Morning in Utopia

Morning in Utopia

Today I had an epiphany; living in a utopia is exhausting. I shall endeavor to explain for those not fortunate enough to live in the promised land. I live in  California, the Golden State. The mecca of liberal idealism, the epicenter of tolerance and the Holy Grail (Christian reference- not allowed signifies religious oppression of non-Christian groups) birth place (border line acceptable) of environmentalism.

Yes, California, where you can let your freak flag fly (unless it violates the personal space of someone more important with more sensitive views than your own, or if your freak flag is deemed offensive by underrepresented groups protected under some state proposition yet to be determined. Check with your local HOA rules and regulations before placing your freak flag proudly in your yard) proudly in the wind.


What could be exhausting about living in utopia? Well it is 10:00 AM Pacific time- my day began early, around 6:30 AM. I awoke to a brilliant California morning, crisp and cold (by California standards) around 30 degrees. There was a layer of crystal white frost on the roof tops and the lawns (which are currently green due to recent rainfall and not watering which is heavily regulated by the state and local municipal water districts- subject to steep fines (taxes) if you water when you should not). The cool clear morning left a noticeable chill inside my home. A nice roaring fire would certainly help take the chill off, and keep me from turning up the thermostat on the furnace.

I opened my phone to check the Air Quality application, free from SPARETHEAIR.ORG. “Crap”, it is a no burn day. I was not able to build a fire and must instead turn up the furnace and use clean burning natural gas imported from somewhere else, pulled from the ground of a less enlightened state that does not care about the environmental impact of such endeavors. As the furnace spooled up, the eclectic fan in the system began to come to life moving air through the ducts of the house, warming the entire house and not simply the room where the fireplace was located. I found myself wondering if the electricity being used was from the burning of natural gas, fossil fuel (icky) or the new green solar plant run by my utility company. I quickly realized (to my shame) it must be either the fossil fuel plant or the natural gas plant because I had not yet signed up for the green solar power. You see, for the privilege of getting my power from the solar farm I have to sign up online and agree to pay a higher rate than my neighbors. This higher rate means my power will come from the solar farm and be sent across the same power lines as my less enlightened neighbors.

Next, after walking my dogs (and picking up their waste in biodegradable poop bags) I began the morning chores. I took the trash out to sort, yes it must be decided what is trash, green or recyclable. This done, I fired up my truck to run up to the grocery store and pick up a few items I will need for the upcoming holiday (Christmas- but I figured you would know it was Christmas even though it is sort of offensive to say Christmas because of the Christ part). The “change oil soon” light popped on in the truck, yet another environmental dilemma. My truck is a diesel (shame-shame-shame) and it takes a lot of oil (3 gallons). I am always careful not to spill any when I change it and collect the waste oil in the proper containers for recycling. The problem is the county will only pick up a single gallon during each recycle pick-up (every other week) so it will take six weeks to dispose of the oil. I could go to the dealer or an oil change place where I can pay a disposal fee (tax) to get rid of the oil when they change it, or go buy oil and pay an environmental fee (tax)…..I shall ponder my options.

I went to the grocery store and picked up my items. I saw they had variety pack of specialty beer on sale. I figured this would be nice to have around for Christmas (damn- I mean Holiday), so I add that to my basket.

“Good morning” chimed the checker, “How many bags do you need to purchase this morning” environment_california_-_jerry_brown_quote_on_plastic_bags

“Shit” I admonished myself. I left my environmentally safe bags at the house again. Now the dilemma, do I skip the bagging or pay a 10-cent fee (Tax) for each plastic bag that is likely already paid for by my purchasing of these items.

“No bags thanks”. Now I will have to endure the walk of shame to my truck with a shopping cart full of un-bagged groceries, man I hope nobody judges me.

“I need to see your ID for the beer please” the checker
pulled me from my self-loathing.

“What the hell?” I am clearly over 21 (by more years than I care to admit) what sort of regulatory nonsense is this. I pull my wallet and show my ID to have the privilege of purchasing beer. A purchase that also comes with a recycling fee (tax) and an alcohol tax (tax).

I put my ATM card into the machine and select to use it as a VISA. I have read it is much safer to use this way in the event the store is hacked, so this is how I tend to utilize my ATM/VISA card.

“I need to see some ID” chimes the checker……

“Ummmm, you just saw my ID” I replied

“Well yes but that was for the purchase of the alcohol, this is for the visa”

“It’s the same ID” I say. The checker smiles and shrugs. I pull out my ID again

After completing the walk of shame to the truck with my un-bagged groceries. I begin the drive home, stopping to top off my fuel tank at the station. While the fuel is pumping, I began reading the sign disclosing all the fees (taxes) built into my purchase 2.25% state fuel tax or .50 per gallon. I’m buying diesel so there is an extra tax of 9.67% per gallon plus my local sales tax amount. Well it’s a good thing our roads are smooth and our air is clean. These fees (taxes) continue to go up year after year because our 300 year old governor wants to build a choo-choo train to remind him of his youth.

Truck fueled I continue home dodging potholes as my unsecured groceries fly around in the back seat. I see orange construction signs up ahead and a lane closure. It appears there are a few Highway Patrol cars and I begin to wonder if this is some sort of day time DUI check point. Traffic slows and an officer waves me into the closed lane and directs me to a tented area with a pad for the tires of my vehicle. A worker approaches the driver door and advises me this is a road-side smog check to check the effectiveness of emission testing. The test is voluntary he tells me. I explain the effectiveness of emission testing is done every other year when I am privileged to pay $80 on top of my registration renewal fee (tax) to have a smog check on my 5-year-old diesel truck filled with enough emission control devices to choke a Prius. Besides, I implore, I have un-bagged groceries in my back seat, I really need to get home. Reluctantly, and with some serious stink-eye, I am waved through and on my way, home again.

I smell wood smoke in the air, I wonder what horrible person did not check the spare the air app and fired up their vile carbon pollution chamber; a flagrant violation of the laws of decent utopia. Well the fireplace police will deal with those people, certainly the neighbors will call the hot line and turn them in. They probably didn’t check the weather before putting out their freak flag either.

