Knowing Achievement

While discussing inner departmental politics with a friend I was forced to take a step back, breathe a little and use my brain in an attempt to understand some of the more political things which have occurred in my career. I was not able to conceive of an answer directly, even after multiple attempts which led my ADHD empowered brain to a new chain of thoughts. I asked myself what has been truly important in my career looking back all of these years? It certainly wasn’t “who got that good gig in Detectives” or “Look who got promoted but why?” While some of those questions occupied much of my time during my career years, the more important thoughts garnered some amount of recognition.


I realized in a grand moment of temporary clarity the things in my career which resulted in meaningful change. It certainly wasn’t the shiny medals or the various accommodations I received from the Department. While I didn’t mind receiving those awards and was proud to have served, there wasn’t much substance contained. Often times a medal can be diminished by unwittingly comparing actions to someone else’s who have received a similar accommodation. The entire thought process seems to dilute the potency of such achievement leaving something to be desired. More importantly i observed great accomplishments in the many selfless acts of my partners which they thought were “no big deal” or “just part of the job.”

So grand realizations of those moments of pride came flowing back to me. There are so many lives touched by an officer serving for the good of the population rather than the good of the order. There are those rare calls for service or events which may spiral into an entirely new positive experience for an individual or victim. These types of effects can be difficult to perceive and takes a certain amount of introspection.

When an officer makes an arrest it is simply part of the job, we don’t get too excited about it. sometimes we get into a foot pursuit, chase somebody down and win the fight but a lot of those times no charges are filed. Sometimes the idiot we arrested just made a dumb mistake or was too emotional to behave like a civilized human being. Sometimes the subject was too socially stupid to Herve Leconte sits atop his vehicle to display a sign thanking all those who are dealing with the King fire while park alongside Highway 50 near Camino, Calif., Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)warrant any pride from a resultant arrest. Sure there is the “job well done” feeling where Officers pat each other on the back the same way a carpenter looks back on his work and says “wow I did a good job on that cabinet” yet there is more to it than that.

True evil does exist. The willing and malicious damnation of fellow man through unspeakable acts of cruelty are defined as such. If we can nab one of them it is a fortuitous event which can be boasted of. Most of us count that type of arrest on one hand at the end of a long career. When you get to put that one away for good the effects upon time and space are astounding. That serial rapist won’t hurt anymore children. The sick kidnapper who imprisoned his victims for months and induced a feared loyalty upon them will be worshiped via fear no more. These are the events far more precious than a silver medal or a fancy letter from the Chief. The two may coincide and an officer may wear proudly upon his chest a mark of such achievement but the act itself is the source of pride. Everything else is just a distraction or a public relations campaign.


It doesn’t end there. When an officer picks up a child with a skinned knee who fell off of their tricycle while the parent was inside smoking crank. When the woman whose child was found dead in a puddle by no mistake of her own is hugged by the responding officers who tried to save her. And when the officer places his hand on the arrested juveniles shoulder with a stern but warm look on his face and says “you can do better,” these are timeless as well. For that child the Officer shall never age, even after he has long since left this world. In the mother’s eyes the Officer’s boots will always shine in unison with that badge and those shared tears. Nothing can dry the memory of those heroes who stood with her when the world crumbled all around. And for the demon behind bars, that fiery gaze will forever be tormented by he who delivered justice. Even if the Department or the public didn’t happen to notice that time.


The effects of a job well done are unending and incalculable. They truly spiral in every direction, undeterred by negative media attention, bad Departmental Policies or negative social attention. Those events are real and exist in a way which is infinitely repeatable yet important and distinct with each occurrence. The events are unchangeable and cannot be destroyed. The good will shown by officers who care is eternal and no hateful group or negative media attention can damage those moral deeds, for they have already been commuted.

Officer’s of the law stand proud during your career and do not minimize the great things you have done. Don’t listen to the garbage being spewed by public figure heads, brave keyboard bloggers or self righteous critics, they haven’t experienced the personal risk and reward system. Think back upon your career with pride and look upon the momentous life changing events you took part in for the better. Nobody can take that away from you unless you let them.
Good job and anybody who doesn’t think so or recognize it would never understand such an achievement anyways.

