Mixed Signals or Blatant Lies?


To hear the Obama administration talk about the need to ban a very common ammunition in order to “save police lives”, would lead one to think that this administration actually cares about cops lives.  But, when looking at other actions regarding law enforcement by the Obama administration, this move to ban ammo to “protect law enforcement” seems very counter to their past acts.

The ammo that the administration is trying to ban, M855 “green tip”, or SS109 5.56mm rifle ammo has been available to the public for a very long time.  This ammo has a mild steel tip but is in fact not designed as “armor piercing” ammunition, nor does it qualify as “armor piercing” as laid out in the law that banned armor piercing ammo [18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(17)(B) and (C)]

This ammo, that the Obama administration has to ban for the sake of law enforcement, is so horribly evil that James Pasco, executive director of the Washington office of the Fraternal Order of Police, said this about it: “While this round will penetrate soft body armor, it has not historically posed a threat to law enforcement.”  And this: “Any ammunition is of concern to police in the wrong hands, but this specific round has historically not posed a law enforcement problem,”

Obama loves the cops so much, and is banning this ammo just to protect them.  Obama has repeatedly shown his love for law enforcement, since taking office, by:
– publicly commenting about how the cops “acted stupidly”
– accusing law enforcement nationwide of racial prejudices and corruption
– by sending representatives to the funerals of criminals who were killed in self-defense
– by sending representatives to the funerals of violent criminals killed by law enforcement
– by publicly stating that he stands with the mothers of said slain criminals
– by ginning up the anti-cop rhetoric so that an entire city suffers from riots, for weeks and months

Obama further shows his deep concern for cops by:
– NOT sending representatives to the funerals of slain cops, including a cop killed by an illegal immigrant who is allowed to stay here in the country thanks to Obama’s end run around the immigration laws
– NOT sending representatives to the unveiling of a memorial of a slain border patrol agent who was killed using guns smuggled by Obama’s very own “justice” department.

Yes, Obama clearly loves us cops, and is so concerned with our well being that it is necessary to ban this rifle ammunition.  Obama loves law enforcement like a wife beater loves their spouse…

OR, could it just be that Obama is once again lying to the public and all the useful idiots out there to try and ban some very popular ammo for AR based rifles, the rifle he loves to hate?  You tell me which is more likely the real reason.  In my book, actions speak louder than words, and Obama has spoken volumes.

The Potential Problems With Open Carry



*Disclamer1* – This is being filed in the “Guns” and the “Police” categories. I am not a police officer, in fact my experience in LE is limited to watching “Cops” reruns, the movie “Super Troopers” and a ride along I did with my buddy where I was instructed to “Stay in the car, unless I start getting my ass beat, then I need you to give me a hand.” I am a career firefighter, 13 years of service and other than a gun lover, that’s all I clam to be. I am writing this as it is an issue that I see LE face and it is being caused by a group of gun owners, however it effects us all, so here we are.

*Disclamer2* – I am extremely pro 2A. Probably more so than you are. True story!

I am writing this because of a misunderstanding on our Facebook page over this post:


I had a disagreement with a follower that I don’t think really was a disagreement, I just don’t think our points were clearly enough drawn-out. I am writing this post here because I feel this is actually a very common issue and here is a great chance to air it out. You see the first thing that many pro 2A people see is someone having an issue with a particular open carrier, and they assume that you then have an issue with all open carriers. That is not the case! I will go on to explain below.

First, let me start by saying that there are 2 different types of open carriers. The first type is made of true Patriots who bleed Red White and Blue and piss Freedom. These are people who know their rights are God given and recognized by the United States Constitution. Their intentions are simply to open carry, and are usually (I hate painting with a broad brush, but this isn’t profiling, it is statistics) very down to earth people who are pleasant to talk to. There is no agenda here with this group. A tell tale way to distinguish this type of Open Carrier is that any run in they might have had with the law will usually be retold verbally. These are the folks I have no issue with.