Getting closer to home I stop for a red light and watch the less well-off scurry like insects to the median strips with tattered cardboard signs and open hands as they slowly walk car to car looking for a hand out. Near the intersection I can see a group of makeshift tents, tarps and carts mixed among the shrubs by a creek. I can see the banks of the creek, covered in garbage, discarded plastic bags, mattresses, various containers full of who knows what and the obligatory tire or two. I remember this creek when I was a kid, before California was a true utopia, we used to play near it. You could catch crawdads in the shallows and in the spring, you could take a make-shift raft down the mighty white water. I used to let one of my dogs swim in the creek, but not anymore. The creek is now basically an open sewer, filled with human waste and discarded stolen property. In fact, a couple summers ago my daughter had her bike stolen, I found it down in the creek bed with a dozen others. When the creek is empty, it is a shanty town of the homeless, the drug addicts and the illegal dumpers. When the rain comes, it purges the creek like the flushing of a giant toilet, moving the trash downstream; someone else’s problem.p1080511b

Finally, I make it home, I unload the armloads of loose groceries and make it into the house. Proud that I live in a true utopia where I can express my feelings, dress how I want, do what I want and be what I want…all mine so long as I pay the necessary fees (taxes) to keep my sense of utopian entitlement in check…(unless it violates the personal space of someone more important with more sensitive views than your own, or if your freak flag is deemed offensive by underrepresented groups protected under some state proposition yet to be determined. Check with your local HOA rules and regulations before placing your freak flag proudly in your yard). Meanwhile, while I try to limit my carbon footprint, the bums down the way shit in the creek and toss food wrappers at the vehicles that refuse to give them a hand out. Later they will return to their tarp town and use gasoline (probably siphoned from a parked car) to light a fire so they can be warm.

It is 10:00 AM and I am worn out from living in utopia…..I can’t wait to see what Facebook has in store for me.


Stuck in the middle

rexfeatures_159702_3087840bClowns to the left of me…..






Jokers to the right…….jack-nicholson-joker





I have one side telling me I am a racist horrible person and the other telling me I’m not doing my job. The frustrations mount daily, sometimes in anger and others in apathy.

I found this video essay from CNN yesterday. I committed time to go through the majority of it, there really isn’t too much here that is new, unless you live under a rock. The takeaway? Black Americans are continuing to slaughter each other in Chicago and nobody seems to care.

Chicago crosses 2,000 shooting victims this year



That’s not really a fair statement. People care, all people even the cops. I care or I wouldn’t be spending my free time writing about it. We are tired of the violence, tired of the slaughter on the streets, weary of the finger pointing and the endless rhetoric. NOBODY wants to take responsibility for anything, they simply want to point at others. Yesterday two more police involved shootings captured the nation’s attention, once again the massive violence in the inner-cities goes without comment. These new events have yet to develop fully, but will likely end like all the others. Violence, over reaction and outrage. In the end not much will change. One side will blame the cops, another will blame the culture of violence, someone else will blame poverty while still another will blame the gun. Like most situations there will be Monday morning options, the “could’ve, should’ve and would’ve” crowd will speak large, but it will change nothing.

I committed some time to this collection of video stories, and I saw the same old faces talking about “our lives matter” or “we have to stop killing each other” and of course “we need to fight the racist cops”. Who are some of these faces?

Ice-Cube; militant rapper, hard ass actor and now family movie guy. I appreciate that he seems to want to get a positive message out there but let’s not forget how he got his start…..

God damn, it’s a brand new payback
From the straight gangsta mack in straight gangsta black
How many motherfuckers gotta pay
Went to the shelf and dusted off the AK
Caps gotta get pealed
Cause “The Nigga Ya Love to hate” still can “Kill at Will”

From Ice Cube’s song: “The Wrong Nigga To Fuck With”

Perhaps the next spokesperson is more reasonable….enter Spike Lee- who wants to point out the abhorrent violence in Chicago, while at the same time tweeting messages encouraging people to take justice into their own hands. Spike Lee who called for someone to shoot Charlton Heston with a “.44 Bull Dog” and tweeted out the supposed address of George Zimmerman forcing an uninvolved couple to move due to continued threats of violence.

Both of these men have a powerful voice, I don’t want to imply that what they say doesn’t matter they just can’t have it both ways. You cannot with one breath make money on an image of anger and hate while, with the next, telling everyone it’s not ok. You cannot promote and denounce violence with the same sweep of the hand. If these two have both realized the error in their ways then by all means, speak-up! Repent and let the world know you were wrong. Be a role model, show us a flawed hero who can find his way, that is the voice our kids need.

On the other side we have the politicians, intent on holding onto power in anyway necessary. The Mayor of Chicago calls for an end to the violence while rooting out the “Cancer in the Police Department”. Rahm Emanuel fired his Chief of Police to help keep protestors at bay but has done nothing to stop the violence.

The Big-Wigs in Washington call for stricter gun control……whoa there, hit the brakes. Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun control in the entire nation. Surely the violence cannot possibly be gun related, these people would have to be criminals to have guns in this city.

News-Flash, they are criminals and the cops know who many of them are. The opening video by Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson really sums up the entire problem. “We know who these people are we just need to hold them accountable before they commit new crimes or become victims of crime”——-what a simpleton.

Maybe the cops in Chicago are not racist so much as they are just frustrated. Cops in every city and county are stuck in the middle. They are criticized for inaction and overreaction simultaneously. They know who the bad guys are and they can’t keep them locked up. Even the angry priest with Spike Lee says he hates the prison system but we can’t let these guys just walk around.

When I see the “folk heroes” like Spike Lee, Ice Cube, Snoop Dog and the other malcontents plead for peace while at the same time making millions of dollars from perpetuating a life of crime and mayhem, I am disgusted. You cannot have it both ways. Stop selling the lie, stop encouraging future “urban heroes” to carry the flame. Making martyrs out of criminals who died committing crimes will do nothing to encourage the next generation. Paying homage to a life of crime, materialism and discontent will not give us the next great hero. It will certainly provide us with lasting headlines.

To the law makers, you will never legislate away violence and criminal behavior. Chicago should know better than most cities given their storied history. Even if Chicago went into a full Marshall Law lock-down they would not end the violence. Not, until they are willing to hold people accountable and change the culture. You cannot preach acceptance and exclusiveness at the same time. I do not accept this is a race issue so much as it is a culture issue. We need real role models, not criminals immortalized in roadside tributes made up of dollar store candles.635901576400440002590111655_imgres



Bring us your poor……yeah Diversity



The Sac Bee (commie rag) has been running this series over the last week about Afghani refugees and how tough they have it… each time I read one of these I think of all the times I have responded to calls in apartment complexes where I work. In many ways they are similar to the ones described in the reports……my take as an insensitive bastard? Go home if you don’t like it here.