Nazis, Liberals and hate Oh, my……

The more I read about this event in Sacramento yesterday, the more disturbing I find it. For anyone who missed the first post, a quick re-cap. On Sunday (6/26/16) a group of basically Neo-Nazis had a planned rally in front of the California State Capitol. The event was properly scheduled and the group had obtained the necessary permits to hold their event. Offended at the idea of a White Supremacist rally, a left leaning group planned a counter protest. Short of a bunch of yelling and screaming this really should be the end of the story, but it is just the beginning.

As the rally began the liberals of the counter protest began throwing rocks, chunks of concrete and swinging sticks injuring the Skin Heads and Neo Nazis who were holding a sanctioned event. Several people were injured, many were beaten and even stabbed. There were several Sacramento news stations there to cover the event and they were also attacked in the name of free speech……well free speech depending on what view you hold. One of the reporters (as shown at the end of the KCRA video) is assaulted by the leftist protesters because they don’t want a record of their actions. (protest at state capitol turns violent)

According to the articles I have read there have been no arrests made as a result of the incident.Cl5bJW5UsAAXF5X.jpg-large

Now I find myself in a very unsettling position, defending people for whom I have zero respect. To quote (sort of) Jake Ellwood, “I hate Sacramento Nazi’s”. However, even vile disgusting groups like Skin Heads and Nazis have the same first amendment rights as Black Lives Matter (BLM), Gay Pride, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and La Raza. Contrary to the narrative not all Americans agree with what these groups have to say either. Like it or not everyone has an EQUAL right to free speech. Once we allow a selection of what is ok as free speech then it ceases to be FREE.

The spokes-hole for this group in Sacramento is a female who claims victory for her side because it is right, she says her group will use force to stop hate….umm what? She represents a group identified as BAM- By Any Means Necessary. I bet you would have a hard time counting all the coexist stickers on their cars. It was these “Pro-choice”, “Pro-gay”, “Pro-open border” “anti-gun” activists who perpetuated violence to stop free speech. I find myself wondering which side I dislike more at this point.
Fortunately, the media was there to set the record straight, a quick glance at the headlines should show us what happened:


Anti-fascist counter-protestors parade through Sacramento after multiple people were stabbed during a clash between neo-Nazis holding a permitted rally and counter-protestors on Sunday at the state capitol in Sacramento, California, United States, June 26, 2016. REUTERS/Max Whittaker
Anti-fascist counter-protestors parade through Sacramento after multiple people were stabbed during a clash between neo-Nazis holding a permitted rally and counter-protestors on Sunday at the state capitol in Sacramento, California, United States, June 26, 2016. REUTERS/Max Whittaker

Wait, why do all these headlines sound different than what was reported? None of these headlines reflect the facts. They all sound like the hate mongering Nazi’s attacked peaceful protestors in an angry rage. Watch the news videos, read the local reports of what happened. The left leaning “My way or the highway” crowd, threw chunks of concrete, they damaged the state capitol building and injured people. I have no doubt the Nazi crowd, once provoked, fought back, but none of this changes the fact that the villainous White Supremacist hate filled Nazi’s were actually the victims.

EQUAL means EQUAL you spoiled little morons. This is the result of failed leadership, plain and simple. For the past 8 years, Americans have been divided, labeled and pitted against

1402483_1280x720one another all in the name of collecting votes. From welfare to immigration there has been a shameless segregation of Americans in order to continue one party rule.

California is the king of one party rule. You need look no further than this dysfunctional liberal pit of cronyism to see what does not work. The infrastructure of the California is disintegrating at an alarming rate. They built a brand new bridge in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is already in danger. It ran BILLIONS over budget and it is leaking and rusting in places where is shouldn’t. who is responsible? I have no idea because everyone is pointing fingers at someone else.