Now lets talk about a second type of open carrier. This type is a different breed with different motives. They are attention whores who publicly give most all of us responsible gun owners a bad name, let me explain. This second type is out for one thing and one thing only and that is conflict. Their guise is that they are doing it in the name of education, or to rub their rights in the faces of the general public. You see, these guys walk around in public not with a handgun on their side (which in most places can be carried in the ready to fire condition inside of a holster) but instead with a rifle over their shoulder which is usually, in accordance with law, unchambered. Their primary choices are AR-15 rifles and AK variants as those are publicly recognizable and they know that the typical brainwashed non pro-gun bystander will assume it is of course fully automatic and dial 911 in a full panic. They don’t choose to do this with a shotgun or bolt action rifle, because that won’t get the reaction they are looking for, which leads me into the second thing these guys are armed with. Somewhere on their person in the ready to go position is a video camera, ready to record conflicts with LE. These guys brush up on the ins and outs of the law, things like when they have to produce identification or answer questions. No matter how friendly or polite the cop they encounter is being with these guys, they always reply in very frustrating way reciting lines over and over vs engaging in actual conversation.

Now you might be one of the aforementioned second types, if you find yourself getting frustrated as you read this, you are probably who I am talking to. I’ll answer your question that I already know you are asking, “If I’m not breaking the law, then what is the issue?” Well, for starters you are setting out with a loaded gun in search of conflict. Now you aren’t planning on using that gun in said conflict, instead your weapon of choice is a video camera and YouTube. The gun in your case is simply being used as bait. And that ladies and gentlemen is the problem, you are knowingly using a gun to look for trouble. This goes against everything I as a member of the responsible gun owner crowd stand for. I carry a gun every day of my life outside of work, and do absolutely everything in my power to avoid conflict. Being armed should NEVER be a basis for seeking conflict, this is in every way stupid and could end up getting someone killed.

You are probably shaking your head and thinking: “But, but, but, it is my right!” Well, here is the thing about freedoms, they aren’t without consequences. You have freedom of speech, walk up to the biggest guy you can find and tell him that his mother took real good care of you last night. You will become quickly aware that your actions do in fact have consequences. The reactions you get from police while walking down the sidewalk wearing a kilt (backwards mind you, pleats go in the rear, apron goes in the front) with an AR strapped to your back is a consequence of you choosing to be so careless with your rights. The police have a responsibility to investigate calls that are made to 911. The public safety community simply does not have the luxury to decide which calls they respond to, and are responding blindly sans the information the caller(s) provided.

I want to also point out that this second type of open carrier, in their quest to seek attention, is the type that will flood a business mistaking a “guns not prohibited” policy with a “these guys love guns just as much as we do” policy. Time and time again their actions have forced the hand of these establishments to pick a side as they were being thrust into the spotlight being hailed as “pro-gun” when in fact they were neutral. These businesses honestly had no stance on the subject, they did not and probably still would not care about guns as they were not causing a problem for them. That is until you and your Facebook/Call of Duty buddies invaded the place, dressed in your fresh from Ebay, made in China Airsoft tactard gear, and started to hurt their wellbeing as you were driving away their customer base. Yes, you were making it hard for some of your fellow Americans to provide for their families. Once again, your freedoms do not come without consequences, and in this case the consequence effects anyone who carries a gun, not just some jackass who wants to have a gun circle jerk party at a coffee shop.

In conclusion I want to say this, I have argued time and time again with anti-gunners stating that they were simply uninformed and members of the gun community were some of the most genuine, good people they would ever encounter. I still stand by this comment, as most of the people I encounter exemplify that opinion. However the majority are easily drowned out by a small but vocal minority who go out of their way to show off how big of an asshole they can be by posting videos of their shenanigans on YouTube. I mean, if someone else wanted to publicly “exercise their right” of freedom of speech by walking down the road shouting insulting words, you would probably label that person as a _________(insert your word of choice here). While this is one way a person can “exercise your right” of freedom of speech, you could also do it in a way that isn’t so abrasive to others by showing a little thing we call respect, and (gasp) still have all of your freedoms intact. Here is the thing guys, if you are hell bent on making a point, I’ll give you a piece of advice. You can still make your point without being a total douchbag in the process. Yes, it is possible to talk in a civil manner to your fellow man and still stand your ground, maintain your rights, and even educate others. If those things were ever your true intent it shouldn’t be a hard thing for you to do, unless of course you are just looking for conflict, and hoping for a chance to cash out in a lawsuit, in which case I honestly hope reading this helps you realize what a piece of shit you really are.