Sacramento Bee “No Safe Place”

We have plenty of people to take care of (veterans for example) ……enough mentally ill people to fill a stadium and then there are the dirt bags……In my experience the Afghan men who come over and live in these shit hole apartments don’t assimilate to American culture they turn these complexes into makeshift villages and then try and game the system. They are not stupid people and they are not innocent victims….

There is an endless supply of domestic violence and child abuse in these refugee complexes; they prey on one another and then scream and cry when one of them becomes victimized. I work with a female partner most of the week, when we are dispatched to calls involving middle eastern men I know things will be rough. The majority of the men refuse to talk to my partner, they will not address her and if we determine a crime of domestic violence did indeed occur, there is often outrage when we take the male into custody.

Why do we (society) feel the need to try and swing the opinions of the public in such a way? If other cultures want to come to America, we will greet them with open arms, we will set them on a path to assimilate and become part of OUR culture. There is opportunity, there is freedom. We do not ask immigrants to lose their identity or culture but in order for this to work they must accept ours in return. There are no free rides, success is not given it is (like respect) earned. Are some of these “settlement programs” taking advantage of these people? Probably, since there is government involved there is fraud involved

I appreciate that some of these people have helped our troops, I am grateful for their assistance and I hope they can make a go at a better life, but it is not a free ride and it will not be easy. Do not for any minute take this as a rant against Afghani or Muslim people, it is not about race of any kind nor religion, it is simply me being tired of having multi-cultural diversity rammed down my throat. I get it “we are a nation of immigrants” now shut up, learn the language and the culture; become part of something bigger and better not a bunch of fractioned tribes trying to coexist independently in the same space. That is where you came from it didn’t work there it won’t work here. Europe has been trying to replicate the same thing, it doesn’t work and it won’t work. For society to function it needs to focus on the similarities of people and then (and only then) can it focus on the differences. Why is it so hard to put OUR culture first? We are not a bad people; we are not an evil nation.

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

The New Colossus- Emma Lazarus- 1883 01-statue-of-liberty-facts

We will do our part, but you need to do yours……Sacramento- good luck- between the Nazis, the Fascists, the gangs and the refugees you have your hands full.


Nazis, Liberals and hate Oh, my……

The more I read about this event in Sacramento yesterday, the more disturbing I find it. For anyone who missed the first post, a quick re-cap. On Sunday (6/26/16) a group of basically Neo-Nazis had a planned rally in front of the California State Capitol. The event was properly scheduled and the group had obtained the necessary permits to hold their event. Offended at the idea of a White Supremacist rally, a left leaning group planned a counter protest. Short of a bunch of yelling and screaming this really should be the end of the story, but it is just the beginning.

As the rally began the liberals of the counter protest began throwing rocks, chunks of concrete and swinging sticks injuring the Skin Heads and Neo Nazis who were holding a sanctioned event. Several people were injured, many were beaten and even stabbed. There were several Sacramento news stations there to cover the event and they were also attacked in the name of free speech……well free speech depending on what view you hold. One of the reporters (as shown at the end of the KCRA video) is assaulted by the leftist protesters because they don’t want a record of their actions. (protest at state capitol turns violent)

According to the articles I have read there have been no arrests made as a result of the incident.Cl5bJW5UsAAXF5X.jpg-large

Now I find myself in a very unsettling position, defending people for whom I have zero respect. To quote (sort of) Jake Ellwood, “I hate Sacramento Nazi’s”. However, even vile disgusting groups like Skin Heads and Nazis have the same first amendment rights as Black Lives Matter (BLM), Gay Pride, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and La Raza. Contrary to the narrative not all Americans agree with what these groups have to say either. Like it or not everyone has an EQUAL right to free speech. Once we allow a selection of what is ok as free speech then it ceases to be FREE.

The spokes-hole for this group in Sacramento is a female who claims victory for her side because it is right, she says her group will use force to stop hate….umm what? She represents a group identified as BAM- By Any Means Necessary. I bet you would have a hard time counting all the coexist stickers on their cars. It was these “Pro-choice”, “Pro-gay”, “Pro-open border” “anti-gun” activists who perpetuated violence to stop free speech. I find myself wondering which side I dislike more at this point.
Fortunately, the media was there to set the record straight, a quick glance at the headlines should show us what happened:


Anti-fascist counter-protestors parade through Sacramento after multiple people were stabbed during a clash between neo-Nazis holding a permitted rally and counter-protestors on Sunday at the state capitol in Sacramento, California, United States, June 26, 2016. REUTERS/Max Whittaker
Anti-fascist counter-protestors parade through Sacramento after multiple people were stabbed during a clash between neo-Nazis holding a permitted rally and counter-protestors on Sunday at the state capitol in Sacramento, California, United States, June 26, 2016. REUTERS/Max Whittaker

Wait, why do all these headlines sound different than what was reported? None of these headlines reflect the facts. They all sound like the hate mongering Nazi’s attacked peaceful protestors in an angry rage. Watch the news videos, read the local reports of what happened. The left leaning “My way or the highway” crowd, threw chunks of concrete, they damaged the state capitol building and injured people. I have no doubt the Nazi crowd, once provoked, fought back, but none of this changes the fact that the villainous White Supremacist hate filled Nazi’s were actually the victims.

EQUAL means EQUAL you spoiled little morons. This is the result of failed leadership, plain and simple. For the past 8 years, Americans have been divided, labeled and pitted against

1402483_1280x720one another all in the name of collecting votes. From welfare to immigration there has been a shameless segregation of Americans in order to continue one party rule.

California is the king of one party rule. You need look no further than this dysfunctional liberal pit of cronyism to see what does not work. The infrastructure of the California is disintegrating at an alarming rate. They built a brand new bridge in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is already in danger. It ran BILLIONS over budget and it is leaking and rusting in places where is shouldn’t. who is responsible? I have no idea because everyone is pointing fingers at someone else.

