A Black Eye For Law Enforcement: Dirty Cops Suck!

No one hates a dirty cop more than good cops.  As a law enforcement officer, the community is supposed to be able to trust us, and when one of us screws up, no matter how slight, it makes the rest of us look bad.  BUT when one of us goes full-blown criminal dirtbag pedophile, it […]

Law Enforcement: America’s “Easy Button”

Do you remember those Staples commercials from a few years ago that touted the “Easy Button” as a way to fix just about any problem you might encounter around the office? Lost something? Hit the easy button. Out of ink for the printer? Hit the easy button.  Have a gang violence problem? Hit the easy […]

Car Knowledge Quiz Made By An Idiot

While browsing Facebook over my morning coffee, I saw a friend of mine share his score on one of those online knowledge quizzes.  This particular one intrigued me, because as a lifelong car guy, I figured hey, I ought to smoke that “What do you know about car engines?” quiz.  Little did I know when […]

Theoretical Expertise vs. Practical – Which Is More Valuable?

So, I was reading the pictured LA Times article about an officer involved shooting which just recently occurred in which a SWAT officer, presumably one of their snipers, shot an armed suspect from the air.  In reading the article, which includes a photo of the scene from the air, it is the perfect example of […]

Gun Control Proponents Predictably Show Their Ugly Side

It has barely been 24 hours since Bob Owens died and already the anti-gunners have set forth in what I sadly predicted would follow.  They seem to be cherishing in the fact that a Second Amendment rights proponent has taken his own life with a gun.  What kind of a horrible human being does that?  […]

Loss of a Friend and Compatriot

About an hour ago, I was sitting at the dinner table with my wife and kids enjoying a nice meal when I got a message from a friend of mine.  A man with whom I was friends online but had yet to meet in person, a man I respected for his honesty and integrity, a […]

Disaster at Sac PD; Digging Deeper

Since I wrote my original piece on the situation over at the Sacramento Police Department, more information has made its way to me.  The good part about being in my position (a working cop) is that most of the people in my line of work know they can trust me, so I get some info […]

Sacramento PD: How NOT to Run A Police Department

This article is cross posted here and at Full30. Sac PD Management Cements Their Role As A Horrible Example of How To Run a Police Department The Sacramento Police Department has been in the national news the last couple days.  In less than five (5) days, the management at the Sacramento Police Department has demonstrated, […]

Media Ignoring Facts They Reported To Make Cops Look Bad

On February 25, 2017, three police officers from the small city of Rocklin, CA shot and killed a man in an absolutely justified shooting.  The district attorney just officially confirmed the same when they announced that no charges will be filed on the officers because the shooting was justified.  And that is where the story […]

Militarization or Modernization?

NOTE:  This was originally published July 24, 2013 at The Bang Switch (no longer around).  I revived it due to the recent/ongoing clamoring about how law enforcement is “militarized.” Warrior Cops on the Rise? I read an opinion piece on the Wall Street Journal’s website yesterday where the author examined one instance of a raid […]