May 2016 13
Can Cops Ever Be Justified?
Posted By : Matt

Aurora, CO Police Department had a third officer involved shooting in a short period of time which has apparently caused the news media to make stupid news media assumptions like “the cops are shooting too

May 2016 08
NCIS, I’m Done With You!
Posted By : Matt

  I don’t watch much adult TV, maybe 5-6 shows a week.  With three kids in the house, and a wife, the TV is usually occupied with kids shows or wife shows, but we do record

March 2016 24
The nature of The Deputy
Posted By : Arrow

As a patrol Deputy I always insisted on the public doing ride a longs with a law enforcement officer whenever possible. This practice was heavily advocated because of the difficulties I had in explaining the

March 2016 05
Another Anti-cop “Artist”
Posted By : Matt

Seriously? Read the “artist’s” description she wrote and included with this painting: “This piece takes a look at systemic violence, colonization and racism and the way class is used as an illusion to keep us

January 2016 02
More MSM Anti-cop Agenda
Posted By : Matt

The freaking mainstream media (MSM) just cannot help themselves in pushing the cops are the bad guys agenda!  In this case, NBC News runs a story about a black city councilman calling for people to

September 2015 03
 Misplaced Anger
Posted By : Matt

As the anti-cop rhetoric continues to spool up in the ongoing #WarOnCops, I have been doing my best, going on three years now, to defend my chosen profession of nearly 20 years.  During the course

May 2015 26
Let the Cop Hate Flow
Posted By : Matt

Justifying Anti-Cop Sentiments with Blatant Lies and Half Truths Some things just make my head want to explode, and some people who shall remain unnamed (cough, Jason, cough) enjoy sending me links knowing they are