December 2020 05
F**k You, Facebook!
Posted By : Matt

** Language Disclaimer: If the title was not a clue, this post is going to contain bad language. If you are offended by language, stop reading now and go look at cat videos or something.

November 2020 20
Facebook Asked, I Answered
Posted By : Matt

While I have recently done my best to stay off of Facebook, and have instead moved over to MeWe for most of my social media use, I still have lots of family and friends who

October 2020 30
Racism or Excuses?
Posted By : Matt

I will be 51 years old here in another month.  I used to be a cop. I grew up in a racially diverse neighborhood in a middle class neighborhood in Sacramento, CA during the ‘70s

October 2020 17
Race Baiting Chief Complains
Posted By : Matt

I was still a working cop when Daniel Hahn was appointed Chief at the Sacramento Police Department.  I knew quite a few people at Sac PD at the time, and some of them had worked

July 2020 22
My Life Changing Event
Posted By : Matt

This was originally published at The Bang Switch in 2013, and then appeared on the blog at Full 30 in 2016.  However, since I recently wrote about my “Paid Vacation” some folks asked about this

July 2020 08
Paid Vacation
Posted By : Matt

Today is July 8, 2020. As I sat at my computer early this morning drinking my coffee, I realized that the 9 year anniversary of a shooting I was involved in, one in which I

August 2019 29
Government Sucks!
Posted By : Matt

Anyone who wants the government to run our healthcare system is a complete freaking idiot!  I say this not only as a former government employee, not just as someone who has been to the DMV