July 3, 2022

Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve

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Cops Are Becoming an Endangered Species

Buckle up folks, things are about to get real spicy out there…

For the past 13 years, the political left, including the mainstream “news” media, has been attacking law enforcement at every opportunity. If you don’t see that, you are clueless, and there is nothing I can do to convince you. Just crawl back under your rock and wait for your reward, because it is coming.

For the rest of you who have seen it, but maybe don’t realize just how bad things are, this decade plus long war on cops is really coming to a head now. There have been countless news stories about how agencies have had difficulty hiring, but they really don’t dive too deep into it, likely because the agencies don’t want the public to know how bad it really is.

First, let me throw you some background info. When I retired 2 years ago, I was working in our training division. I taught our academy recruits how to drive. This included a classroom lecture in addition to behind the wheel training. My department has always had academy classes of 70+ students. Usually 73 or so, because historically we know that some are going to fail out, others will quit when they see what they are getting themselves into. Usually, somewhere in the ballpark of 55-60 would graduate, and not all of them would even be offered jobs. Ever since I went to the academy, I do not know of a single class that had fewer than 70 recruits at the onset.

Yesterday was the academy class orientation for the newest academy class. Only 56 men and women are in that class. Fifty freaking six!

And this was just the orientation day. Historically, one or two of these folks will not show up on day one of the academy. Recent history from the last few years shows that after day one, 1-3 more will drop out by the end of day one.

My former department, and every department that I know of in the area, has been bleeding bodies for the last 8 years or so. By bleeding bodies I mean they cannot hire enough new people to replace the people leaving, and that was when we had full academy classes. This class is already 14 bodies short.

Believe it or not, my former department is not remotely the hardest hit. A friend from another agency from the same general area, a large city just south of Sacramento, is in far worse shape. They normally get about 1,000 applicants per academy recruiting period. This last go around, they got 19 applicants. NINETEEN!!!! And of those 19, not a single one passed the physical agility test. ZERO!

San Francisco PD historically ran academy classes with 50 future cops in each class, with a long waiting list to get in. Their last academy class had 12, TWELVE, and there is no waiting list any longer. To top that off, the city just fired 100 cops over vaccination proof.

But wait, there is more….

As if it is already not impossible to hire enough future cops, right on cue, the leftists running CA have enacted a new law requiring cops have a degree before they can be hired (starting June 2023) and raising the minimum age for employment as a cop from 18 to 21.

That already ridiculously small pool of applicants just got further decimated.

When you couple all this really scary news with the fact that crimes are no longer allowed to be prosecuted due to laws enacted by liberals, that criminals are being released from jails without any repercussions, or not even arrested in the first place, it is no surprise that the violent crime rate in liberal run hell holes like CA is absolutely skyrocketing.

In a couple years, when there are half the cops that there are now, it will be exponentially worse.

Hold on folks, because this shit’s gonna have nuts in it!!!