There is a new money suck of a project called the “High Speed Rail”. The idea is a bullet train to connect Northern and Southern California. The voters asked for it 2008 and to date nothing has been built but they have spent over $600 million of a projected $68 Billion…. meanwhile roads deteriorate and the homeless fill the streets. Proposition 47 has been covered many times on this page so I won’t go into that.np05v

Slogans of acceptance litter the freeways on larger than life billboards. “Build Schools not Prisons”, “Health Happens when we Dream Together”, “Hugs not Hate”….well unless you are on the wrong side of an opinion then it is a brick to the skull for you.

How have we come to this? When did peace and love become “coexist or I will bash your fucking head in”? We are a broken society and we need to fix ourselves. We can no longer afford to stand by while politicians divide and conquer by turning us against each other. We cannot allow angry children to distort the constitution because they are uncomfortable with true equality. We cannot give our freedoms up one at a time because we are afraid.


Your Liberty Offends Me…..

I want what you have, I want your lifestyle, I want your money and your stuff. I want equaIMG_1513lity and respect all without putting forth the effort for either. Capitalism is a disease that has corrupted our society as people strive for wealth and fame….I would like to talk about it more but Kim K is on at 3. I need a new smart phone, this one takes crappy selfies.

Minimum wage is bullshit, I’m worth $15 an hour…..except, well I’m not coming in today because I have a friend who is in emotional crisis and we need to go talk over coffee, you understand. You can’t fire me I have rights. Employers are just greedy they have so much money they can afford to give me more, its all part of wall street.

If you don’t give me the things I demand then I will burn and break stuff that doesn’t belong to me because that is fair. If I can’t have what you have then I will ruin it for everyone. Oh, wait is that Kanye West?  I need to go climb on this car to get a better view.


I hate the cops, they are power hungry animals who slaughter young black people. Nothing more than part of the establishment. Why wont they work security for Beyonce? She deserves it. I can’t be bothered with trying to talk to my landlord, call the cops and make them deal with it. What do you mean you wont help me officer? I CALLED YOU! I know I was speeding but I AM IN A HURRY, I HAVE TO BE SOMEWHERE.

When did “We the people” become “ME the people”? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has turned into “your life at the expense of our liberty and my happiness”…..  Is this really revolution or just heartburn? It sounds more like a temper tantrum. A nation of whiny little victims is what we have become. Soft in our complacency, distracted by shiny objects and controlled by the endless onslaught of social media.

All these larger than life social issues seem to assault our senses every single day… endless march of progressive siren songs demanding our attention. A new voice has mixed with an old voice to offer “A Future to Believe in”. A fresh idea, a new way to look at fixing a corrupt and rigged system. We need a revolution to bring the country back to its senses…..You say you want a revolution? Maybe a socialist revolution? What would that look like?

1.Abolition of property in land and application of all rest of land to public purposes.
2.A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. (Tax the rich)
3.Abolition of all right of inheritance (redistribute the wealth)
4.Centralization of credit in the hand of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and exclusive monopoly (put Wall St. under total control of the Government)
5.Centralization of the means of communication and transport the hands of the State (Government mass transit, delivery etc—-bullet trains for the masses)
6.Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of industrial armies
7.Free education for all.


Sound familiar? Nearly all of this has been addressed in some form by the “Future to Believe in” campaign as well as the “Fighting for Us” crowd. Would it shock you to know I pulled that list directly from the Communist Manifesto? It all worked out pretty well for the communists…

America is currently a divided, compartmentalized labeled mess. The people of this amazing country have been divided and subjugated without most of them even realizing it. Their “freedom” is at the will of the state. Welfare and entitlement programs over the last 50 years have done almost nothing to lift people out of poverty. The social engineering of the 20th century has left us more divided than ever. The march for equality has left a wasteland of fractured communities dependent on government kindness.

We are assaulted each and everyday with our differences. Different colors, different races, different orientations, different incomes blah blah blah blah….. Haves and have nots, income inequality. So what is the solution? I for one certainly am not looking for the government to come in make it all fair. History is laced with the ruins of government “fairness”.

The Liberals on the left tell us they can fix everything by spreading the wealth. I recently read a book titled “The Conservative Heart” by Arthur C. Brooks. In a section on Social Justice, Brooks breaks down the two sides as:

“The left generally espouses the idea of ‘redistributive fairness.’ Liberals argue that beyond some unspecified limit, an uneven distribution of income is unfair on its face, and so promoting social justice means using government to promote greater financial equality for its own sake.” (sound familiar?)

“Conservatives, on the other hand, champion ‘meritocratic fairness.’ We believe that real fairness means that everyone should have abundant opportunity to pursue their happiness, and that — above a reasonable safety net for the the truly indigent — reward should follow hard work and merit”


The poor are divided and told they can’t do anything because they are poor. They are labeled and placed into voter groups, who have been voting the same way for over 50 years only to see their status quo get worse. The solution? Sub-divide them some more.

Liberals continue to further break down the divisions, creating smaller and louder groups of oppressed people demanding action, demanding something…….more. Through this division they gain power, they stir up the hate. If you speak ill of any of these subdivisions you are labeled a hateful-racist. You are against illegal immigration? You hate Mexicans. You have a problem with gender neutral bathrooms? You are a hateful hater. Never mind that these are not new issues.

I am not a bigot because I want to control my country’s borders. I am not a homophobe/transphobe because I don’t want to hear about what bathroom someone wants to use, and I am not a 1%’er because I work my ass off every single day to have a comfortable life, and neither are most Americans. We want simplicity, we want opportunity and we want the ability to follow our ambitions. We don’t want an omni-present government nanny looking into every aspect of our lives. We don’t need to be regulated out of our freedom. We don’t need to be labeled as anything other than Americans. My simpleton view of the country? Don’t be an asshole to people. Treat each other with respect and dignity. In my world “Equal means Equal”. I don’t care what color your skin is or what your biological plumbing is. If you immigrated to this country you did so for a reason, now step up and fight for what your new country stands for, while proudly celebrating where you came from. I have said it many times before……”We are Americans first”. If you find a better system, then by all means go. Denmark is appealing? Go for it, I’m sure they will welcome you with open arms. France, Switzerland, Canada? Why not.

thomas_jefferson_quote_2I agree the diversity of our nation allows us insight and a broader view, however, it is our oneness that makes us strong.  I am tired of being told I am a bigoted by-product of white privilege because I want everyone to play by the same rules. So speak up, you can call for hope and change, but when I don’t agree with you, that is not an invitation for mayhem. It simply means I don’t agree with you. We can have differing opinions and still get along. I applaud your right to speak out, to seek change as you see fit. I will continue to fight and support your right to have ideas I don’t agree with. In return you need to respect my values and my ethics with the same passion I protect yours. Once the screaming stops, we need to learn to live together for a common good, a common goal…..Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Your Liberty is your right as an American, use it wisely.