– Stache

That “Blue Code Of Silence”, That’s Not…

CoverOver the last several years, there has been a huge surge in hatred and distrust directed at law enforcement.  That sentiment has recently culminated in protests across the country, and in recent months, a HUGE increase in unprovoked assaults on officers around the country.  One of the cries I often see repeated by those denigrating my profession is that cops protect their own, no matter what.  I can’t count how many times I have read “why don’t good cops turn in bad cops” on social media and in reader comments on “news” sites lately.  To anyone who knows better, that mantra is not worth the digital paper it was typed on.

As most cops will tell you, we (cops) dislike dirty cops more so than the public.  Dirty cops not only besmirch our profession, but they destroy the trust that the public has in law enforcement as a whole.  The old marketing axiom holds true in public service just as it does in retail, an unhappy customer tells everyone about their experience, a happy customer tells almost no one.  The people who are either wronged, or unjustly think they were wronged, are always much louder than those happy with their service.  That is just a fact of life.

I have been doing this job a long time, and from personal experience, I know the “cops don’t rat on other cops” line is nothing but hogwash, but what can I do to try and convince the average person who does not have my knowledge base.  I’m not going to pretend it does not happen from time to time, but the claim that it is a rampant problem with all cops is ridiculous.

In an effort to spread the truth, I submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to my own department regarding internal affairs complaints.  What I specifically requested was, for the last five (5) years, the number of complaints and whether or not they were substantiated.  But beyond those simple numbers, I asked to have the numbers split between public complaints filed and those filed internally, you know, the cops who always cover for dirty cops.

Here are the raw numbers:

If you were to look at just the statistics from public complaints, it would most certainly look like we were protecting our own due to the massive percentage of unsubstantiated complaints (98%).   It would still somewhat have that appearance if you were to just look at the total number of complaints as a whole (16%).  However, what I find most interesting is not only the number of internal complaints, but the significantly higher percentage of those complaints being substantiated.  Internal affairs complaints, filed by other deputies occurred an average of 1/3 as often as complaints filed by the public, yet they have a 2,500% better chance of being substantiated (50% substantiated for internal complaints vs. 2% for public complaints).

Puffin2When looking at the complaints filed by the public, you must consider that anyone can file a complaint about anything they want.  In all seriousness, most of the complaints filed by the public are because people feel they were disrespected by an officer.  They are angry with how an officer spoke to them or looked at them, and so they file a complaint, and not surprisingly, most of those complaints are not substantiated because they don’t violate any laws or policies.  Cops are not out here to be touchy feely, and make you feel better about screwing up.  If we are in your life, it is usually because you did something wrong and some people, no matter how politely you tell them, do not like being told they screwed up.

On the other hand, look at the outcomes of the internally filed complaints.  Not only is the number of complaints as a whole a fairly large number when compared to publicly filed complaints, but the substantiated percentage is much higher.  What that tells me is that 1) “good cops” are in fact NOT “covering for bad cops” and 2) when a cop files a complaint, they do so more often because of a legitimate reason and not because their feelings or sensitivities were hurt.

Now, here is the kicker.  The information I provided above should actually be common knowledge, yet the public has no clue about it.  Let me explain why I say that.  When I submitted my request for this information, I was informed it would be no problem to gather the information I was looking for because the department already compiles these exact statistics.  I was told that the local news sources, both print and television, request this information every year, yet for some reason, the information that I listed above never seems to make it out to the public, which leaves me wondering just what the “real news” folks are doing with it…

(This article also appears over at The Daily Caller)


A Split Second……

Harry_CallahanThat’s the amount of time you get to make a life or death decision, a split second. How long is that really? Turn your head, look left and then look forward that’s about 1 second. Traveling in a car at 50 mph you have just traveled about 75 feet. A trained police officer can fire at least 5 rounds in that same 1 second; it’s actually a lot of time.  In a stressful event we have all heard that “time stands still” making that 1 second seem like an eternity. So how fast can an encounter with an armed subject go from bad to worse? A lot faster than than one second.


