F**k You, Facebook!

** Language Disclaimer: If the title was not a clue, this post is going to contain bad language. If you are offended by language, stop reading now and go look at cat videos or something.

You know what, fuck you Facebook!!!

This morning, in my notifications I find a notice from the commie fuckers that run Facebook telling me that the Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve page is no longer being recommended to users.

I’m like WTF? So I click on the link and I get the notice that not only is the page not being recommended, it is also at risk of being unpublished.

How do they justify this threat? Facebook is saying they removed something that violated their community standards, yet they won’t tell me what it was, and they say they notified me of the removal on August 27.

August 27th????? Are you fucking kidding me? Over three months ago you removed one piece of content and now you are threatening to delete my page?

No way to argue this, no recourse (unless you are a celebrity or have lawyers). Nothing. I’m just straight fucked.

Fuck Facebook! If you want to hear what we have to say on social media, come find us on MeWe.

Author: Matt

Matt Silvey was a full time Deputy Sheriff for 22 years and recently retired. During his time as a LEO he attended countless training classes and is a court recognized firearms expert. Matt brings a unique perspective to discussion regarding the second amendment given his LEO experience and life time appreciation of firearms and our 2nd Amendment rights. You can read more about Matt here: http://www.those-who-serve.com/2018/11/28/deputy-matts-coming-story/

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