There is a new money suck of a project called the “High Speed Rail”. The idea is a bullet train to connect Northern and Southern California. The voters asked for it 2008 and to date nothing has been built but they have spent over $600 million of a projected $68 Billion…. meanwhile roads deteriorate and the homeless fill the streets. Proposition 47 has been covered many times on this page so I won’t go into that.np05v

Slogans of acceptance litter the freeways on larger than life billboards. “Build Schools not Prisons”, “Health Happens when we Dream Together”, “Hugs not Hate”….well unless you are on the wrong side of an opinion then it is a brick to the skull for you.

How have we come to this? When did peace and love become “coexist or I will bash your fucking head in”? We are a broken society and we need to fix ourselves. We can no longer afford to stand by while politicians divide and conquer by turning us against each other. We cannot allow angry children to distort the constitution because they are uncomfortable with true equality. We cannot give our freedoms up one at a time because we are afraid.


He only had a knife!


Today, I saw a meme (see below) made by our friend Salty Dad. The pictures are gruesome, there are no special effects and I don’t know the story behind them. These are pictures of Police Officers who have been on the wrong end of a knife wielding assailant. Look at them for a little bit, let the reality of the story sink in a little. This is real, this is un-sanitized reality and maybe in a couple cases, life altering. This is not week night TV series corn syrup and latex.



Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan TV serials. I love old Westerns, The Rifleman, Bonanza, The Lone Ranger, and the cheesy cop shows like TJ Hooker, Miami Vice and SWAT. They were fun but not real. Some of the newer shows are enjoyable but they lack the romance of the old shows, they exchange romance for grit and pseudo reality. Week after week one thing you can count on, however, is the bad guy being brought to justice.hqdefault

The gun toting leviathans of TV drama could turn, draw, shoot from the hip and always knock away the gun or knife from an assailant. Current shows display the awesome power of the stun gun; one slight ZAP to the neck and the “shock-ee” is down for the count, waking up in a fog sometime later. Damn I wish that world was real life how very simple it would be. The evil-doers would always get their day in court after a short hospital stint for a flesh wound or a minor ass-whooping. Simplicity at its finest and most pure……sadly, the real world is far more complex.

Which brings up again the never ending cry “Why didn’t they just shoot him in the leg, arm, hand…wherever?” Or another fan favorite “He was only armed with a knife.” It seems no matter how many times this topic comes up one side is never satisfied with the answer. Unsurprisingly its the same side who believes everyone gets a trophy, diversity is always good and giving away other people’s money will right the wrongs of the world. These same people have never had to fight for their lives against a crazed drug addict or a repeat criminal who does not want to go back to prison. These people can no more wrap their brain around true evil than I can the idea of “free government cell phones”. Look back at those pictures again and tell me it was “only a knife”.

Time and time again this argument comes and goes. Time after time it stays unresolved festering until the next incident when the cries begin like the slow wail of an angry child, building until their face turns red and they can squeeze out a few token tears to sell their case.

I wonder how many of these people have ever seen the result of a real knife wound, not the kind you get when your cutting your bagel and the kitchen knife slips. Not the kind you see in the movie when someone gets stabbed in the gut and not even the stunning visual effects of modern cinema. How many have seen the real honest result of a vicious knife attack?

I have, as have most cops. Its not pretty, its not clean and its not always survivable. Knife wounds
can leave massive disfiguring wounds, they can cause irreparable damage to soft tissue, they can cleave bone and destroy ligaments leaving a limb useless. The blood……the blood. How to describe the blood…..its everywhere. There is so much blood it is hard to describe, sure gunshot wounds bleed, some are worse than others it depends on many factors. Knife wounds however gush, spew and pump blood into a horrific mess worthy of a slasher movie.

