June 2015 10
A night in the life….
Posted By : Doc

I recently had an interesting encounter, actually it was pretty mundane and that is what makes it interesting. I was sent to one of those calls we all hate, the very sight of these calls

June 2015 08
More on McKinney
Posted By : Matt

Some much needed background, and a quick look at the twisted view of the left. This Breitbart article gives us some much needed background to that incident in McKinney, TX that I wrote about yesterday. As

June 2015 02
Will the Media Ever Change?
Posted By : Matt

In their never ending rush to get clicks, likes, follows, and more importantly, money, the media continues to run half-assed stories about “police brutality” when they damn well know they only have part of the

January 2015 25
A Split Second……
Posted By : Doc

That’s the amount of time you get to make a life or death decision, a split second. How long is that really? Turn your head, look left and then look forward that’s about 1 second.

January 2015 04
We Hear You…
Posted By : Doc

Once upon a time in America this picture was common place, there was nothing unique about it, nothing extraordinary it was simply a slice of life this is what was expected. I miss this time. What happened? Lots