December 2015 13
Put Up or Shut Up!
Posted By : Matt

** Language Warning – explicative filled rant to follow ** The comments below are based on the following news story video regarding an officer involved shooting that happened December 12, 2015 involving the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

September 2015 11
I Remember.  Do You?  Will You?
Posted By : Matt

I vividly remember exactly what I was doing when I first heard what was happening in New York City on that horrible day, September 11, 2001.  I had gotten up early after working swingshift the

August 2015 29
Stop Feeding the Enemy!
Posted By : Matt

** Calling On All Law Enforcement Agencies in the US ** As a 19 year career cop, I cannot remember a time when the mainstream news media has not misrepresented law enforcement interactions, especially when

August 2015 28
Boogey Man Laws
Posted By : Doc

While perusing the internet today I stumbled across a piece offered up by the Editorial Board of the Sacramento Bee (A major metropolitan newspaper). This opinion piece was offered up by the “Editorial Board” which

July 2015 16
Learning From Bad Tactics
Posted By : Matt

Let me start by saying that in examining this stop, I am not trying to talk badly about the officer here. I know nothing about him.  That said, we’ve all done things over the years

July 2015 15
LVMPD Setting The Example
Posted By : Matt

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, at least in my experience, usually does an excellent job of informing the public and the media about high notoriety incidents.  They had an officer involved shooting on July 10,