May 25, 2022

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Facebook & Their “Independent Fact Checkers” Are The Enemy of Truth

Facebook and their “independent fact checkers” are out of control.

There is zero context missing from this meme.

There is nothing misleading or factually untrue about the statement in that meme.

It is a fact that products made here in the United States of America do not need to get shipped to the USA on cargo ships. That is 100% factually true.

Yet here we have a “fact checker” telling us that is not accurate, because of opinions about the “necessity” of international trade to the US economy.

Facebook and their “independent fact checkers” are purely agenda driven. They are the propaganda machine that the former Soviet Union or the Nazis would have killed for.

I am not telling you to believe what I tell you. I am just some random dude. But for certain, you should absolutely not believe anything Facebook tells you either. Use your brain, do your own research, make up your mind. Don’t let the anti-American commies who run Facebook tell you what to think.

As a side note, I absolutely understand that we cannot just bring all manufacturing back to the US overnight. There are reasons it left the country in the first place. Two of the biggest reasons are labor costs and ridiculously over-burdensome regulations. Those two issues must be corrected, and manufacturing needs to be brought back home. Our security as a nation is at risk. We currently rely far too much on foreign countries, including countries like China, who whether or not you realize it, we are in a cold war with right now, a cold war that may go hot in the near future.