A few years ago I responded to call for an injured person. One of my partners arrived first and discovered a car at a gas station. It was in this car where the wounded person was located, the interior of the car was literally bathed in blood and as we discovered there were actually two injured people in the car. I arrived on scene and helped get these guys out of the car as the medics arrived. They both had open lacerations on their upper arms and thighs, one had a large chunk of his upper arm missing. They claimed they had been attacked by a guy with a machete in a nearby apartment complex. we discovered a bloody machete in the backseat of the car, seems these guys had also participated in the knife play. I went to the apartment complex they described. I went to the end of a long complex with a couple of my other partners and I could see a guy on a metal chair slumped over and staring at the ground. As we approached I could see his right arm was filleted open down to the bone, he was bleeding heavily and a woman was bringing him a towel. The parking lot had blood everywhere and a short distance from where he was seated was another bloody machete and a back pack. The guy in the chair told me he had been jumped by two guys with machete’s. He managed to dis-arm one of them and gave as good as he got. All three of these guys were career criminals and while I don’t know the real reason for the fight I’m certain it involved money, drugs or both. The crazy part of the whole thing? The guy in the chair also had a handgun. He pulled it out when the the machete twins charged him and never got a shot off. Maybe he could’ve shot these dudes in the leg, or shot the blades from their hands. Surely, as the adage goes “never bring a knife to a gun fight”.  I guess someone never told these two wanna-be samurai

The mainstream media and the ever vocal politicians want to scream and yell of the evils and the dangers of guns and then in the same breath want to convince the world cops don’t really need to shoot people, we should talk things out or shoot to wound. I have seen many many articles and discussions about the 21 foot rule, and the speed with which an assailant can attack as well as the reaction time of a trained officer vs an armed assailant. The amazing thing is, the officer always is at a disadvantage. All the training, practicing and hours of scenario’s only serve to try and even the field. In the cold cruel world the reaction time of the an officer will never be faster than the action time of an assailant. When the bad guy makes up their mind to do something the cops will always be on the wrong end of the second hand.  Reaction times and distances are critical when dealing with the unknown, something illustrated very will in this article from Chicago Warrior.

This is the reason cops are often heavily criticized for “heavy-handed” tactics. When you watch the video from your cozy living room and see two of three cops jump on a guy for “no good reason” you yell those guys should be fired, that poor young man was just talking. What people fail to understand is part of the training and practice to even the reaction table is also learning and looking for indicators. Experience is the best teacher, if you get enough chances. Every patrol cop out there can remember the first time they knew a guy was going to run before he did. Why? because of the the other ones who exhibited a behavior (which the officer missed) and the dude cut and ran. “Shit”, I’ll know better next time. The experience builds and soon experienced officers develop, well a “Spidey-sense” of sorts.

I have been a training officer in the field, I have watched new patrol officers miss the little details, the minor tremors of muscles, the twitch of an eye right before a guy gets ready to run. The tell-tale movements of a guy who is going to fight. The solution? Act first, act fast and act decisive, overwhelm the subject and live to learn. It doesn’t always mean shooting or beating someone, but it does mean making a choice and making it NOW. It means moving before you are reacting, I already told you if the bad guy moves first, the cop is already behind, it works both ways it just isn’t TV show pretty in real life. It is messy and awkward, but we don’t send officers out into the streets to be slaughtered. Just look back the pictures posted here, this is what happens when you are on the wrong end of the reaction equation. I don’t know the story of any of these officers, but one thing is sure, they were on the wrong end of the the game.

This is a knife wound story, this is what a knife will do, this is why cops don’t shoot to wound or shoot weapons free. The equation is very simple, shoot center mass and shoot to stop the threat…..the threat that will allow me and my partners to go home at night, the threat that will allow others to remain blissfully unaware of what goes on in the dark corners of the night, and the threat that allows others to criticize and second guess everything we do based on a TV script and special effects.

Stay safe, and make sure you go home every day!


I Remember.  Do You?  Will You?

911-september-11th-attacksI vividly remember exactly what I was doing when I first heard what was happening in New York City on that horrible day, September 11, 2001.  I had gotten up early after working swingshift the night before.  I had to go to a parole hearing, so with little sleep, and after a quick shower, a cup of coffee in hand, I jumped in the car, a 1970 Datsun Roadster, and headed off to work.  I was driving through town heading to the station and had only gotten a few miles from my house when I turned on the radio and heard that a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers.

