting — because they were dropping off their own family members for school”

USA Today ran this headline: “Off-duty officers rushed to Saugus High after hearing shots: ‘Their actions saved lives'”

And the list goes on.  News outlet after news outlet, big and small, ran stories highlighting the heroic actions of three off-duty cops.  These are the actions that we want to hear about, the type of men you want to be in uniform, and just about everyone understands that, except the cop haters at the Sacramento Bee.

On the other hand, over the five day period running up to that shooting, the Sacramento Bee ran, re-ran, and ran related stories to a piece they wrote, titled “California’s Criminal Cops: Arrested and convicted of crimes, but still on the force.”

That extremely inflammatory piece ran on the front page of the actual print version of the paper, and was pushed heavily by them on their social media accounts.  It was a very long piece, which discussed some earth shattering misdemeanor crimes committed by a total of 630 California cops over a 10 year time span.  According to the article, the number one offense committed was non-injury drunk driving while off-duty.

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Using the numbers provided by the Bee in that article, which includes the fact that California has a total of 79,000 sworn officers, the math boils down to this: every year in California, 0.008% of the cops in this state commit a minor crime.  That is less that 1/100th of a percent.  Yet the Bee dedicated six months to researching the story, and ran it and ten other related stories for five days straight.

Just for comparison sake, let’s take a look at the California Assembly and Senate. Between the two houses of the state legislature, there are a total of 120 members. During the last 8 years (since 2011), 5 members have been convicted of crimes ranging from money laundering, grand theft, voter fraud, racketeering and gun smuggling.  Some quick math tells me that on average, 0.5% of the California State Legislature is arrested every year.

Last I checked, one half of a percent is much higher than 8/1000 of a percent, yet we don’t see the Sacramento Bee running a single story deriding our elected law makers as a group.

For as long as I can remember, going back to my youth when at 13 years old and I had a paper route, the Sacramento Bee has made a living off of spreading hatred toward law enforcement.  That is one of the reasons I delivered The Sacramento Union instead of the Bee.   Sadly, the Union went under many years ago, and since then, the Bee has gotten even more lopsided without another paper to keep them in check.

Even now, when they have a very simple glaring opportunity to share a story about three cops doing absolutely heroic stuff, they choose to completely ignore it.  In fact, the only mention they made of those heroic actions was one single sentence buried deep in their article discussing the dead suspect.  If this does not give you insight as to what motivates them, I’m afraid nothing will.

F*ck the Sacramento Bee!