Humans are interesting creatures and language is even more interesting. We socialize in groups and clusters, as we become more familiar with our groups our defenses lower and our language changes. We say things to close friends we would never say to a complete stranger, inflection, tone and context take on substance and hold weight. If I tell my close friend he is “being an asshole” it holds a completely different meaning than if I call the guy who just cut me off in traffic an asshole.

We’ve managed to make it this far through history navigating the pitfalls of socializing and language. While it isn’t always pretty, I think it has worked out pretty good in the big scheme. The chances that you go through life without being offended are pretty slim, the chances that you will get over it, are pretty good……or they used to be.

In an interesting evolution of culture and language, society is experiencing a quirk (at least I hope it is a quirk) of super sensitivity. While we have become more “social” than ever before, we are more isolated than I have ever seen. I can’t point to a specific time or place where things changed, but in my lifetime alone I have seen a major shift in how we interact. From face-to-face, to telephone to text and social media it seems we are moving backwards faster than we move forward and yet we label this constant sharing as progress. Cat videos aside, the social experiment that has been labeled “social media” seems to be driving the collective “US” further apart than ever.

e8d5d05a_shutterstock_80726956.xxxlarge_2xPeople are offended by EVERYTHING, and somehow that has become society’s new problem. Suddenly we need to stop language which “might possibly” offend someone, somewhere. Now if I call my friend an asshole and someone over hears my comment and they either know an asshole, or happen to be an asshole they can be offended by my micro-aggression even though it was not directed at their personal asshole issue in anyway shape or form.

WHAT THE HELL? Today I saw this article on the Washington Examiner about the new website launched by the University of Michigan-Flint where “students who experience any form of bias or micro-aggressions whatsoever” can report like a bunch of little assholes. The phrase “Orwellian dystopia” gets thrown around too often, but holy crap, this is it writ large.

We will now have to monitor our language to avoid these pitfalls. Public language will need to morph into some sort of “newspeak” to avoid any transgressions. Pronouns will need to be modified or excluded to avoid offending the gender sensitive. More and more reporting websites like the one at UM-Flint will pop up at campus’ and work places across the country allowing people to report offenses. To enforce the offenses and right the wronged “thought police” will likely form to investigate each and every transgression and punishment will need to be severe in order to stop these flagrant offenders.

In the end, casual conversation will be forever changed, the trust and understanding which develops among close friends will vanish out of necessity and survival as the world descends into a gray monotone fog of superfluous non-offensive words. In short, you wont be able to tell your friend he is an asshole even if he is being one.

He only had a knife!


Today, I saw a meme (see below) made by our friend Salty Dad. The pictures are gruesome, there are no special effects and I don’t know the story behind them. These are pictures of Police Officers who have been on the wrong end of a knife wielding assailant. Look at them for a little bit, let the reality of the story sink in a little. This is real, this is un-sanitized reality and maybe in a couple cases, life altering. This is not week night TV series corn syrup and latex.



Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan TV serials. I love old Westerns, The Rifleman, Bonanza, The Lone Ranger, and the cheesy cop shows like TJ Hooker, Miami Vice and SWAT. They were fun but not real. Some of the newer shows are enjoyable but they lack the romance of the old shows, they exchange romance for grit and pseudo reality. Week after week one thing you can count on, however, is the bad guy being brought to justice.hqdefault

The gun toting leviathans of TV drama could turn, draw, shoot from the hip and always knock away the gun or knife from an assailant. Current shows display the awesome power of the stun gun; one slight ZAP to the neck and the “shock-ee” is down for the count, waking up in a fog sometime later. Damn I wish that world was real life how very simple it would be. The evil-doers would always get their day in court after a short hospital stint for a flesh wound or a minor ass-whooping. Simplicity at its finest and most pure……sadly, the real world is far more complex.

Which brings up again the never ending cry “Why didn’t they just shoot him in the leg, arm, hand…wherever?” Or another fan favorite “He was only armed with a knife.” It seems no matter how many times this topic comes up one side is never satisfied with the answer. Unsurprisingly its the same side who believes everyone gets a trophy, diversity is always good and giving away other people’s money will right the wrongs of the world. These same people have never had to fight for their lives against a crazed drug addict or a repeat criminal who does not want to go back to prison. These people can no more wrap their brain around true evil than I can the idea of “free government cell phones”. Look back at those pictures again and tell me it was “only a knife”.

Time and time again this argument comes and goes. Time after time it stays unresolved festering until the next incident when the cries begin like the slow wail of an angry child, building until their face turns red and they can squeeze out a few token tears to sell their case.

I wonder how many of these people have ever seen the result of a real knife wound, not the kind you get when your cutting your bagel and the kitchen knife slips. Not the kind you see in the movie when someone gets stabbed in the gut and not even the stunning visual effects of modern cinema. How many have seen the real honest result of a vicious knife attack?

I have, as have most cops. Its not pretty, its not clean and its not always survivable. Knife wounds
can leave massive disfiguring wounds, they can cause irreparable damage to soft tissue, they can cleave bone and destroy ligaments leaving a limb useless. The blood……the blood. How to describe the blood…..its everywhere. There is so much blood it is hard to describe, sure gunshot wounds bleed, some are worse than others it depends on many factors. Knife wounds however gush, spew and pump blood into a horrific mess worthy of a slasher movie.

