February 2018 24
Distrustful and Wary
Posted By : Matt

I am distrustful and wary. I am distrustful of evangelists, self-appointed do-gooders, politicians and speedy government. I am distrustful because the laws never stop where they claim. Every new law promises to reduce crime and

October 2017 26
Big Problems in Gun Free Utopia
Posted By : Matt

Gun control proponents in the United States love to point to the UK with their super strict gun laws as a model for the United States to emulate. The problem with that theory is that gun control does

August 2016 23
ICBM Logic
Posted By : Matt

Banning “Assault Weapons” is like Swatting a Fly with a 100 Mega Ton ICBM The left is constantly droning on about the need to ban the AR-15 because they are “often used to kill mass

February 2016 19
He only had a knife!
Posted By : Doc

Today, I saw a meme (see below) made by our friend Salty Dad. The pictures are gruesome, there are no special effects and I don’t know the story behind them. These are pictures of Police Officers

December 2015 20
Logic Disconnect of Epic Proportions
Posted By : Matt

The complete and utter logical disconnect by the liberal left has never been on full display better than in this article shared by Gavin Newsom only a few hours ago. “How many laws making it harder

October 2015 18
His Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds
Posted By : Matt

The more I start looking into what Gavin Newsom is all about, the more I am convinced he is a race baiting hypocrite almost beyond comparison, not to mention a complete idiot! Newsom is pushing for more