The current use of body cameras has allowed all of us to be the Monday morning quarterbacks of officer involved shootings. We get to watch after the fact from the comfort of our living rooms and judge the tactics and encounters we witnessed. How did the officer do? Did he compare to our favorite TV cops, or did our inner CSI show the flaws in what happened.

I’ve watched a bunch of these videos and even the best of them still leave out as  much as they show. The Lego_CSI_by_niskoristi angles are wrong, the clarity is lacking or the resolution is    grainy. Earlier I posted a link to one of the better videos I have  seen; it struck me that even as good as it was there were still  missing pieces there were still detractors.  One lawyer  questioned the officer’s use of force because the suspect clearly  dropped an item (you really cannot make out what he drops in  the video) and reached for it. The lawyer did not feel the suspect presented a threat which justified the use of lethal  force. How in the world can Mr. Lawyer know that?

I know my eyes see things that a camera never can, especially in a split second. It is safe to say the officer was able to see the gun the suspect was reaching for. Now comes the fun part…… ”Well if the suspect was only reaching for the gun then why did the officer shoot?”

True, the suspect was reaching for a gun, so why didn’t the officer shoot the gun out of his hand Lone Ranger style? Or engage the suspect in witty banter like Dirty Harry? Because that’s not real life….plain and simple there really is no other way to put it. Movies are for entertainment, they are not real. Real cops do not shoot at low percentage targets like hands and guns; they shoot to end the fight. I guarantee Wyatt Earp never shot a gun out of someone’s hand, it makes no sense. It does, however, make for good entertainment.

NFL quarterbacks often make “split second” decisions; race car drivers make “split second” and cops make split second decisions. So what goes into that split second, I mean in this video the officer already had his gun pointed at the “unarmed” suspect why shoot? I have recently had the opportunity to participate in several classes dealing with these types of reaction times. In one drill two officers stood side by side, one gun up and on target, the other gun in hand at his side. The officer on target shoots as soon as he senses movement from the other. I watched this four times and each time it was at best a tie, usually the officer with the gun at his side won.

How is that possible? There is actually a lot of science involved and it has to do with reaction time, the time it takes the officer to perceive the movement as a threat vs. the amount of time it takes the bad guy to move. Remember, the bad guy will have the edge; he is the only one who knows for sure if and when he is going to shoot. The officer will need to sense the movement, interpret that movement and react to the movement. If the officer waits, he will lose almost every single time.

I found some studies by Dr. Bill Lewinski of Minnesota State University at Mankato. Dr. Lewinski has made a name for himself studying reaction times. In his studies he has listed the time it takes a shooter to fire a round in various situations, for example a cross body draw seated in a car took .15 seconds or 15/100ths of a second!! That is a split second.  It took a suspect 09/100th ‘s of a second or .9 seconds to pull a gun from his waist band and fire from waist level and nearly the same to draw and fire with an outstretched arm. If the suspect already had the gun at his side in his hand, it took .38 seconds for him to fire. So, how fast could you react?

The study found the average officer, on target, could perceive the movement and fire in the area of 0.40 seconds or just a split second “slower” than the suspect could get off a round. On a plus side, the officer’s tendency was to be more accurate, but that is not the statistical tie I want to be on the wrong side of. Try it yourself, grab a couple of airsoft guns and see how you do….but those pellets do sting a little. On the other side the folks over at cop block call the study “Snake Oil” and think that Dr. Lewinski is a puppet for law enforcement, but based on my own training and experience I would say he is dead on and the cop block folks should either try it or go smoke another bowl.


What’s the point? In the end I just wanted us to all remember there is always a lot more going on in these videos than we realize. I don’t mean to sound like I’m against the body cameras, I have said many times before I have no issue with them. In the case I cited here I think it will go a long way to make life easier for the officer, it’s a shame we are at the point where that’s even necessary but here we are. The videos are going to be at best another glimpse into what was happening but they will never be able to give the viewer the emotion, the sounds, the smells and the overall vision of what it was like to be there. Watch the videos, learn comment, but remember it all happened in a split second.



Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should…


My father used to tell me “People say stupid things all the time. Some they mean, and some they say in the heat of the moment. Try to resist saying stupid stuff you will regret”.