A few years ago I responded to call for an injured person. One of my partners arrived first and discovered a car at a gas station. It was in this car where the wounded person was located, the interior of the car was literally bathed in blood and as we discovered there were actually two injured people in the car. I arrived on scene and helped get these guys out of the car as the medics arrived. They both had open lacerations on their upper arms and thighs, one had a large chunk of his upper arm missing. They claimed they had been attacked by a guy with a machete in a nearby apartment complex. we discovered a bloody machete in the backseat of the car, seems these guys had also participated in the knife play. I went to the apartment complex they described. I went to the end of a long complex with a couple of my other partners and I could see a guy on a metal chair slumped over and staring at the ground. As we approached I could see his right arm was filleted open down to the bone, he was bleeding heavily and a woman was bringing him a towel. The parking lot had blood everywhere and a short distance from where he was seated was another bloody machete and a back pack. The guy in the chair told me he had been jumped by two guys with machete’s. He managed to dis-arm one of them and gave as good as he got. All three of these guys were career criminals and while I don’t know the real reason for the fight I’m certain it involved money, drugs or both. The crazy part of the whole thing? The guy in the chair also had a handgun. He pulled it out when the the machete twins charged him and never got a shot off. Maybe he could’ve shot these dudes in the leg, or shot the blades from their hands. Surely, as the adage goes “never bring a knife to a gun fight”.  I guess someone never told these two wanna-be samurai

The mainstream media and the ever vocal politicians want to scream and yell of the evils and the dangers of guns and then in the same breath want to convince the world cops don’t really need to shoot people, we should talk things out or shoot to wound. I have seen many many articles and discussions about the 21 foot rule, and the speed with which an assailant can attack as well as the reaction time of a trained officer vs an armed assailant. The amazing thing is, the officer always is at a disadvantage. All the training, practicing and hours of scenario’s only serve to try and even the field. In the cold cruel world the reaction time of the an officer will never be faster than the action time of an assailant. When the bad guy makes up their mind to do something the cops will always be on the wrong end of the second hand.  Reaction times and distances are critical when dealing with the unknown, something illustrated very will in this article from Chicago Warrior.

This is the reason cops are often heavily criticized for “heavy-handed” tactics. When you watch the video from your cozy living room and see two of three cops jump on a guy for “no good reason” you yell those guys should be fired, that poor young man was just talking. What people fail to understand is part of the training and practice to even the reaction table is also learning and looking for indicators. Experience is the best teacher, if you get enough chances. Every patrol cop out there can remember the first time they knew a guy was going to run before he did. Why? because of the the other ones who exhibited a behavior (which the officer missed) and the dude cut and ran. “Shit”, I’ll know better next time. The experience builds and soon experienced officers develop, well a “Spidey-sense” of sorts.

I have been a training officer in the field, I have watched new patrol officers miss the little details, the minor tremors of muscles, the twitch of an eye right before a guy gets ready to run. The tell-tale movements of a guy who is going to fight. The solution? Act first, act fast and act decisive, overwhelm the subject and live to learn. It doesn’t always mean shooting or beating someone, but it does mean making a choice and making it NOW. It means moving before you are reacting, I already told you if the bad guy moves first, the cop is already behind, it works both ways it just isn’t TV show pretty in real life. It is messy and awkward, but we don’t send officers out into the streets to be slaughtered. Just look back the pictures posted here, this is what happens when you are on the wrong end of the reaction equation. I don’t know the story of any of these officers, but one thing is sure, they were on the wrong end of the the game.

This is a knife wound story, this is what a knife will do, this is why cops don’t shoot to wound or shoot weapons free. The equation is very simple, shoot center mass and shoot to stop the threat…..the threat that will allow me and my partners to go home at night, the threat that will allow others to remain blissfully unaware of what goes on in the dark corners of the night, and the threat that allows others to criticize and second guess everything we do based on a TV script and special effects.

Stay safe, and make sure you go home every day!


Blame shift

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I read this article earlier this morning, then I walked away from it and I read it again this evening. When I read it the first time I was instantly frustrated, my nerves were a bit raw form the past week. Every time I looked at my news feed another officer shot, BLM marching in the streets, Beyoncé glamourizing the Black Panthers, another officer shot, the president visits a mosque, presidential hopefuls spewing anti-police bullshit, another officer shot- the white house silent.

I am dumbfounded by the state of our country, divided we stand; one nation apart from one another separated and preyed upon by a machine seeking power and feeding on corruption. It only took one or two events to get here, it really wasn’t a long road. One or two incidents sensationalized at the expense of unity. Incidents which on their face and in their local communities would have gone unnoticed in the big scheme of things, but somewhere, someone grabbed onto the narrative and twisted it up and spit it out the other side creating a boogeyman.

This boogeyman was no ordinary badguy. He wasn’t a gangbanging crackhead following you down a dark alley or a faceless meth-addict smashing the glass of your back window to take your jewelry. This was the face you were supposed to trust, the symbol that brought sanity to chaos the uniform that kept you safe while you slept. The narrative was twisted and perverted to make you believe your trust had been misplaced. You began to wonder, became suspicious and then felt foolish.

Beatings, listening devices, stingrays, license plate readers, military vehicles and targeted shootings…..that’s what you were told. How could you have been so naïve to put your trust into something so terrifying. One misstep, one red light camera, one slip of the text and you could be the next victim shot down with your hands in the air, never a chance to explain your side, another pile of candles and stuffed animals to mark the spot where you were erased by those who you were supposed to trust.

It happened quickcute_riot_by_angusmcleod-d5n3qfn, it was easy, it was a distraction from the reality of the ghetto in your neighborhood where faceless boys slaughter one another, blameless and with no accountability. Someone needs to be responsible, someone needs to be held accountable. Guns are the problem, cops are the problem, prison is the problem, punishment for drugs is the problem and mental health issues are the problem….nobody is accountable, someone must be made responsible.

So they were. The very people who sign up to protect us from the real boogeyman have been molded into the boogeyman. The unaccountable, the racists and the faceless cowards have pulled the thread that bound the fabric of “US” and unraveled a large section. Its not a new tactic, it is a timeless effective way to control the masses. Fear and prejudice are a powerful combination they are self sustaining, the perfect fuel to keep the fires burning to keep us from seeing we are more similar than we are different.

Keep the focus on the details, never looking at the bigger picture, that’s the way you sustain it. Pretend you are in this for the noblest of reasons. You simply want to help; to help the down trodden the poor suffering people, just not in your neighborhood. Keep the focus on the diversity and not the commonality, what better way is there to sow mistrust.

None of the preceding talks directly of the article which inspired this rant. The article was just another straw on the pile. Police officers “Moon-lighting” as security, “why were they there at all?”. The medical staff would have simply use “soft” restraints to secure the subject. “they had no idea guns could be used against patients”. “I’m Manic, its not my fault” I don’t remember anything I did but I remember everything everyone else did.

