Gun Control Proponents Predictably Show Their Ugly Side

It has barely been 24 hours since Bob Owens died and already the anti-gunners have set forth in what I sadly predicted would follow.  They seem to be cherishing in the fact that a Second Amendment rights proponent has taken his own life with a gun.  What kind of a horrible human being does that?  Hell, as a cop, I don’t even do that when a cop shoots a bad guy in a 100% justifiable shooting.

I guess that just shows you the true character of the people who want to take away our rights.

The first example of this that I stumbled upon was Sandy Phillips, whose Twitter account describes her as “Daughter killed in Aurora theater massacre. Speaker on gun violence in America. Opinions are mine. I block Nuts & Bullies” when she Tweeted this:

Apparently, she also blocks people who call her out for being a horrible human being because I was instantly blocked. Then there are lots of folks dragging up a 2013 Daily Kos article about bob, while commenting that he has died.

Then there is this sorry excuse for a human literally celebrating Bob’s death.

Not to be outdone, the real assholes stepped up their game.

And of course, the Violence Policy Center has to chime in in typical anti-gunner heartless fashion.

In their minds, this is a gun epidemic, not a suicide problem.  Despite the fact that there are many countries, even first world countries, where guns are completely illegal to own, yet they still have much higher suicide rates than the US.  The US is in 48th place, and many of the countries higher on the list have far stricter gun laws, if not a total ban on private gun ownership.  In fact, here in the US, while guns do hold 1st place as method of suicide, suffocation holds second, with almost half as many suicides by suffocation.  What is next, calling for rope, belt, string and plastic bag control?  The guns are not the problem, they are but the means. Sadly, as the day progresses, so does the display of human depravity.  If my career has taught me one thing, it is that a great number of people SUCK!  Time to step away from the computer for a bit.

Update: Well, I tried to get away.  Even took the long, twisty route to work on my motorcycle, but when I sat down my notifications on my phone alerted me to the following.

Apparently, calling out a person who is making fun of a person’s death in order to push their political agenda makes me the jerk…

Anti-gunners and 5 Year Olds


Someone sent me a link to a ridiculous anti-gun, anti-NRA article a couple days ago.  It appeared on “Freakout Nation” and it was attempting to say that the NRA did not care about the thousands of people killed on 9/11 because they were happy that a gun had survived.  The entire “article” was childish at best, and while I shared it on my FB page with a few comments, it was not even worthy of blog post response.  The following is what I said when I shared it on FB:

If you have the burning desire to read some really stupid anti-gun drivel, this might do it for you.

Just to give you an idea of where this is going, when the writer opens their piece with a sentence that is 100% factually incorrect, it gives you an idea of what to expect.

For example: “The National Rifle Association is using the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks to honor a gun that survived the bombings.”

Hey dipshit, it was not a bombing. The only people who think it was a bombing are the nutjobs who think “9-11 was an inside job.”

It gets even better once you get to the comments. The article is being shredded by commenters and the page moderators are spewing some of the most asinine crap you have ever seen.

You might note my final statement there.  That comment about the moderators brings me here to the blog today.  As I read through the comments, one of their moderators in particular, “tiredoftea” kept spouting off ridiculous nonsense.  I took it upon myself to reply to one of their comments.  The following screen shots capture the “conversation” as it happened.

This is the beginning of the comment thread that I replied to.
This is the beginning of the comment thread that I replied to.




You may notice that I referred to this person discounting as being run by the NRA.  Another person posted a comment linking to an article there, and “tiredoftea” had replied with that comment.


So, to sum up the argument presented by this website admin;

“La la la la la la, I can’t hear you.  You’re stupid, I’m smart.  I’m rubber, you’re glue…”   

Update:  Because I needed another comment by this person to prove my point, they delivered this perfect example.


This conversation (I use that term loosely) reminds me of a certain meme, but I’m not sure if I can put my finger on it…  Ah yes, this one.