This never more evident, than the recent resignation of probationary Firefighter Ron Drake from North Randall, Ohio Fire. Drake, who posted a comment on Action News 19’s Facebook page regarding the  NYPD brothers recently assassinated, stating “cops n gunman goin’ to hell lol”. Following up, when taken to task by another commenter with similar absurd statements, such as “most of your race is disgusting” (side note, if someone asked me my race, it would be “PURPLE” as a combination of blue and red blood to signify our brotherhood as first responders) .

Here is the thing that I find hilarious.  If you are a firefighter, cop, paramedic or anyone else than Joe Q. Public who works at the gas station and you are in a position subject to higher scrutiny, you should probably keep your thoughts off public sites such as Facebook, or, mores specifically… A NEWS STATION’S FACEBOOK PAGE…

That’s the funny thing about Facebook genius, it has useful things on it, like WHERE YOU WORK.  If you don’t have your privacy settings locked down, people can see everything you post and even WHERE YOU WORK…

I don’t get people on the best of days, but when you couple how legitimately absurd people are.  I see all kinds of things over the many places I frequent over the interwebs, but the funniest (and saddest) thing that I see often, is the penchant of the masses, who consider everything they hear on Facebook as gospel. Like for instance, people’s first amendment rights.  People take that as gospel, and think that anything they say is protected speech.  Here’s the kicker, if you threaten a cop, or anyone for that matter, it’s not just you “blowing off steam” or whatever absurd reasoning that you try to use as an excuse for your conduct.  If you threaten a public official, newsflash genius – It’s not protected speech, it’s a CRIME GENIUS.

Words have consequences, and with the onslaught of social media relating to the recent hatred directed towards law enforcement and other first responders by default, people get caught up in the emotion of the situation and just lose their minds, that is no excuse for jumping on the bandwagon and doing the “me too” response. So, when I look at a fireman/paramedic who ends up resigning because he jumped on the “me too” bandwagon, forgive me if I don’t shed a tear.  You are held to a higher regard because you are in public service, it’s what we as cops know and except. If everyone else can be brothers and sisters in arms, you don’t get to be the one single delicate flower that get’s to alienate yourself from the herd because you want to join with the “protest mentality”.

What’s the point of this post you ask? Well, I guess it’s two-fold.  One, the first amendment doesn’t cover threats or protect you from recriminations in the workplace for your views, especially in public service. Two, I was always taught, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  The world, and the interwebs in general should take heed of that saying.  If we all treated each other online like we would in person, there would be a lot less hate filled vitriol going around the various social media outlets. There would also be fewer people losing their jobs and careers because they can’t keep their trap shut.  Your company/agency/department WILL NOT BACK YOU IF YOU ARE CONTROVERSIAL.  Popular thought of the minority or not, think, before clicking the post button “could this post upset a lot of people or be detrimental to my employment”  if the answer is yes….step away from the keyboard.

– The Tactical Platypus (TP)



We Hear You…

Orockwellnce upon a time in America this picture was common place, there was nothing unique about it, nothing extraordinary it was simply a slice of life this is what was expected. I miss this time.

What happened? Lots of stuff, some of it real, more of it manufactured to distract the masses in the name of control and power. If we really look deep into those who fuel the fires of hate, we will discover they are not the honorable souls searching for the truth and harmony laced into their screams of inequality. Behind each and every rally cry is someone who is profiting off the raw emotions of people who don’t realize they are being taken advantage of. However, that’s not what I want to talk about today, I want to look at something else altogether.

Paul Harvey, (Radio commentator and Presidential Medal of Freedom winner) in his famous narration “What are Policemen Made of?” wrote he believed “Buried under the frost is the fact: Less than one-half of one percent of policemen misfit the uniform. That’s a better average than you’d find among clergy”  What are Policemen Made Of

Let’s think about this quote for a moment, let it really sink in, roll the number over in your head for a moment. Let’s muse through that number just to see what it means, what it implies, “Less than one-half of one percent”……The most recent number floating around estimates there are at least 900,000 sworn police officers in the United States.

900,000 officers…..1% of that is 9,000 and another half brings us down to 4,500 that’s. .005 of the total number, .5% who may be considered “misfit”. The population of the United States in 2014 was estimated at 323,885,035 people. The total number of Law Enforcement Officers in the US is therefore .2% of the total population, and those who “misfit the uniform”…. .0013% of the total population of the United States according to Mr. Harvey.