We have a mental health epidemic in our country there is no denying that fact. However, at what point does it turn around? At what point do we excuse every single action? Drugs create similar manic episodes. Any cop will tell you what bad dope does to someone on the edge. Its not pretty and it can be frightening. Its not about the color, its not about the race, it is about the actions.

The world needs to stop blame-shifting. I don’t know how the hopes, fears and concerns of the welfare recipient in the ghetto anymore than they know mine. I know the basic human need to survive and be loved. I know that given the opportunity we all want to accomplish something. When the ability to provide and accomplish is taken away from us, we simply exist…..we were not made to exist. We need to accomplish we need to matter we need to something meaningful.

Don’t blame the cops when you call for help and you don’t like the way it goes. They have families too, they have just as much right to go home too. They have hopes and dreams and fears too. They will run to help you, they will do whatever it takes to save you and each other. They will go to the dark places and come out to assure you its still ok. They will make mistakes, there will be missteps. Its unfortunate, but it happens. Seldom on purpose and usually without malice. Those of us who do this job do it because we answer to a drive inside to make things better for us, our friends, our families and complete strangers. Its not glory or power and any of that nonsense. It is a desire to make things better, to find order in the chaos.

This article fans the flame of distrust, it tugs at the thread a little more, and it pulls away looking for an answer and to assign blame somewhere other than the person responsible.

I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone else, it certainly is not where I thought I was going with this post, but sometimes the words have a mind of their own.

Be safe all my brothers and sisters in blue. Let the rest of us please focus on our sameness and not our diversity. We can repair the damage and be whole again.


Boogey Man Laws

silly-manWhile perusing the internet today I stumbled across a piece offered up by the Editorial Board of the Sacramento Bee (A major metropolitan newspaper). This opinion piece was offered up by the “Editorial Board” which either means they were all agreement or none of them had the spine to stand behind this piece alone.

I found the piece to be a pandering pile of crap put together by a bunch of self- aggrandizing unicorn worshiping pansies. This “Editorial Board” plays on the most recent tragedy of two reporters juxtaposed against the back drop a courtroom sentencing in Colorado. The stage is set, 3 hours after the Virginia murders a judge in Colorado sentences another murderer:

“’Get the defendant out of my courtroom,’ Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr. said in disgust as he instructed a deputy to banish the schizophrenic man from a society grown weary of gun crime.”

Did Judge Samour JR. really say society is weary of gun crime? NO, he ordered a murderer out of his courtroom but a little liberty is taken since it is an opinion piece. Rapidly the topic turns to “meaningful gun control” because as we know you never let a tragedy go to waste when you have an agenda to move. “Weary of one sided dishonest coverage about gun violence” may be a more apt statement.

The Editorial Board (E.B.) goes back to current events and describes the new celebrity as “a man who had been fired for his rage issues and urged to seek treatment, yet was able to buy a firearm legally in Virginia”—well, I might add, and in nearly every other state as well because he was not yet a criminal. Being a guy with a temper does not make you a homicidal maniac. There is not a direct correlation there, although the liberals would like you to believe there is. You cannot know if the dude blowing off steam is just losing his temper or dreaming of mass murder. Unless you are Tom Cruise and you have a pre-cog in your bathtub, then maybe. These disturbed individuals do not pop off at the drop of a hat. They plan these incidents, they obsess and detail, they write and publish…..and sometimes follow through.

For example, I had some rage issues just this morning while going to the store, and some more after reading the morning news. I have no intent to go gun anyone down, I may have a beer later. This is the same old tired argument of the chicken or the egg. Look around the world, gun control does not equate to the end of homicidal maniacs. Ask Sweden, ask Russia, and just this week ask France. People with severe mental health issues will find a way, a tool or a mechanism to do what they are going to do. China recently had a large scale knife attack, source? Someone with severe mental health issues.

The E.B. throw out numbers, “More than 8,500 people have died from gun violence this year.”…..sounds pretty scary. The current (2015) population in the United States is estimated at 320 Million people. That means that .0026% of the population has been killed by a gun. 312 of these as a result of “mass shootings” according to Shooting Tracker ( That is .000097% of the population. These 312 people were killed by 249 different shooters. In country of 320 million people, 249 people have killed 312 in mass shootings. The statistics used by shooting tracker appear a little loose by definition, many are shootings by “unknown” suspects and some are other sensationalized suspects. Included in these numbers are the killings related to domestic violence which have totaled 2 or more victims. Where do the other 8,188 people fall in this I guess they didn’t warrant a web site, not sensational enough.

In contrast weather related deaths in 2014 (according to National weather service numbers) were approximately 326, so far in 2015 more than 20 have died from lightening alone. Meanwhile on the highways and byways of America between January 2015 and June 2015 nearly 19,000 people have died due to accidents ( .0059% and yet cars are safer and more regulated that ever.

FI-stormy-weatherHow about this tidbit…..nearly all of this gun crime (short of the legal guns used by some of the more famous shooters) has been committed by illegally purchased firearms, stolen firearms, banned firearms and by people who are already prohibited from owning firearms. Therefore the only “logical” solution must be more laws to penalize those who can legally own firearms, because this is the only way (short of pre-cogs) to prevent someone from slipping through the cracks like Mr. Colorado or our more recent example. Does this make the deaths of any of these people insignificant? Of course not, but statistically speaking, it is not the boogey man the media or the White House wants us to believe.

In the name of all that is rational how do these people believe they are going to prevent these types of incidents by passing more “feel good” laws? How do they suggest they know what someone has in their heart months or years from now? Do they really believe they can protect us from ourselves? Protect us from the few monsters that lurk in the shadows? History, logic and sanity prove to us that the animals committing these high profile killings are not inspired by guns, they are not deterred by laws and they are not impressed by “gun free zones”. Their motivation comes from those before them, from the fame thrust upon them by the media.

In their own article the BEE E.B. writes “It’s said that the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome”— so every time a crime is committed with a gun, they want a new gun law and they are shocked when another crime is committed with a gun.

More gun laws WILL NOT SOLVE THIS PROBLEM- EVERYTHING THESE PEOPLE ARE DOING IS ALREADY AGAINST THE LAW. So how about you stop the murder porn, do not give scumbags the satisfaction of going out in a “blaze of glory”. Don’t broadcast an endless loop of their crime, don’t give them a face or a name, end the motivation and the sensationalism associated with these atrocities.bad-gun
Perhaps a better focus would be to expel this energy figuring why we have 35.4% of the population receiving some sort of government assistance. According to the US Census Bureau there are over 109 Million people on welfare in the United States, maybe some of this violence boils over from a lack of productivity. Instead of making up scary gun statistics lets figure out what is wrong with our economy that more than a third of our population is on welfare. Idle hands……..

