Knowing Achievement

While discussing inner departmental politics with a friend I was forced to take a step back, breathe a little and use my brain in an attempt to understand some of the more political things which have occurred in my career. I was not able to conceive of an answer directly, even after multiple attempts which […]

Officer Noor OIS: Important Missing Info

In case you have been living under a rock for the last several days, there was an officer involved shooting in Minneapolis, MN over the weekend.  Late Saturday night, around 11:30pm, officers responded to a 911 call about a disturbance in an alley.  At some point in time, after officers arrived, the 911 caller, Justine […]

Ayala Vehicle Stop a Huge “Nothing Burger”

According to the news reports, on June 19th (nearly a month ago), two Florida cops performed a vehicle stop on a car occupied by Florida’s State’s Attorney Aramis Ayala.  The reason for the stop, as stated by the officers in the video, and confirmed by their department, is that they had run the license plates […]

Hey Democrats, Not Everything is Racist

BREAKING NEWS! CA State Assembly is not quite as idiotic as the CA State Senate! The CA Assembly is deadlocked on SB-620, a bill which claims to want to allow judges to ignore mandated sentence enhancements “in the interest of justice.”  In a move demonstrating that they care more for felons who use guns than the […]

Cop Shot In Face by Unarmed Black Man

On Tuesday, June 27, 2017, a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy was shot in the face by an “unarmed black man,” or at least that is exactly how the media would have described him had the deputy shot him instead.  Don’t believe me?  Need I mention the name Michael Brown? You see folks, something that all […]

Deputy Shot In Face – Long Road To Recovery Ahead

Yesterday, while I was out of town on vacation, I caught wind of a deputy having been shot in Sacramento, the town I grew up in.  The incident was still very fresh when I first became aware of it, and all I knew is that a Sacramento Deputy had been shot and that the suspect […]

A Black Eye For Law Enforcement: Dirty Cops Suck!

No one hates a dirty cop more than good cops.  As a law enforcement officer, the community is supposed to be able to trust us, and when one of us screws up, no matter how slight, it makes the rest of us look bad.  BUT when one of us goes full-blown criminal dirtbag pedophile, it […]

Law Enforcement: America’s “Easy Button”

Do you remember those Staples commercials from a few years ago that touted the “Easy Button” as a way to fix just about any problem you might encounter around the office? Lost something? Hit the easy button. Out of ink for the printer? Hit the easy button.  Have a gang violence problem? Hit the easy […]

Car Knowledge Quiz Made By An Idiot

While browsing Facebook over my morning coffee, I saw a friend of mine share his score on one of those online knowledge quizzes.  This particular one intrigued me, because as a lifelong car guy, I figured hey, I ought to smoke that “What do you know about car engines?” quiz.  Little did I know when […]

Theoretical Expertise vs. Practical – Which Is More Valuable?

So, I was reading the pictured LA Times article about an officer involved shooting which just recently occurred in which a SWAT officer, presumably one of their snipers, shot an armed suspect from the air.  In reading the article, which includes a photo of the scene from the air, it is the perfect example of […]