It was so surreal.  I honestly thought it was some sort of “War of the Worlds” kind of stunt, so I picked up my cell phone and called my wife at home.  She was still sound asleep and I woke her up.  I asked her to turn on the TV and tell me if there was anything on the news.  She turned the TV on, and from the scream she let out, I knew it was true.

M-9-11I got to the station, threw on my uniform and geared up.  I loaded my patrol car and headed to the parole hearing.  There were no smart phones at the time, and my department’s patrol cars at that time did not have AM/FM radios in them, so I was completely in the dark as to what else was going on.  I got to the parole hearing and sat in the waiting room with a bunch of other cops.  We all sat there, fixated on the tiny TV in the room, watching the footage, rolled over and over, of the plane hitting the tower.  As we watched, the second plane hit.  After about 30 minutes, we were told the hearings were all cancelled.

I got back into my patrol car, and even though it was a full 7 hours before my shift was supposed to start, I got a hold of one of the sergeants and asked if he would like me to hit the field, which was met with a very quick, “yes please.”

Firefighters Todd Heaney and Frankie DiLeo, of Engine 209, cCalls for service, early in the day, were quite routine, and it was eerily quiet (low call volume).  As the day progressed, and as the news began coming out about terrorist involvement, all the paranoid crazy people started coming out of the woodwork.  The sheer volume of calls about Middle Eastern men wearing a turban or some other sort of headwear, walking down sidewalks, driving taxis and ice cream trucks, or just being seen in a store, was staggering.

Every single person I contacted that day was in shock.  Store owners, pedestrians, drivers, sandwich artists, hell, even the dirtbags were in shock and were acting like normal human beings, if only for a few days.

On that day, 9-11-01, I had been a cop for a few days short of five years.  But that day, that very day, was my first day as a solo, finalized patrol cop.  I had worked in the jail and an administrative job up to that point, and only recently come to patrol.  I had taken the final test the night before, and passed.  This was supposed to be a celebratory day for me.  Clearly, that was not going to happen.

I spent 17.5 hours in my patrol car that day.  I took a couple of reports.  I contacted dozens of people, most of whom I do not remember, all of whom were devastated, even the turban wearing Middle Eastern guys that everyone kept calling about.

Police officer Mike Brennan helps a distraught woman known oI got home from work that night, well, technically very early the next day, and crawled into bed at about 1:30am to my wife who was still awake.  She was still in shock, and had been crying a lot that day, which for her was not normal as I don’t recall seeing her cry before, ever.

We hugged, and talked about what had happened, about all the lives lost, and about the need I felt to set my career aside and enlist in the military, so I could go help hunt and eliminate the chicken shit bastards who just killed thousands of my fellow Americans in a most cowardly way.    My wife, who had just found out she was pregnant with my oldest son, convinced me to stay here and to continue my career keeping our community safe.   It is a decision I made, and 364 days of the year, a decision I am happy with, but there is that one day of the year, today, 9-11, where I regret not signing up to go hunt the animals who attacked us.

The following day, I woke up and turned on the news.   I was greeted by vivid reminders of what I LOVE about this country.  People from all walks of life, from every color and creed, all came together for a single purpose.  That day, 9-11, was for my generation what December 7th was for my grandparent’s generation.  They were both days that brought this country together, gave us focus, gave us purpose.  It is sad that it takes horrible events like those to bring us together.

article-2032893-0DA8715100000578-585_634x487That day, and some of the days that have followed, especially recently, remind me of a great quote from Ronald Reagan:  “Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong”

Sadly, we as a nation continually prove that we do not learn from our past.  As the threat we were and still are fighting has diminished, the country has once again gotten soft.  People with very short memories, and even less intestinal fortitude, quickly grew weary of maintaining vigilance.  The sheep, who were briefly awakened to the cold reality of evil, by the wolf pounding on their door, have gone back to grazing is blissful ignorance.

If you need an example of that blissful ignorance, look no further than what college students are being taught about that horrible day from only 14 short years ago.  Is our memory really that short?

Apparently it is.