Over on the Facebook page Matt, along with the rest of us, have shared stories discussing the current insanity gripping the nation. We all have written about our outrage at the current climate but there is so much more to focus on. It’s time to take a moment and talk about the people (like so many on this page) who support what Law Enforcement Officer’s do to protect their community and their way of life. There are so many more of you (us) than there are of them. “They” are the loud rabble, the “vocal minority” the “useful idiots” who fall prey to the charismatic snake charmers fueling the fires of hate. Rallies support Police- USA Today

It’s time to take a moment and celebrate the good, generous hard working people and let them know how much we (those of us working as first responders, LEO’s, Fire Fighters, Medics) truly appreciate you. We hear you, we know you are out there, you are why we suit up every night, answer the bell, race to the scene when you hear a bump in the night. We will do our job regardless of what the media says about us. We will continue to fight for what is right in spite of what the race-baiters make up about us. We will do this regardless of the climate, we don’t need praise, we don’t need “thank you’s” we do this because this is what we do. However, there are little things that make a difference.rally3

No matter how bad a day may go, when I drive down a street at night and I see a house with a blue porch light ablaze I am recharged with a sense of duty and pride. I know that my being out on that street that night away from my family is for a reason and I will go on to the next call, find the next criminal and hold them to answer.


When I see pictures of rallies, people carrying signs in support of their cops I am energized. I don’t need the praise, I don’t want any glory but I am energized because I know they understand. I know the people who are walking the streets taking time from their day and their families understand what I do, what I stand for. When I drive by a school and the children run to the fence and wave, I feel proud of what I do I want to work that much harder to earn the innocent trust I see in those faces. I don’t want to be feared but I demand respect, not through force, but through example. I don’t want to fight every time I drive into a neighborhood, but if the fight comes to me, I am going to win at all costs, I am going to go home. I am going to protect the people who called for my help.   Seattle Times-Pro Police Rally

I think what I am trying to say on behalf of all of us is simply “Thank you” we hear you. Although the voices of support at not always the loudest, they are without a doubt the strongest. I (we) understand the rest of this is static, it will pass we will continue to stand strong. We will be there for you, it is so heartwarming to see the outreach that is going on all across the country. I have included pictures from a rally in Virginia Beach, a link to a rally in Seattle and You Tube video showing a community outreach of young people working to rebuild positive relationships with their officers. I am so grateful every time I see these stories, and I am filled with resolve to continue and fight for what is right and just. I will work to pass these traits on to the next generation of cops. We will be here for you, just as you have always been there for us.


So know, when you put that blue light up, or you wave at us as we drive down your street we see you, we know and we are grateful. Let’s take back our country and our streets through that same positive example, we will not get drug down by the negative cries of the few.


 Turn Lights Blueblue light

Reality Check for the “Only Cops Need Guns” Crowd


Why You Should NOT Count on the Cops to Save You – The Ugly Truth About Law Enforcement Officer to Citizen Ratios

There are those who say only the cops should have guns.  To them, the idea of individual citizens owning guns is frightening.  They cannot fathom why any normal person would want to own one of those “death machines” that only “belong on the battlefields”.  Those anti-gun people feel the way they do because they have bought into the lie that has been fed them for so long, the lie told by those in positions of authority that do not want an armed population, the lie that says “the cops will be there to protect you, you do not need guns.”   To the gun control advocates, to the people who think that no citizens should own guns, or at least no semi-auto guns, to the people who place their safety and the safety of their family solely in the hands of law enforcement, to you I say: You have MUCH more faith in law enforcement than I do, and I am a law enforcement officer.

Before anyone gets upset, that is not meant as a disparaging remark directed at law enforcement. Despite what the media and some others would have you believe, cops as a whole are good people and they really do care about what happens to most of the population (criminals pretty much excluded).


We’ve all heard the saying, “When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away”.  Well sadly, it really is just that simple.  Let me explain to you my lack of faith in their ability to save me when seconds count. My lack of faith is based on staffing numbers, crime statistics, and as Bill Clinton likes to say, “Arithmetic”.