Will this end these crimes? Of course not, but it will have an impact. The scumbags who have not taken the cowards way out have all said they were motivated by those before them, they were emboldened by pictures and deeds, they sought out the published manifestos and videos of other crazy scumbags. No matter what these people are trying to tell you it is still okay to go to the mall or the movies. You may need to be afraid of car wrecks and lightning but I think you will be just fine.


A night in the life….

I recently had an interesting encounter, actually it was pretty mundane and that is what makes it interesting. I was sent to one of those calls we all hate, the very sight of these calls will make most patrol cops cringe as we frantically look for a car to stop, a suspicGood-Copious subject anything to avoid getting “that call”   I’m no different, problem is I got blind-sided. I sent my log on and BAM! Dispatcher sent me the call right out of the gate (I think I need to make some Starbuck’s investments at the comm center). The call was a sex crime involving child victims, the particulars of the call aren’t important but it helps to explain my feeling of dread.

Very often a call like this can turn into a “One-call-wonder” kind of night. Long statements, lots of very emotional people and uncomfortable details. I know a few people who are geared towards these kinds of situations, I’m not one of them. These calls are emotionally draining to me, again really kind of irrelevant details. It was my turn at bat and time to go deal with what was in front of me.

Driving to the call I mentally prepared myself. The call was in a neighborhood that was somewhere between working class and ghetto, sort of a transition neighborhood if you will. As I walked up to the house there were two guys smoking on the porch, they looked a little apprehensive as I came up the yard. One of them told me to come in and brought out his wife and his mom (Grandmother of the kids in question).

And we were off…..I am got names, birthdates time etc. The call progressed as normal, lots of long stories and parts of the puzzle that make no difference to the overall picture. Mom was emotional, Grandma was emotional, Dad was angry. Overall everyone kept it together the best they could. They stayed mostly on topic and fairly articulate with the facts.

As the story wound to its conclusion and I had talked to the kids and all the supporting cast members there was still one major problem, I don’t know the address of the suspect. The family knew where the suspect lived but not the address. They told me they could show me, they tried to describe it but in the end I needed to locate the actual address. I offered to drive Dad to the location (I ran Dad’s criminal history on my way to the call, he is no stranger to law enforcement but seems to have put most of his troubled past behind him.)

I opened the front door of the car and Dad says (as most people do) “I guess you don’t get too many people riding up front”

“No” I tell him “Not many”

We drove to the area where our suspect was located and Dad began the small talk.

“So how do you like your job? Being an Officer?” He asks

“I enjoy it” I tell him “but it can be stressful”

“I guess it would be, people can be crazy”

“Isn’t that the truth” I comment “seems more now than ever”

He is quiet for a minute then tells me “I guess with all the stuff people do now and all the cops not doing stuff the way they should it probably gets really bad”

I’m thinking the ice is getting thin, “I suppose” I begin “but more often than not most of those stories get blown up before anyone knows the facts. Once they get investigated there is always more than the little video or first story”

“I bet that’s true, I mean it seems like everyone is so quick to want to make their name off the cops doing something wrong it must be hard” He said.

“You’ve got that right, I figure there is always a camera watching me somewhere” I said, “but I can’t let that keep me from doing my job. When I get to a call all I know is what I hear on the radio and what I read on the computer” I motioned to my MDT just as a 245 stabbing call comes out a block away from where we are headed.

“Yeah that’s got to be hard, I mean if you don’t know what’s going on when you get there I guess it would take some time to sort it out right.” He paused then tells me “I mean if everyone would just calm down and let you guys do your job it seems like everything would just work out for the best”

Holy bomb shell Batman!! This guy gets it, he totally understands the big picture. About that time the updates for the stabbing come in, there was no stabbing just people yelling about a stabbing. Dad notices the updates and asks if that’s a good example not knowing what’s going on until we get to a call.

In the end we located our suspect’s address and went back to Grandma’s house. Our conversation continued along the usual topics and near the end he asks

“Do you sometimes have a hard time being a white officer?” (Did I mention the family I’m dealing with is black?)

“Well I figure if I’m not called a racist several times a night I’m not doing my job” I chided.

“Really?” He asked surprised “I can’t imagine anyone calling you a racist, unless they were guilty of something and that’s all they had”

“Yup” I said “that seems to be the normal course of things though, but I really don’t have time to think about race when I’m dealing with calls, it just people”

“Yeah, I can see that it seems everyone is so worried about race all the time”

We got back to Grandma’s house to wrap things up. The family invited me to join them for pizza (gotta admit I was a little tempted).

What’s the point of all this? I guess its just that there really are a lot of normal people out there still. We all get caught up in the headlines of the race-baiting nonsense, the carnival hawkers crying out about their wares. The pictures plastered on the TV or the computer screen and it is easy to get sucked in and constantly think the worst of people.

I’m no better, while I temper my reactions I do (if I’m being honest with myself) sometimes get that “here we go again” feeling. Recently FBI Director James Comey spoke about this very thing. Officer’s can become influenced by the environment in which they work, it can create certain preconceived feelings and change the way we look at people.

I agree there is some truth to that and I (we) have all addressed it before. However, it is so much more than just “race” it is the whole picture, the clothes, the behavior the posture, the location. The problem is that it has become almost Pop Culture to embrace the outlaw life, the Thug culture and walk the walk, talk the talk but not embrace the actual life. It makes it difficult to separate at times.

I guess that’s the whole point of this diatribe (and if you made it this far thanks for sticking with me) is that I shall remain optimistic. I complain and stomp my feet and point out the BS I read in the media, but in the end I know there are more good people who understand what is really going on in the world. Our culture, our society, is going through a transition of a strange kind, I hope that the silent majority will find the strength and the courage to steer us back to center before things get too out of control. We shall not let the race baiters win the day, lets get our focus back on country first, “American’s first” one people made of many cultures, that is what America used to mean and what it needs to mean again.


PS- No info on the original call, Detectives will follow up and handle it and I am confident all involved will be just fine.