Americans have elected leaders with no experience, no plan and no spine who continually capitulate to our enemies.  They have chosen people without honor who refuse to respond when American’s call for help.  They chose men who side with criminals and terrorists instead of with soldiers or first responders.  They have chosen cowards who have weakened our country, and shrunken our military.  The soft headed people of this once great nation have chosen, once again, to put this country on a road which will once again lead to the inevitable; to an attack by yet another foreign power, whether it is terrorist group, a foreign country, or a country run by terrorists.

And we will once again awaken temporarily from our intentional blindness, but only for a fleeting moment, just as long as our collective short term memory lasts.

For our sake, and the sake of our children and grandchildren, I hope and pray that America will open her eyes and really wake up, before it is once again too late, and more lives are lost.


Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should…


My father used to tell me “People say stupid things all the time. Some they mean, and some they say in the heat of the moment. Try to resist saying stupid stuff you will regret”.

This never more evident, than the recent resignation of probationary Firefighter Ron Drake from North Randall, Ohio Fire. Drake, who posted a comment on Action News 19’s Facebook page regarding the  NYPD brothers recently assassinated, stating “cops n gunman goin’ to hell lol”. Following up, when taken to task by another commenter with similar absurd statements, such as “most of your race is disgusting” (side note, if someone asked me my race, it would be “PURPLE” as a combination of blue and red blood to signify our brotherhood as first responders) .

Here is the thing that I find hilarious.  If you are a firefighter, cop, paramedic or anyone else than Joe Q. Public who works at the gas station and you are in a position subject to higher scrutiny, you should probably keep your thoughts off public sites such as Facebook, or, mores specifically… A NEWS STATION’S FACEBOOK PAGE…

That’s the funny thing about Facebook genius, it has useful things on it, like WHERE YOU WORK.  If you don’t have your privacy settings locked down, people can see everything you post and even WHERE YOU WORK…

I don’t get people on the best of days, but when you couple how legitimately absurd people are.  I see all kinds of things over the many places I frequent over the interwebs, but the funniest (and saddest) thing that I see often, is the penchant of the masses, who consider everything they hear on Facebook as gospel. Like for instance, people’s first amendment rights.  People take that as gospel, and think that anything they say is protected speech.  Here’s the kicker, if you threaten a cop, or anyone for that matter, it’s not just you “blowing off steam” or whatever absurd reasoning that you try to use as an excuse for your conduct.  If you threaten a public official, newsflash genius – It’s not protected speech, it’s a CRIME GENIUS.

Words have consequences, and with the onslaught of social media relating to the recent hatred directed towards law enforcement and other first responders by default, people get caught up in the emotion of the situation and just lose their minds, that is no excuse for jumping on the bandwagon and doing the “me too” response. So, when I look at a fireman/paramedic who ends up resigning because he jumped on the “me too” bandwagon, forgive me if I don’t shed a tear.  You are held to a higher regard because you are in public service, it’s what we as cops know and except. If everyone else can be brothers and sisters in arms, you don’t get to be the one single delicate flower that get’s to alienate yourself from the herd because you want to join with the “protest mentality”.

What’s the point of this post you ask? Well, I guess it’s two-fold.  One, the first amendment doesn’t cover threats or protect you from recriminations in the workplace for your views, especially in public service. Two, I was always taught, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  The world, and the interwebs in general should take heed of that saying.  If we all treated each other online like we would in person, there would be a lot less hate filled vitriol going around the various social media outlets. There would also be fewer people losing their jobs and careers because they can’t keep their trap shut.  Your company/agency/department WILL NOT BACK YOU IF YOU ARE CONTROVERSIAL.  Popular thought of the minority or not, think, before clicking the post button “could this post upset a lot of people or be detrimental to my employment”  if the answer is yes….step away from the keyboard.

– The Tactical Platypus (TP)



We Hear You…

Orockwellnce upon a time in America this picture was common place, there was nothing unique about it, nothing extraordinary it was simply a slice of life this is what was expected. I miss this time.