For a broad, well known example, I will use a large city that we are all familiar with. One with a HUGE police force, and one in which the mayor is notably VERY anti-gun, New York City. The NYPD is one of the largest police organizations in the United States. I just checked their official website and according to that, the NYPD currently has approximately 34,500 cops. That is a huge number by any stretch of the imagination. BUT, let’s put that number in perspective. According to the most recent available census data (2011), NYC is 468 square miles and has a population of 8,244,910 people. Now for some arithmetic: 8,244,910 / 34,500 = 239 citizens per cop. That is a phenomenal cop to citizen ratio. I honestly have never seen any agency with such a good ratio. I have tried to look at the NYPD’s divisional/staffing breakdown to figure out how many of those cops are actually street cops, and not administrators, detectives, property personnel, trainers, etcetera, but I cannot find those types of numbers anywhere.

For a specific example, I will look at an agency I am quite familiar with, but cannot name. Said agency serves a large metropolitan city with an equal distribution of urban development and rural area, covering 836 square miles. In that 836 square mile area, the population as of 2010 was 618,962. That population is served by a law enforcement agency that has 2017 total number of sworn cops. Taking that total number of cops, let’s do some math: 618,962 / 2017 = 306.8 citizens per cop. Not bad, not NYPD, but not bad. But now lets break that down to the real numbers.

gun_cop_pic_124183157_std1Of that 2017 cops, many work in the jails (far more work in corrections than any other area), the courts, the airport, administrative jobs and other various details. The actual number of cops assigned to patrol duties, the people that respond to calls for service, is a whopping 291. Here comes that old arithmetic again: 618,962 / 291 = 2127 citizens per cop. That’s right, 2127 people for every street cop employed. Now, let’s dissect that even further. Those 291 street cops work 4 days a week, and are split up amongst 5 overlapping shifts. At any time of the day, at least 2 of those shifts are on the street. For mathematical simplicity, I am going to split the number of cops evenly amongst the shifts: 291 / 5 = 58.2 cops. Ok, now take that number and divide by 1.75 (since they work 4 out of 7 days a week): 58.2 / 1.75 = 33.25 cops. Mathematically speaking, at any time of the day, the entire population of this large area is being policed by 33.25 deputies. What does that number work out to now? 618,962 / 33.25 = 18,615 citizens per working street cop. Let me say again, that is 18,615 people per every working street cop. I can only imagine if we were to examine the NYPD, at least two thirds of their sworn personnel are assigned to duties other than patrol and do not respond to calls for service. National average for citizen/cop ratios is somewhere near 1000 citizens to 1.5 cops, but please remember, those statistics are pure numbers of cops, not the ones working and responding to calls.

Make you feel all safe, warm and cozy inside? Still insist that the cops are better able to protect you and your family than you are?

Let’s look at response times, should you actually have the time to make that 911 call, and actually get the chance to speak to the call taker, and have enough time to explain what is happening to you. The only stats I could find are for the other local agency of similar size and makeup as the one I examined above. The difference is, they have a much smaller area of responsibility (99.2 square miles). Their average response time, from the time the 911 call is answered until a cop was at the scene, was 7 minutes for the highest priority calls. That does not sound like a long time, right? Want to know how long 7 minutes is? Sit in a chair and start a timer. Imagine yourself fighting for your life during that entire time, knowing that at the best, the cops might be there when that timer rings. Now imagine yourself having been armed with your choice of firearm. Statistically, most of the time they are used in self-defense, they are merely displayed scaring off the attacker. Imagine yourself in the other situation, and this person is so intent on attacking you, the sight of a gun does not dissuade them. Do you want that person having their way with you for 7 minutes while you wait for the cops to respond?

I cannot answer those questions for you; I can only tell you that I will always be armed to be better able to protect myself, my family, and anyone else who may need my protection. If you honestly believe that you are not capable or responsible enough to shoulder the burden of arming yourself, then I commend you for being honest, but I ask that you not project your personal decision onto others who are willing and able to do so. That other person may just be the one there to save your bacon one day when you need them.

The next time someone tells you that the cops are the only people that should have guns, feel free to give them an arithmetic lesson!

As always, your questions and comments are welcome.
Be safe out there,