What happened? Lots of stuff, some of it real, more of it manufactured to distract the masses in the name of control and power. If we really look deep into those who fuel the fires of hate, we will discover they are not the honorable souls searching for the truth and harmony laced into their screams of inequality. Behind each and every rally cry is someone who is profiting off the raw emotions of people who don’t realize they are being taken advantage of. However, that’s not what I want to talk about today, I want to look at something else altogether.

Paul Harvey, (Radio commentator and Presidential Medal of Freedom winner) in his famous narration “What are Policemen Made of?” wrote he believed “Buried under the frost is the fact: Less than one-half of one percent of policemen misfit the uniform. That’s a better average than you’d find among clergy”  What are Policemen Made Of

Let’s think about this quote for a moment, let it really sink in, roll the number over in your head for a moment. Let’s muse through that number just to see what it means, what it implies, “Less than one-half of one percent”……The most recent number floating around estimates there are at least 900,000 sworn police officers in the United States.

900,000 officers…..1% of that is 9,000 and another half brings us down to 4,500 that’s. .005 of the total number, .5% who may be considered “misfit”. The population of the United States in 2014 was estimated at 323,885,035 people. The total number of Law Enforcement Officers in the US is therefore .2% of the total population, and those who “misfit the uniform”…. .0013% of the total population of the United States according to Mr. Harvey.

Over on the Facebook page Matt, along with the rest of us, have shared stories discussing the current insanity gripping the nation. We all have written about our outrage at the current climate but there is so much more to focus on. It’s time to take a moment and talk about the people (like so many on this page) who support what Law Enforcement Officer’s do to protect their community and their way of life. There are so many more of you (us) than there are of them. “They” are the loud rabble, the “vocal minority” the “useful idiots” who fall prey to the charismatic snake charmers fueling the fires of hate. Rallies support Police- USA Today

It’s time to take a moment and celebrate the good, generous hard working people and let them know how much we (those of us working as first responders, LEO’s, Fire Fighters, Medics) truly appreciate you. We hear you, we know you are out there, you are why we suit up every night, answer the bell, race to the scene when you hear a bump in the night. We will do our job regardless of what the media says about us. We will continue to fight for what is right in spite of what the race-baiters make up about us. We will do this regardless of the climate, we don’t need praise, we don’t need “thank you’s” we do this because this is what we do. However, there are little things that make a difference.rally3

No matter how bad a day may go, when I drive down a street at night and I see a house with a blue porch light ablaze I am recharged with a sense of duty and pride. I know that my being out on that street that night away from my family is for a reason and I will go on to the next call, find the next criminal and hold them to answer.


When I see pictures of rallies, people carrying signs in support of their cops I am energized. I don’t need the praise, I don’t want any glory but I am energized because I know they understand. I know the people who are walking the streets taking time from their day and their families understand what I do, what I stand for. When I drive by a school and the children run to the fence and wave, I feel proud of what I do I want to work that much harder to earn the innocent trust I see in those faces. I don’t want to be feared but I demand respect, not through force, but through example. I don’t want to fight every time I drive into a neighborhood, but if the fight comes to me, I am going to win at all costs, I am going to go home. I am going to protect the people who called for my help.   Seattle Times-Pro Police Rally

I think what I am trying to say on behalf of all of us is simply “Thank you” we hear you. Although the voices of support at not always the loudest, they are without a doubt the strongest. I (we) understand the rest of this is static, it will pass we will continue to stand strong. We will be there for you, it is so heartwarming to see the outreach that is going on all across the country. I have included pictures from a rally in Virginia Beach, a link to a rally in Seattle and You Tube video showing a community outreach of young people working to rebuild positive relationships with their officers. I am so grateful every time I see these stories, and I am filled with resolve to continue and fight for what is right and just. I will work to pass these traits on to the next generation of cops. We will be here for you, just as you have always been there for us.


So know, when you put that blue light up, or you wave at us as we drive down your street we see you, we know and we are grateful. Let’s take back our country and our streets through that same positive example, we will not get drug down by the negative cries of the few.


 Turn Lights Blueblue light